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General Features
Website: 2freehosting.com
Alexa Rank 92916
Recent Rating (rating based on recent reviews) 4.5
Space: 20,000 MB
Monthly Bandwidth: 15,000 MB
File Size Limit: 5 MB
Forced Ads: No
Free Account Technologies:
FTP: Yes
CGI: Yes
PHP: Yes
MS Access: No
Free Account Email Features
POP3: Yes
Web Mail: Yes

2freehosting Rating

4.5/10 (17 reviews)

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Additional Features

  • SSH

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worst support rating

I was with 2freehosting for 4 months and I faced several issues while I have repeatedly contacted their support team regarding my issues. But didn't get a satisfactory response. Rather than these disturbances, I am planning to shift to other hosting providers and based on my research I find some good options like Blue host, Domain Racer, and Big Rock.

By PattyTaylor Reviewer Country December 05 2019 PattyTaylor's website PattyTaylor's email Add Comment | Report Fake


Terrible host. It says domain is not pointed to its nameservers when it has been since I created the account - weeks ago.

By Sasha Reviewer Country May 20 2017 Sasha's website Sasha's email Add Comment | Report Fake

bad rating

no ftp, no file manager, no support answers in forum

By DA Reviewer Country March 03 2017 DA's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Bad rating

Please don?t use it. It always sais error!

By Francisco Reviewer Country November 24 2016 Francisco's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Great!!! rating

So honestly, I have absolutely no idea why anyone is giving 2FH a bad review. It's continually been a great service for me. All of my support tickets are answered WITHIN 24 hours, usually around 6 hours. They have at least 4-6 giveaways per month that usually are free .COM domains, which is 10 times more than 00webhost and all those ugly free hosts. I personally have no downtime and I use the free plan. It's great! I have the very rare "Service Temporarily Unavailable" but that's usually one per month and lasts for about 3 seconds. All in all, AMAZING.

By Joseph Reviewer Country December 21 2014 Joseph's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Cadeyrn: Reviewer Country I agree :)

Ana: Reviewer Country Because that is good for you!? You have no idea of how a really decent host works. And the other ugly free hosts you mentions are exact replicas of 2Freehosting, as they all (2FH included) resell the same crappy YouHosting platform.

Vladimir: Reviewer Country Exactly how? Server seems me to be the same as the bad site, 1FreeHosting.

Avoid at all cost rating

I am surprised to see it that up in list. I am here only to search alternative to 2freehosting. Their speed is ok, but what good is speed when server is down all the time? 15-20 failures a day forced me to finally put this server out of my monitoring service and my domain also. Few days ago my site was down for around 1.5-2 days. Seriously ?? I am using other free hosts as well and 2freehosting makes them look like angels from heaven.

By Abhi Reviewer Country November 20 2014 Abhi's website Add Comment | Report Fake

Best one! rating

Used it for a year now and would recommend for everyone!

By Johny Reviewer Country December 15 2013 Johny's website Johny's email Add Comment | Report Fake

2FreeHosting: Reviewer Country We are deeply sorry about the support problem. In fact, we only had one person doing it for a while, but I am one of the newly picked staff. We use CPanel for our control panel, how is it not good? Do you not like the theme?

Lucien: Reviewer Country No, you don't. What you use is not the true cPanel, but YouHosting proprietary panel.

Termingamer: Reviewer Country @Lucien Note that 2FH said 'CPanel' not 'cPanel'. If it was 'cPanel' that would be the trademark, 'CPanel' is not. However the morons seem to claim they have cPanel when they use the YH panel, like most others. If I was running a reseller I'd say I was using a custom panel.

Never host your website on 2freehosting rating

So i try to make this review to make you don,t make the same error i made by chosing this 2freehsoting.com to host my website . I,m going to classify the problem i got from there in severals lines : - The Support don,t help ,they don,t really read your Email and close your Ticket without any answer.By the way ,the Support is regularly undergraded while they are rescuting anybody on socials network "really dangerous thing". - Your Website is going down everytime ,so if you supply to a free hosting ,you are going to loss your traffic 100% sure .That,s mean ,free starter don,t waste your time and look for another hoster elsewhere ... So if you want to grow ,forget 2freehosting.com - They don,t have a good control panel ,you don,t have the possibility to delete your account hosted there if you wanna leave . "Prisoner of your own work" So i hope that help somebody else as me ..

By JerryH Reviewer Country November 10 2013 JerryH's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Lucien: Reviewer Country You don't need to delete your account on your own; they will soon suspend it (claiming you had "malicious script/software" on your site), probably to make space for other clients. That's what happened to me - except they suspended my account after I hadn't been using their service for months, which means it had been empty for quite a while.

Cadeyrn: Reviewer Country The service is free what do you expect, unlike premium hosting is never down, they give it to you for free it's obviously not going to be amazing is it

Excellent hosting EXCEPT for uptime rating

It was my favorite hosting until the uptime crashed to zero. Now for one of every three people who visit it the page does not load. Am now looking for a better host.

By Zachweb Reviewer Country September 11 2013 Zachweb's website Zachweb's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Best in Free Hosting Websites rating

I tried almost every free hosting service but couldnt find one like 2freehosting. I am a victim of Manas Hosting and Someone told me about 000webhost as best alternative to paid hostings but after very first day i installed wordpress on it and backed up mysql database it got down and was showing CPU Usage reached even after 3 days. Then I switched to 3 or 4 another hosts and finally arrived at 2freehosting. After completing my work on it, same problem occured again 'CPU USAGE REACHED', I raised a ticket for help and they replied me within 2 hours and assured me to wait for 24 hours. After 24 hours site was okay and still going great. Thanks 2freehosting.

By Rajesh Reviewer Country August 03 2013 Rajesh's website Rajesh's email Add Comment | Report Fake

No support rating

There's no support because they never tell you what the problem is. They only reply after the site is back up saying that there is nothing wrong. My site goes down 2-3 times a week. My client is up in arms because the site has been down for almost 12 hours now. I signed up with another host to move the site only to find that there was an error when I tried to back up my database. So i'm stuck can't do anything and at their mercy.

By Jane Reviewer Country July 30 2013 Add Comment | Report Fake

Down all the time rating

This hosting is down 50% of the time. When I try to access it, the server doesn't respond. I want to switch, but it is hard to find free hosting that has an SSH interface; even though the SSH on 2freehosting is faked.

By JMoney Reviewer Country March 29 2013 JMoney's website JMoney's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Error establishing database connection rating

That happened one week ago, it went on for about an hour; admins once again did nothing but reply "It was fixed...yada, yada,yada" to the ticket once the issue was solved. No explanation or reason was given; it doesn't look good.

By Lucien Reviewer Country March 27 2013 Add Comment | Report Fake

Jane: Reviewer Country I was just telling my husband the same thing. My site has been down from 11am today and its now 9:55pm and still down. I sent a ticket and i'm sure they shuffle around in the background fix it and never tell you what the problem was. I can't even access my database to move to another host. They are the absolute worst!

Disappointing rating

My site has been down, with a "Service Temporarily Unavailable" message for the last 5 hours; 4 hours ago, I submitted a ticket which to now is still unanswered. I shouldn't have let my hopes up, I should have known a YouHosting reseller is nothing but a fraud.

By Lucien Reviewer Country March 04 2013 Add Comment | Report Fake

Lucien: Reviewer Country Site came back up after 36 hours or even more...without nobody from support checkingninto the issue; 5 days after the issue, my ticket was answered with "Admins are working on the server"...a bit late, don't you think?

Still good rating

Ten days passed since sign-up. Since 2FH is a YouHosting reseller, I had to install Wordpress manually; good things is that Wp Fsocket function is on, so all plugins (including Akismet) work normally...which does not happen on many, many celebrated free hosts (link Host-ed, RoyalWebHosting, Awardspace, Atspace, etc.). Uptime is a bit more than average and so is loading speed.

By Lucien Reviewer Country January 27 2013 Add Comment | Report Fake

Lucien: Reviewer Country 2 weeks and still good (but I've only made new wp posts without images).

Lucien: Reviewer Country Site down. "Service Temporarily Unavailable. Server closed connection without sending data...temporarily unable to service you due to downtime....We apologize for the inconvenience." I hadn't checked the site for about 10 days. Submitted a ticket almost 2 hours ago, still unanswered. Going down?

So far so good rating

Signed up a few days ago so far so good; activation mail wasn't immediate but my site loads fastly, no errors. I'll keep you posted to let you know how it goes.

By Sasha Reviewer Country January 18 2013 Add Comment | Report Fake

mcat: Reviewer Country I have used 2freehosting for many months my experense Max filesize is 8 mb not 5mb The Performance of the site is very fast 8/10 Uppertime is not so good as its gets stuck up 4/10 The support is frendly 8/10 This site is much much better than www.000webhost.com/ which is slow and upper time is poor

2Free Hosting rating

2Free Hosting is best free web hosting i never see it before

By pro Reviewer Country January 09 2013 pro's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Sasha: Reviewer Country Signed up a few days ago so far so good; activation mail wasn't immediate but my site loads fastly, no errors. I'll keep you posted to let you know how it goes.

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