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General Features
Website: 3owl.com
Alexa Rank 12883
Recent Rating (rating based on recent reviews) 5.0
Space: 999,999 MB
Monthly Bandwidth: Unmetered
File Size Limit: 20 MB
Forced Ads: No
Free Account Technologies:
FTP: Yes
PHP: Yes
MS Access: No
Free Account Email Features
POP3: Yes
Web Mail: Yes

3owl Rating

5.0/10 (42 reviews)

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Additional Features

  • Fully Featured Control Panel
  • Outstanding Support
  • Google Adwords Credit

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DEAD host rating

since 1 year ago all accounts was suspended and registration is closed says "Captcha is not valid" And after 1 year now it is still f*ked

By Martin Reviewer Country February 10 2017 Add Comment | Report Fake


thats is not bad. its free. but, not support.

By peyman Reviewer Country December 14 2016 peyman's website peyman's email Add Comment | Report Fake

useless! rating

Can't create a host, even without addblocker deactivated. Can't get over this: "Captcha is not valid" Message! Useless!

By new Reviewer Country December 04 2016 new's website new's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Service Temporarily Unavailable rating

After several years with 3owl, my small business website has recently become completely unavailable. I contacted support looking for a way to transfer to another host but I have received no reply. I was considering moving to GoDaddy.com until I found out that they actually own 3owl.com. I guess if you are looking for a web host with decent support, avoid 3owl (and possibly GoDaddy too). Now it seems my domain name is stuck on the 3owl name servers with no way of transferring to another host. Very inconvenient!

By David Reviewer Country November 16 2015 David's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Dixie: Reviewer Country Wrong, 3owl is a crappy YouHosting reseller, Godaddy hosts the main page, nothing else. See forum.youhosting.com

NoFreeCheeseAT3OWL rating

Do Not Wast Your Time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you site's bandwith reaches 5mb you will be redirected to their crappy site!!

By RigelHeisenburg Reviewer Country July 15 2015 Add Comment | Report Fake

Totally useless

Completely useless! Unlimited bandwith huh? Got a redir after just a few hours of testing; and ever since that page seems persistent. Don't waste your time with this!

By phc Reviewer Country November 05 2014 phc's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Poor hosting rating

I have been using 3owl hosting for 3 years. A have 1 year premium membership and i am disapointed. Uptime is below 80%. Botlike customer support. I tried to fix issues with downtime and all they did is recommended to try theirs 2cangaroos hosting. I am very disappointed costumer and will change them in near future.

By V1rc Reviewer Country October 30 2014 V1rc's website Add Comment | Report Fake

V1rc: Reviewer Country Btw. They are offering 6 months free premium if you write positive review on various pages like this, so i suppose, that that is where positive reviews came.

the best hosting

if you want a good free hosting 3owl.com is the best Offer.I'm using that.it's amazing.all thing's are unlimited.wooooooow

By hossein Reviewer Country June 24 2014 hossein's website hossein's email Add Comment | Report Fake

70% uptime? rating

I have used this site for 6 days. Of that time, my site has been down for 2 full days. I get a message the I've exceeded bandwidth limits. (On an unlimited bandwidth site?) However, I am the only one using the site at this time, as I haven't even released it. Their own stats show that I've used less than 12 MB of bandwidth in 6 days. Sent a nice note to their service desk, but have had no response in 24 hours. I had planned to upgrade and implement SSL / shopping cart, but if they can't even keep me up with literally no traffic, I can't imagine how bad their premium service must be. I'm sorry, while up, the service was excellent, but being down for over 40 hours now is completely un-usable. Strongly recommend going elsewhere from youhost / 3 owl.

By Mark Reviewer Country June 07 2014 Add Comment | Report Fake

Terrible rating

NOT a good hosting site, this free host DOES NOT support mysqli_* or PDO extensions which are important for database development for php developers and programmers alike. It only supports MySQL_* extensions which are a huge risk to security of both the database and your site. NOT good. My customer service was awful, they did not explain this to me, I had to figure it out after they led me in circles and blamed connection issues on my own code/development/configuration practices! :(

By Gabby Reviewer Country May 19 2014 Gabby's website Gabby's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Ash: Reviewer Country This review was bogus when you posted it on another review site on November 26, 2012. 3owl does indeed support mysqli_ extenstions

3 OWL rating

I cannot understand why 3 OWL gets any less than positive reviews. From my own experience they have delivered nothing less than they advertise and in fact have far exceeded the technical support, speed of response to my enquiries and all with utter professionalism. I will continue to recommend 3Owl to all my friends, those of whom that already use the services of 3Owl are of the same opinion as me... Great Work Nick

By nicholas Reviewer Country April 27 2014 nicholas's website nicholas's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Ash: Reviewer Country At 3owl.com we love to help out non-profits and any non profit is welcome to open a ticket so we can host their site for free.

Useless rating

Ads on my paid hosting, weeks and still no support reply, loss of service i could go on every day i dislike this company even more. Website doesn't work as there is some fault this company refuse to fix or ignore requests

By Richard Reviewer Country April 22 2014 Richard's website Richard's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Ash: Reviewer Country Unfortunately this user felt it necessary to repeatedly use profanities and make threatening statements to support staff.

3owl-the best free hosting rating

I think 3owl is the best.3owl helped me in every case.it's strong,fast and has very strong support team.I suggested that to my friends and all of them are happy now.I suggest that to you.

By hossein Reviewer Country April 19 2014 hossein's website hossein's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Reliable Service with some Regrets rating

Service is good, but there is one big regret for me. I don't know whether I am the only one who is facing this issue. I found sometimes my website is going down. I am not clear why the issue happens. Server's speed is awesome, Software, It's user-friendliness everything is great. An add, banner free service. I faced an odd issue of CPU Exceeded and site goes suspended for some time. I do not use very complex scripts, but I hope for the best form 3owl :)

By Sibidharan Reviewer Country April 10 2014 Sibidharan's website Sibidharan's email Add Comment | Report Fake

No Problems rating

I use the free hosting version as I am a small business with a select number of owners who I can keep updated through the website. I always have received excellent support from 3owl and as a something for nothing host I cannot fault them.

By richard Reviewer Country February 22 2014 richard's website richard's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Great Free Service rating

Since my site is somewhat of a blog where I post photos I found that it was necessary that I found a host with unlimited bandwidth. I found 3owl and that they had unlimited bandwidth - and you could have that for free. At first I noticed there was some downtime so I upgraded my account - at the time for only $9.99. I took advantage of that. Also at the time, I was able to purchase my domain for $14.99 so I couldn't complain. Now, however the premium package/domain is on the more expensive side. I feel that at sometimes the support is slow and would be nice if they utilized something on the lines of an instant messaging/web chat system to communicate until the problem is solved, otherwise your site could be down from a few minutes, to hours or even days depending on the delay. I've had a 3owl account for almost 2 years now and I still like it and wouldn't change.

By Emily Reviewer Country January 14 2014 Emily's website Emily's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Bad rating

Poor uptime and server speed. CPU exceeded on a premiun PAID account? 3 days to even get supportto answer me? Hell no. Choose a real provider instead.

By Karsten Reviewer Country December 15 2013 Karsten's website Karsten's email Add Comment | Report Fake

STAY AWAY rating

Now I saw, The page that they redirect all my pages is called bandwidth_limit_exceeded.php That speaks enough about "Unlimited Disk and Bandwidth"!!!!!!!!!!!! The only solution I found is "BUY PREMIUM" http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20130712052758AAliySJ&r=w&show_comments=true&pa=FZB6NWHjDG3N56z6v_2xVl5AZYEJJY5Sg5FbbpAcPylMv3iEvRm3mw--&paid=add_comment#openions

By Martin Reviewer Country November 25 2013 Martin's email Add Comment | Report Fake

STAY AWAY rating

stay away I hosted my pictures to share with my friends and my family when i travel. I uploaded few gb photos! same space that google, microsoft, yahoo and others give, but I decided to trust with 3owl.com After few months they start redirecting all my pages to their shit page. Now i cant open neither of my pages because they redirect everything

By Martin Reviewer Country November 25 2013 Martin's email Add Comment | Report Fake

inAvacuum rating

It's not about the parts (in parcel), It's about the whole experience. Loyalty is worth far more than marginalizing the original experience. I rate "FAIL" to 3owl hosting. It is obvious that their values are misplaced. After a couple of days, I am looking for the door.

By MARKweaver Reviewer Country September 10 2013 MARKweaver's website MARKweaver's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Totally Fake / Not working rating

i've been using it as fast download server for a game, and 50% of the maps i dropped on my free server, would'nt download. Btw, i've sended a ticket to support of 3owl 5 months ago, and haven't had any reply yet, so that indicates to me it's a scam.

By Jeremy Reviewer Country September 06 2013 Jeremy's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Karl: Reviewer Country If you read the FAQs, you see that gaming and other other HIGH CPU scripts are against the TOS, which of course will get your account suspended. As far as help desk, not answering, I don't think this is accurate at all. I think if you create a ticket, requesting valid assistance you will hear back promptly.

3OWL.com is the Best Hosting Provider... rating

I've been with 3OWL.com for close to 2 years and is on their free hosting, hoping to upgrade when I've enough traffic to my sites. Overall, I find 3OWL.com very responsive and professional. It Support staff is VERY meticulous and explain things in VERY finite details and vey easy to understand and follow. Server speed is generally acceptable but the great stuff are the CPANEL, with easy install of most softwares. It's CPANEL has Stats, which is a good thing, but of course we can have our own Google analytics or others. No Adverts....absolutely no adverts for the Free Hosting. Isn't this such a professional offer? You bet.

By Mark Reviewer Country May 25 2013 Mark's website Mark's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Great Service rating

3owl service has never yet let me back! They are the most acceptable and and best webhost who is there in the internet world. I recommend everyone to try it. The most decent services that I saw is: * Unlimited Webspace and Bandwidth: Which is a good option for high-profile blogs (that's why mine is hosted there) * Fast support: We should wait for more than a week for support from most of the free webhosts but in 3owl it is fast as lightning :-) * Supersonic electronic security!: Their servers automatically prevents any hacking attempt or some sort of DDoS attack against our website and this is the only free webhost that offer this service. * Great for running a wordpress blog (I guarantee it) In short, 3owl offers services even a paid webhost can't offer. But I have a little suggestion to the admins that they should improve their server speed and uptime a little bit so that you can cross even HostGator and BlueHost. I recommend everyone to this service...

By Abinodh Reviewer Country April 11 2013 Abinodh's website Abinodh's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Excellent Services rating

3owl has never disappointed me. If I ever have any issues, support is always fast and polite in getting my issue resolved. The servers seem to always be up, and quick to load web pages. I definitely recommend it.

By Hostetter Reviewer Country March 25 2013 Hostetter's website Hostetter's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Great but.... rating

I always had a good reputation for 3owl. but I recently noticed that the server speed and server uptime of 3owls servers had reduced dramatically. I wish that the admins will fix it. But anyway 3owl is the most acceptable webhost by me.

By Abinodh Reviewer Country March 20 2013 Abinodh's website Abinodh's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Ahmad: Reviewer Country Thanks a lot very satisfaction with your service.. thanks very much:) Goodluck..:)

Ahmad: Reviewer Country Thanks a lot very satisfaction with your service.. thanks very much:) Goodluck..:) Ahmad www.bisnisdirumahs.com

great. rating

this is a great free hosting. thanks. just sign and join it.

By 33 Reviewer Country March 12 2013 33's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Yea they are pretty good. rating

I have had my site with them for some time now & I think it's a pretty good service for free. I mean yes you do have the (from time to time) issues that you may have from a free service or shared but nothing I can complain about. Pretty happy with them! Having an issue right now with my site being down for exceeding the CPU usage but that's my fault, I have been testing a few plugins. Support is awesome too - keep up the good work.

By allchat Reviewer Country February 28 2013 allchat's website allchat's email Add Comment | Report Fake

snit: Reviewer Country how you fix the cpu problem?

The space is unlimited! rating

the Space: 999,999 MB isn't true, because i've a server of 3.1 GB

By joey Reviewer Country February 10 2013 joey's website joey's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Lets See

let me see. if i can test this. i will tell you what happen after a try

By Blux Reviewer Country February 09 2013 Blux's website Blux's email Add Comment | Report Fake

no MySQL.... rating

It's a unacceptable!!!!! There is no MySQL SERVICE!!!!!

By stan Reviewer Country February 06 2013 stan's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Ash: Reviewer Country That is obviously not true. 3owl.com has full support for MySQL and the control panel has PhpMyAdmin that gives you full control to your MySQL database.

leo: Reviewer Country this service is horrible it suspend your site for anything like file hosting, or image hosting. as you know that for a website there are files and images which are use to create a website

Ash: Reviewer Country If you read the TOS, file sharing is indeed not allowed. File sharing is different from web hosting, 3owl offers web hosting, if you want to share files/images, you can use something like dropbox/imgur.

Sasha: Reviewer Country File hosting and image hosting have absolutely nothing to do with the images of your website template; do learn the basic of web hosting, leo, before complaining.

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