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Website: 110mb.com
Alexa Rank 11898
Recent Rating (rating based on recent reviews) 2.8
Space: 5,000 MB
Monthly Bandwidth: 300,000 MB
File Size Limit: 6 MB
Forced Ads: No
Free Account Technologies:
ASP: Yes
FTP: Yes
SSI: Yes
CGI: Yes
PHP: Yes
MS Access: No
Free Account Email Features
POP3: No
Web Mail: No

110mb Rating

3.4/10 (44 reviews)

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By Russ Reviewer Country May 05 2014 Add Comment | Report Fake

greedy people rating

They sold my personal e-mail address (which I used to register) to many, many spammers. If I mail them they simply don?t answer me. Totally unreliable and unprofessional. Don?t use these greedy company.

By Marcel Reviewer Country April 29 2014 Marcel's website Marcel's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Horrible rating

The worst web host out there. No support. Moderators are a joke. Whole site is nothing but errors and errors. Forum is dead, site is dead. Are people actually paying for this dead corpse? Worst Experience I have ever had with a web host. I really hope it goes down in flames.| Site has been down for close to 2 years now.

By Randomhero1 Reviewer Country February 17 2013 Randomhero1's website Add Comment | Report Fake

Do not get duped by this company! rating

This host is horrible!It used to be a great service when I invested in premium service for life in 2009 but now I'm lucky if my site even stays up for more than a week.I can never log in and I always get FTP errors.The customer service is deplorable as well.I have yet to actually get a real response on a support ticket and all they do in the forums is have "loyal 110mb members" talk for them. They have a lot of excuses and no solutions.It's a complete waste of money and not even worth looking at. I've since switched to x10hosting and I'm so much happier with the service.I get responses to problems in mere minutes on support tickets and have yet to suffer any downtime of my site.I would highly suggest ANYTHING but 110mb.

By Melissa Reviewer Country January 15 2013 Add Comment | Report Fake


this was my first free host before i went to xhosting. they are both sh!t 110mb was excellent at first now they suck big time!

By llfco123ll Reviewer Country September 20 2012 Add Comment | Report Fake

no access , no answer rating

I was totally unaware of the fact that many people complain about this website until today. I tried to access my old websites and there is no way to login at all. I am sure the password is correct but I still get a general error page. Today I wrote my third ticket because the first two did not result into an answer and I can not find my own old tickets despite the screen shot that I took with the ticket number and all that. I sent my first ticket a few months ago and my other ticket a few weeks ago. My advice is to avoid 110mb.com at all cost in order to avoid having information trapped on the Internet forever with no way to delete it or change it. Luckily I had a password on it so my info are not directly exposed... Is there a legal way to make them restore the access to ones own web-page? Most of the web-hosts take down your page if you don't pay the annual fee, they don't trap your website forever.

By Constantin Reviewer Country September 19 2012 Constantin's website Add Comment | Report Fake

110MB.com rating

Once a good host, now worse than useless, problems started after the host was sold, the new owner either hasn't a clue or just isn't bothered about his clients. Although I have free hosting, I do expect my site to be up most of the time, the server it's hosted on has been down most of the last year with poor to feeble excuses. I note many paying clients have found the service almost none existent too. The support forum is useless, although I'm registered I cannot log in, tried registering a new profile, impossible!! It's time the owner shut the lot down and found something he's either interested in or something he knows about, he sure has no idea how to correct the many server problems of his hosting service.

By Miner Reviewer Country June 30 2012 Miner's website Miner's email Add Comment | Report Fake


Many problems. On the first box I was registered, I found out that it couldn't be accessed in some European countries such as Spain. I created a new account on another box, but there was frequent downtime lasting days, where the website couldn't be accessed. Now, my website sionco.110mb shows a page saying the account has been suspended, no reason given, no messages recieved and no way to contact them. My website didn't have anything illegal, copyrighted, negative. It basically showed screenshots of some small games I had made. AVOID, AVOID, AVOID!

By sion Reviewer Country April 26 2012 sion's website Add Comment | Report Fake

Used to be great, now - better nothing.. rating

Used to be a great cheap solution a few years back. You only pay a few euros to enable needed features forever. Even quite a good support service. Only had reliability problems at times, but was acceptable for the price. After the company was sold, it became worse than nothing. I made a mistake last time, when I suddenly was able to login after a few months of denied service: I did not delete all the files. Now I am waiting for over half a year to do that, but cannot login again... Support just ignores me...

By DOPhoto Reviewer Country March 20 2012 Add Comment | Report Fake

Just pathetic rating

I use their free service to host a few basic web pages since mid-2009, the service overall worked great until around late 2011, since then (it is now end of Feb 2012) its been crap, trying to log-in is a nightmare, most of the time the site just shows a blank web page or says name/password is incorrect. If you contact support or reset your password don't expect a reply for at least a couple of weeks if you're lucky, otherwise you don't get anything back from them! The only good thing to say about 110MB as of right now is the web pages and files I have posted there still work and load fast, but sort of useless now since I can't login and update them!

By BasicHTML Reviewer Country February 20 2012 Add Comment | Report Fake

There are better free hosts with no ads rating

I learned months ago that 110MB is now unreliable! Their promises made over 12 months ago have not been fulfilled and I doubt now that they ever will and that's why I moved my main site. You can find my suggested host by logging into http://www.sunsetmotel.ws and then clicking on the useful links page. I have used this host for the past 5 months and their promise of 99% uptime and no ads not even on their free hosting package is 100% true. Also they offer many things free that 110MB makes you upgrade to premium to get. Hope this helps a little. Graham.

By Graham Reviewer Country February 08 2012 Graham's website Add Comment | Report Fake

Total blackmail rating

Registered for a free account about 5 years ago. It was been on and off (mostly off) ever since then. In the last 2 years I have not been able to access my own account to change or delete the content. They blamed it on a damaged server and tried to push me to a paid account. Another word: they are using my data to blackmail me to pay them to access my account. Avoid at all cost.

By Hace Reviewer Country January 01 2012 Add Comment | Report Fake

inupinu: Reviewer Country I agree. I have also not been able to login my account for more than two years.

Constantin: Reviewer Country Same here

110mb are evil rating

Don't go near these wasterles when it comes to putting up your site. Where could you 'complain' that a site contains 'copyright' or 'porn' so that they might delete the site and let you get on with your site at a new location. Kelly

By Kelly Reviewer Country December 18 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

110mb is the worst web host ever

Everything worked fine with 110mb until this fall. Since then it has been impossible to edit and update my website. I've tried to contact them in every possible way but no reply. It's even impossible to access their own website now! I have to move a website I've been maintaining since 1999 (first on Geocities, thei on this parody of a web host) but I don't know where because all free web hosts seem to be so crappy. And even if I do find an acceptable web host, the search engines will still lead people to the 110mb site since it's still available. People will continue to go to that dead site, notice that there are no updates, get bored and lose interest. What should I do about that? Spam every forum with relevance to what I have on my site with weekly reminders of the new location for the site. Hate is a strong word but now I really hate those who are in charge of 110mb.

By Ronnie Reviewer Country December 13 2011 Ronnie's website Add Comment | Report Fake

Saunders: Reviewer Country I agree with your comments. If one was to report/complain to 110mb that such and such website, your own website, was breaking rules etc etc (had copyright info. on it, or perhaps had malicious content, (make something up) then perhaps they would take it down and do you a favour. Where to complain to, thats the question.

STAY AWAY!! rating

I've been locked out of my own website for 3, maybe 4 months because their so-called "Support Center" refuses to help. Now it's been 2 months of my yelling at them to take down the site altogether - which they still haven't done! There is no such thing as Support Service, 110mb is by far the worst hosts EVER

By T Reviewer Country December 10 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

Stay Away from This Host rating

110MB used to be fine until July 2011, when the problems started. People cannot login to their accounts, there is no support at all; it seems like 110MB ceased to exist and left all their customers without any warning. At some point they announced that their server had a DDOS attack and they were trying to fix it, but this is going on for months. If you check their faceb..k page, you will read the posts of many dissatisfied customers. As I have warned people in another review site, stay clear from this host!

By Sammy Reviewer Country November 25 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

Dead infrastucture rating

This has become the worst web host ever, their infrastruture is poorly designed, every service is shoved on to one box, the staff don't know what to do, they don't have a clue how to fix these long downtimes, I've tried explaining to them seperate service on a seperate box and then mirror these boxes for redundancy so that when one goes down the other kicks in resulting in no downtime, do they listen? No their ears can't collaborate with their brains, they are out of ideas, they don't know what the problem is, they lie and say and I quote "We're working on it" No your not! These kids need to go to college or university, I write this as of now, that also the forum and main page has now went down, they can't run a web hosting company with the knowledge that they have, close this damn thing down, go to college and come back when you have the knowledge. Aghh! Rant over

By Mike Reviewer Country October 13 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

PentaGram: Reviewer Country I agree with ya, Mike. The are bad, very bad. Not to choose them!

Was good free host, not any more rating

I was with 110mb for about 3 years and they were very reliable. Now without warning access to the files and website has been stopped, so with no service there is nothing to give points for.

By Chippa Reviewer Country September 02 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

Chippa: Reviewer Country 110mb website was finally up yesterday - 2 months after going down. I still cannot get access to my files to change content.

The best they were, the worst they are rating

Hi all. I'm an ancient free customer of 110mb. beeing on box14. First i must say that though 110mb says it offers free accounts, it's not the fact anymore in reality.... It's free but.... need a (must do) lil donation... So beside they are incompetent web hosts, they also are liars. their box14 is now down for more than 1 month. many people are still thinking it will be back up ASAP ( as 110mb team says ). All websites on box14 have been redirected to pay&host services. Adverts might have become their best way to make money. The answer they give to people is to move to a pay account.... Hopefully i moved on another real professionnal web host. All that i say seems totally unbelievable but this is facts. please take few minutes to take a peek at 110mb and it's forums on box14. And you'll get that they don't even merit to get in any free webrank ! Oh and.... talk about 110mb aroud you. I'm a bit tired to warn the world about them :-(( regards.

By 110mbwasgreat Reviewer Country August 14 2011 110mbwasgreat's email Add Comment | Report Fake

the hosting is ok

The hosting is OK! I like it and think that it can be used, just a problem with the email features...

By Samuel Reviewer Country May 24 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

Slow loading

I using 110MB since 2009 it is good before, but now it getting worst on loading time even a simple text HTML page (it just keep loading something on viglink.com while you hit the page).

By Willy Reviewer Country February 01 2011 Willy's email Add Comment | Report Fake


they want money for basic things. down alot.

By rjjrdq Reviewer Country January 10 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

Gone from Fantastic to Unusable rating

Worked great for two years. Loved it. Fast, plenty of space, easy to use uploader. Then the servers crashed. Were down for about a week. When they came back, everything seemed back to normal. When I tried to log in to update the pages, it no longer recognises my password. A little research reveals that it has been this way for months, not only for me, but for everyone who has their site in their "box 4", including both free and paid accounts, with no resolution in sight. Time to get a new host.

By Westbankal Reviewer Country December 13 2010 Westbankal's website Westbankal's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Incorrect Details rating

Some of the details mentioned on this listing are inaccurate. 110MB does not provide ASp, CGI or MySQL. Definitely not on free accounts and not on paid accounts as well (as far as I know). I have been a member of 110MB since 2008. There has been an ownership change recently and the new owners are pushing for paid accounts and want to throw off free accounts. They are killing the forums as well as blocking free accounts and discouraging free users in every possible ways.

By Ameer Reviewer Country July 23 2010 Ameer's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Started good - downtime a problem rating

Downtime for several days became an issue. No real support - even on the forums requests went unanswered by the admin

By Guy Reviewer Country June 29 2010 Add Comment | Report Fake

sucks rating

all features you have to pay for.

By dan Reviewer Country March 16 2010 Add Comment | Report Fake


Ever since andre wanted to sell 110mb support on the forum has went down. Boxes are turning extremely slow.

By mghq Reviewer Country March 09 2010 Add Comment | Report Fake

Wrong Stats rating

Nearly Every feature listed requires you to pay extra now. Terrible deal! Servers are usually slow and up-time is extremely shaky! Admins can never be found.

By John Reviewer Country March 09 2010 Add Comment | Report Fake


Last month they (110mb) started attaching text link ads on every webpages you have. They're requiring you to pay to get it undone. You don't believe me go to their site it says it all or go to their forums & look for POWERED BY 110MB HOSTING. Look somewhere else with better features. Try here: http://www.free-webhosts.com/power-search.php

By Philip Reviewer Country January 01 2010 Add Comment | Report Fake

Lies rating

For some months it seemed ok, then downtimes got more frequent, then they started putting up ads, still claiming on the main page that it's ad-free, and a few days ago my account was apparently deleted with no warning, no explanation, no reason.

By Noisient Reviewer Country September 19 2009 Add Comment | Report Fake

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