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Website: zymic.com
Alexa Rank 15418
Recent Rating (rating based on recent reviews) 3.6
Space: 6,000 MB
Monthly Bandwidth: 50,000 MB
File Size Limit: 15 MB
Forced Ads: No
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FTP: Yes
PHP: Yes
MS Access: No
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POP3: No
Web Mail: No

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4.5/10 (52 reviews)

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Terrible rating

Completely dead since November, 2014. Terrible.

By Daniel Reviewer Country June 05 2015 Add Comment | Report Fake

Oooops rating

Thank heaven I decided a year or so to run when downtime started getting bad. New site 1 in search engine after a week or so and did not have to look back. Popped in to my site when I noticed it was up and redirected EVERY link to new site. Not sure how rating is not a zero at this stage but without gimmickhost I dont have a care in the world. For those sticking it out all I can say is ... RUN

By Gymic Reviewer Country March 23 2015 Gymic's website Gymic's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Dead rating

Not resting, but dead as a doornail - and has been since November 2014.

By Michael Reviewer Country January 30 2015 Michael's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Frequently down rating

I have been with Zymic since 2008. Through the years, my site's been down at least once every 2 or 3 days. And the information's been minimal most of the time, if there was any. A lot of people say that if hosting is free, you shouldn't complain. But personally, moving to another host involves changing countless links and references to my site, losing track of all-time visitor data, losing spots in search engine results, and other complications that make such a decision difficult.

By James Reviewer Country January 21 2015 Add Comment | Report Fake

Broken rating

When the site is up and running, it's a pretty good host. However recently there has been frequent downtime's and ever since around December 5th, the site has been completely broken/Shutdown besides the main "Zymic.com". Terrible communication.

By Daniel Reviewer Country January 01 2015 Daniel's website Daniel's email Add Comment | Report Fake

No Longer Usable rating

Zymic was a good, free hosting service for most of the four years or so I have been with them. In recent months, however, my site has been down or only partially available almost all of the time. Critically, there is no ftp access for maintenance or updating; at the time of writing, their latest Twitter post, now nearly four weeks old, says there is not even an ETA for the return of this service. For practical purposes the service is no longer functional. Regrettably, I have to look elsewhere.

By exartemarte Reviewer Country December 15 2014 exartemarte's website exartemarte's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Zymic is a shadow of its former self. rating

Zymic used to be great. Dependable and always up. Now, they could easily have the slogan of "99% downtime guaranteed" and they'd be right. My page is up for a day and then down for weeks. I've read the arguments that its free and nothing is guaranteed. I get that. It was a risk I took when I first signed up with them all those years ago. While they didn't have 99% uptime, I'd have easily given them 85-90% uptime. I never had to worry. For MONTHS now, they've been down. Either they kill accounts based on "abuse" (only to correct it after you tell them) or they're just down. Notice that they're web forums have been "offline for a spot of maintenance" since this crap began. I get that it's free, but their slogan needs to be "99% downtime guaranteed" because that's what they have reduced their service to. Crap.

By EIEIO Reviewer Country November 04 2014 EIEIO's website EIEIO's email Add Comment | Report Fake

exartemarte: Reviewer Country Was good, but now (Dec 2014) effectively unusable. Sad.

Zymic sucks rating

Zymic sucks. It's down almost everyday. I paid for MX record setting but I couldn't send out emails. I'll leaving Zymic.

By Someone Reviewer Country October 21 2014 Add Comment | Report Fake

EIEIO: Reviewer Country Zymic used to be great. Dependable and always up. Now, they could easily have the slogan of "99% downtime guaranteed" and they'd be right. My page is up for a day and then down for weeks. Must be run by idiots now. :(

Down a Lot rating

Zymic has downtime about every other day, and in that time I cannot retrieve my files. Switching to freehosting1 RIGHT NOW!

By Andrew Reviewer Country July 22 2014 Andrew's website Andrew's email Add Comment | Report Fake

I like Zymic! rating

Hello Ladies & Gents; Zymic is FREE and as such does not offer any warranty whatsoever; why is this so surprising?!?!?!? and intolerable ? Do you complain if you get your car always washed up for free but then on that particular day and time the service is unavailable? It's FREE for God's sake! Instead you should say "Thank you" and be grateful for all he time the service IS available! How many of you actually work for free? And if you'd work for free how would you like that the very same people that use your FREE services even complain when you can't provide them? C'mon, if you want 99% uptime and extra features .... PAY FOR IT! I think Zymic it's a very well built example of what few people with few resources can do. If you don't like it, you always have the option of taking your site to some paid hosting, don't you? Stefano.

By Stefano Reviewer Country May 31 2014 Stefano's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Drew: Reviewer Country "If you want 99.9% uptime? Pay For it!" Or get 0usa?.

Lucien: Reviewer Country A goos example as long it works...and Zymic rarely does; their sites are always down.

Crap Host! rating

Zymic used to be good now its one of the worst hosts ever. Seems like whoever is running it doesn't care at all about it anymore. Lots of down time and the newest thing is not being able to login to the file manager or ftp in to upload or change anything. I'm on a different better host now.

By DoktorFrankenstein Reviewer Country May 19 2014 DoktorFrankenstein's website DoktorFrankenstein's email Add Comment | Report Fake

IndonesianGirl: Reviewer Country before login to your FTP acount, check your IP Address. zymic blocked your FTP login attempt because the login came from a country that differs from the country your signed up with. don't judge if you are not know about that!

DoktorFrankenstein: Reviewer Country Worst host ever!! They are the crappiest webhost! They are always down and always broken.

Poor rating

Just started using Zymic to host a hobby website for my little boy to show casting directors, but the amount of downtime makes it unusable - go and try anywhere else

By Paul Reviewer Country March 31 2014 Paul's website Paul's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Total Crap rating

Whatever you do, don`t sign up with Zymic. The hosted sites have at least a 33% down time each month and there is no support whatsoever. Ask on their forum why sites are down, they delete your post and only give vague updates or none at all. Get a website hosted by Zymic at your own risk and discretion. You have been warned.

By Anthony Reviewer Country March 23 2014 Anthony's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Seems to have gone down hill. rating

First. As noted, they do not offer any email services at all. Second. Forget which, but using a modified and older version of either PHP or MySQL forcing some CMS software (i.e. Joomla) to use an older version than the latest, so beware. More importantly, as of late, up-time has become an issue with little or no feedback about it. Old feedback suggests their servers have been targeted for Denial Of Service attacks. Back in February of 2014, they were down, and a tweet was made as to "no clue" as to when it would be fixed. It later was, but apparently it is still up and down. Support, overall, is community based since the hosting is free, and usually half-way decent. However, Admins as of late are harder to find, and leaving everyone to guess as to what is going on.

By Will Reviewer Country March 20 2014 Will's website Will's email Add Comment | Report Fake

What happened?

Used to be a good free host when I signed up back in 2011. Emphasis on the "used to be." In the last few months, they've had a number of down times. The latest one, there hasn't even been a word from them on their forums, or even on their twitter account as to what's going on! They're ok when the service is running, but the frequency of their down times lately does not inspire much confidence. You would be better to look elsewhere for a reliable free host.

By LLawliet Reviewer Country February 17 2014 LLawliet's email Add Comment | Report Fake

DOWNdownwaydown: Reviewer Country Have to agree. Look elsewhere if you need to be up 24/7. Compared to Geocities this is the dumps. Mark me down disappointed of late.

Great for FREE hosting rating

Honestly you must be an IDIOT if you can't provide your customers with a PAID server with a PAID domain...If you have a small business, stop being a cheapskate and get a paid sever with a paid url. Didn't know you could be that much of an idiot in 2014. For free hosting, this site kicks butt. I've never personally had problems with downtime, unlike ALL OTHER free or "free" hosting sites. Zymic gives you php, mysql, and loads of space. I use it to keep up with my css/html skills. The free url is small, unlike most free sites. Not to mention it works great with Filezilla for really fast uploads. Last time I talked to customer service, they helped me within a day, even though I'm a non-paying customer-- kind of awesome! * * * Summary: If you can't handle fast, simple, and free website services, crawl back to some crappy do-it-yourself-site like Wix or Webs, you babies. :P

By Dijji Reviewer Country February 12 2014 Dijji's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Was good, now complete shit rating

Zymic was good years ago. Now it's complete shit. They offer really great stuff, but what's the point of having it when their servers are always down? It gets worse over months. I've been checking my site every few days for they past few weeks and my site is never on anymore!! Seriously? The only thing keeping me from finding a new host is that I have my URL posted everywhere which is the URL my visitors recognize and go to. I'm looking for a new host. Zymic might as well shut down completely since they can barely even keep their servers up.

By Analin Reviewer Country November 30 2013 Analin's website Analin's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Neo: Reviewer Country To Analin: Not wanting to move because of the url is pointless. When you get another domain, simply put a php or htaccess file in your original directory and forward to the new web address.

Online Chat rating

I am extremely disappointed with the services of Zymic most recently. There are many days when I can not access my site online, which means when a potential client or potential employer attempts to visit my site to view my online portfolio, it may not be available to them either. The downtime of my site may just cost me a valuable opportunity. I now have my small business set up with a zxq.net, which is printed on all of my business materials. It is going to cost me even more to reprint when I purchase a .com and move to a more reputable hosting service. In addition, there are times when I can not contact my site to upload files to implement changes. This too is very irritating. As if the horrible hosting isn't bad enough, I contacted customer support via chat to ask why I can't access my site only to be told that it happens!

By blparham Reviewer Country November 27 2013 blparham's website blparham's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Nice host...I'd used it once rating

Though it was giving 50 megs space in the free account then. Very nice host.

By LasoJamf Reviewer Country October 19 2013 LasoJamf's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Qwerty: Reviewer Country Zymic may finally be dead. Since late August they've been going down every few days for a few days at a time -- today is November 8, down since November 4 except for half a day, and they quit updating their Twitter status November 6.

Qwerty: Reviewer Country Also for the first time I've seen, the zymic.com server itself is down, which is a completely different server than the one for the users. A twitter post mentioned "attack"; the Zymic kids' security incompetence might finally have caught up with them.

Qwerty: Reviewer Country I just moved my site to AlterVista.org , and it's awesome. Like the difference between night and day.

Qwerty2: Reviewer Country Ok, some evil people are attacking Zymic with multiple continuous DDOS to shut them down and drive off their users. It is November 11 and they finally came back up only to go down again within 2 hours. So perhaps Zymic's worst feature is they're inability to handle DDOS.

Good for my work.

I have created a site on Zymic in order to create a messaging service for my VB app. Although the server going down annoys me, I have created an offline feature on my VB app, so it isn't too bad. I have received help very quickly when I needed it.

By Lola Reviewer Country August 28 2013 Lola's email Add Comment | Report Fake

started sucking June 2013 rating

Update: Zymic used to be decent, but now it's not even tolerable enough to play with. In the past month they've gone down twice for at least 3 days each, the 2nd time still ongoing. They quit posting status updates on their Twitter and forum, trying to prevent anyone knowing anything. They delete forum topics requesting status or trying to discuss the outage. And they don't even host their own site, which should tell you something. An incredibly incompetent, immature, incomplete service. Avoid like plague.

By Qwerty2 Reviewer Country July 22 2013 Add Comment | Report Fake

time to go rating

zymic used to be ok. But downtime is getting to be one week out of four. And no help when the server goes down, just some drone who types in UPPERCASE when he's feeling a bit overworked. These guys are totally unprofessional and have no commitment to quality. Time to go to another host.

By webMagic Reviewer Country July 03 2013 webMagic's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Just to pile on: rating

The server goes down for a day or two at a time about once a month. Just check their twitter feed @zymichosting to see the regularity of their "unscheduled" maintenance. This makes it unsuitable for even the most basic hosting jobs. PHP support isn't very good, they're using an old version(5.2.?), when newer releases have been out since 2009. Yes, that's four years. It's not even supported by PHP any more. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PHP#Release_history for a chart of what features you'll be missing. They also have the nerve to plaster "We use the newest version of PHP!" on their front page, so they obviously have no plans to change this any time soon. If you do sign up, though, don't expect any support. Rather than providing that, they prefer to just let users figure it out via chat instead, which is mostly a ghost town. I've yet to see an actual employee in the IRC channel.

By Jason Reviewer Country July 02 2013 Jason's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Qwerty: Reviewer Country In July 2013 they fixed the Twitter situation...by ceasing to update. They've been down at least 5 days so far (July 19-22), they give no information beyond "working on it", they continually delete every question about it without answering,

Qwerty: Reviewer Country and the one "admin" there (ssfdre) sounds like an illiterate antisocial kid who should not be allowed near users. So maybe they're just too embarassed by their incompetence to admit how badly they screwed up....

free hosting is just a toy

Zymic free hosting is great for fun, but entirely unsuitable for anything even remotely serious. No SSL and no secure FTP mean your passwords go over the internet in plaintext, so change them often. No SMTP means no email addresses at the supplied domain names, so that would need another domain name. They can go down for a day a couple times a year, so if that's intolerable, then move along. And apparently, entire domains can disappear permanently without either notice or backup, so be prepared. They claim doing better costs too much money and performance, but those are just excuses for not wanting to do the work. With all that in mind though, it's been good enough for my site so far.

By Qwerty Reviewer Country June 24 2013 Add Comment | Report Fake

Was not bad, now worse. rating

I had a site hosting with them since early 2008. There was some downtime but they came back reasonably quickly, and support was alright. Now the server hosting my site has died completely, and they're saying it won't be fixed because they're not going to do anything about it. Support is uncaring and downright rude. Off to find another host!

By glomax Reviewer Country May 28 2013 Add Comment | Report Fake

notHappyWithZymic: Reviewer Country Zymic's server is down at least once a month and they don't care how long it takes to get your website up again. Support is hostile and unhelpful. Time to find another host.

Quite old PHP version

Today, I went to Zymic to see if they removed my account - nope, still there - and I read in their features: PHP - Ver 5.2.12 - We support the latest version of PHP...hellooo?! Latest stable version of PHP is 5.4.11; no wonder there are so many errors on their sites.

By Lucien Reviewer Country January 27 2013 Add Comment | Report Fake

nginamau: Reviewer Country I like this, because this sample end fast.

Fast changing rules... rating

Hello, This hosting is unpredictable. They used to block access to the FTP from so called black list of countries, this blacklist is often changed, you can change your country in settings but only once per 24 hours and of cource not to the country from blacklist. Paranoid security. Bastards. Now I can't access my account at all, the only thing I must do - find VPN proxy in some "good" country and upload once a web file manager to prevent such problems in future...

By Ivan Reviewer Country October 22 2012 Add Comment | Report Fake

Good Website

I cam to know about this site from one of my friend. He has taken the service. And he is happy with it.

By Bluehostuser Reviewer Country October 17 2012 Bluehostuser's website Bluehostuser's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Sweet free hosting rating

The admins are super friendly, they don't care if you haven't logged in for 5 months, at the price of a rare downtime. 5*, all the way

By Unit158 Reviewer Country August 03 2012 Add Comment | Report Fake

Unit158: Reviewer Country Probably helps that I have multiple zymic websites, and that I have been with them for a year.

FTP goes on and off. rating

Good service until Online File Mangager was up; once you have to use FTP, it's the worst I've ever seen. Every time I uploaded something, the FTP kept disconnecting and reconnecting: I loaded a file; half of it was done, the FTP disconnected; it reconnected immediately on its own and loaded the second half; this process repeated itself like 15-20 times while I loaded a couple more of files...and it went this way every single time I uploaded or simply logged into my FTP. The connection can't just stay still, it has to disconnect and reconnect on its own without reason. Head somewhere else for reliable hosting, Zymic is far from that.

By Lucien Reviewer Country June 03 2012 Add Comment | Report Fake

joe: Reviewer Country I agree, the FTP transfer speed is a joke!! Multiple disconnects / reconnects. Its taken an hour for me to upload a 1.8mb wordpress theme. That's slower than when I being on dialup.

Supamommi10: Reviewer Country What are some other sites or servers to use to upload sites?

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