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Rating Space Bandwidth Ads Reviews
RoyalWebHosting 8.2 250 MB 5,000 MB No 54
Awardspace 7.9 250 MB 5,000 MB No 172
Webfreehosting 7.9 1000 MB 5,000 MB No 35


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Latest Reviews By Users

Seems to be working just fine. The speed is there, I received a courtesy email and confirmation link. I... rating

31-Oct-14 09:43 UTC - x10hosting.com

I've been hosting my cartoon character, Dee Zaster, on the Tripod website since 2000. During this pe... rating

31-Oct-14 08:26 UTC - tripod.lycos.com

Couldn't log in with the password I had assigned. Couldn't get past the initial website introduc...

31-Oct-14 08:13 UTC - projects-library.com

1. You must have your own doman name before or register for new one because they don't offer subdomai...

31-Oct-14 04:33 UTC - filetruth.com

I tried them before. Downtime was bad. On a scale of one to ten, I give them a zero. rating

31-Oct-14 03:19 UTC - host-ed.net

I have been using 3owl hosting for 3 years. A have 1 year premium membership and i am disapointed. Uptime... rating

30-Oct-14 00:35 UTC - 3owl.com

Like others before, my website has been deleted without any knowledge. Reason: disposable mail. Its my ma... rating

28-Oct-14 19:13 UTC - freehostingnoads.net
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