RoyalWebHosting Information Report

General Features
Website: RoyalWebHosting.net
Alexa Rank 126327
Recent Rating (rating based on recent reviews) 7.7
Space: 1,000 MB
Monthly Bandwidth: 5,000 MB
File Size Limit: 2 MB
Forced Ads: No
Free Account Technologies:
FTP: Yes
SSI: Yes
CGI: Yes
PHP: Yes
MS Access: Yes
Free Account Email Features
POP3: Yes
Web Mail: Yes

RoyalWebHosting Rating

8.2/10 (67 reviews)

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Additional Features

  • Domains and Subdomains Allowed
  • Full DNS Management
  • Full WHOIS Management
  • Domain Lock Control
  • EPP Key Control
  • Advanced Control Panel
  • Web based File Manager
  • Email Accounts and Filters
  • Mailing List
  • IMAP Access
  • Virus and SPAM Protection
  • Firewall Protection
  • Autoresponder
  • Traffic Statistics
  • 50 GBits network connectivity

Latest RoyalWebHosting Reviews Add Review

RoyalWebHosting rating

4 Years with Royalwebhosting. Thanks and Merry X-mass.

By Jack Reviewer Country December 24 2021 Add Comment | Report Fake

Recommended rating

Good, reliable hosting for my web site. I've used Royal Web hosting for 2 years with no problems whatsoever.

By Malta Reviewer Country September 16 2020 Add Comment | Report Fake

Good service rating

I've been with Royalwebhosting more then one year now and the service i get is awesome.

By Dan Reviewer Country November 19 2019 Add Comment | Report Fake

back to the Royal rating

I'm using Royalwebhosting more than 3 years. Last month I decided to try to find a new and "better" free hosting. The hosting service that I found ( I do not want to say his name here ) was promising everything what you can imagine, but unfortunately only on paper. From yesterday I'm again back to Royalwebhosting.net. Migrating from Royalwebhosting was really big mistake and costs me a lot of time and nerves.

By Paris Reviewer Country May 08 2019 Add Comment | Report Fake

Very Good ! rating

Very good hoster. The Best which I have used till now. You can try it. So you will know also what you can expect if you decide later to purchase one of their paid plans. I just upgraded last month to their Basic plan. Almost 7-8 months, since I found them - no issues, no remarks. Fully satisfied. Everything works in a proper way. No more changing of hosting providers... :). Finally!

By Sven Reviewer Country July 05 2018 Add Comment | Report Fake

First Impressions rating

Quality Service rating This was my first web host, which was recommended by two friends that use the service. They said it was the best. And I said to my self OK let me give it a try. I have not used any other service but if there is a service better, it has to run the site for me. I was told that with Royalwebhosting.net I will receive prompt technical support and server uptime is almost 100% - mine has been at 100% since signing up. Response to my really naive questions have been answered within minutes with clear and precise answers that even I, a newbie can understand. For my first web host, they are setting the bar really high for any other host that I would consider.

By Larry Reviewer Country September 05 2017 Add Comment | Report Fake

Recommended rating

I'm already a few years with Royalwebhosting.net and I have never had some serious issues with my websites. Maybe they are one of the best who still offer a free webhosting plan and one of the cheapest in their paid plans. I use both of them and I'm fully satisfied. Thanks guys.

By Alex Reviewer Country February 16 2017 Add Comment | Report Fake

Good work rating

Great hosting! I'm really glad to host my website there. Royalwebhosting has a very good support and you will get always help in understandable and professional way. You'll not find so easy a webhosting like this.

By Mario Reviewer Country November 06 2016 Add Comment | Report Fake

Quality Service rating

I'm almost 5 years with Royal Webhosting and I'm really very happy with the quality of their service, both for their free and for their paid plans. I use their free service for 2 of my small websites from the very beginning and their Royal Hosting plan for my commercial website since 2 years. Now, I'm back to them to host my new website and I want to thank them with this review.

By Kevin Reviewer Country January 06 2016 Add Comment | Report Fake

Good Free Service rating

Fully satisfied from their service. Excellent support and servers quality. Recommended.

By Bart Reviewer Country August 20 2015 Add Comment | Report Fake

Cool rating

Very cool web hosting! Very good server speed! Very functional!

By Falcon Reviewer Country June 17 2015 Add Comment | Report Fake

no negative aspects rating

I'm using Royalwebhosting more than 3 year and I have never had negative aspects about their hosting service. All my websites are running smooth and I am really happy with them. Finally I forgot all problems and troubles what I had before. Thanks a lot guys.

By maveric Reviewer Country January 10 2015 Add Comment | Report Fake

Amazing rating

I have nothing bad to say about Royalwebhosting.net. They are simply amazing. They helped setup my new site. Quickly instructed me how to get started and helped me get my site up in a matter of minutes. Their support is absolutely amazing even for their free plan. Phenomenal guys!! Thanks a lot.

By Roger Reviewer Country July 16 2014 Add Comment | Report Fake

Great Host rating

Great control panel, very fast, great support, no problem at all.

By Fothis Reviewer Country April 10 2014 Add Comment | Report Fake

slow rating

great control panel and easy to use but VERY slow, my site is loading for 20 secs...

By Perusecrets Reviewer Country April 04 2014 Perusecrets's website Perusecrets's email Add Comment | Report Fake

The best I have found rating

The best free hosting I have found! The web space and bandwidth limit are excellent for the service they offer, and they do not put banners on the website. Moreover, it is very simple to use, and the help they provide has solved some hosting problems I used to have. I truly recommend this web hosting source.

By Jim Reviewer Country March 31 2014 Add Comment | Report Fake

Good performance rating

Good hosting. No negatives aspects. No downtimes. It is fast and the trouble ticket system is very effective.

By Maks Reviewer Country January 12 2014 Add Comment | Report Fake

Very good webhosting rating

Royalwebhosting has very fast servers. They support everything what i need to host my site. I like their service!

By Jos Reviewer Country December 09 2013 Add Comment | Report Fake

Facile a utiliser rating

Grace a leur hebergement est tres facile. Mais si vous avez des problemes, vous pouvez toujours appeler le centre d'assistance et vous seriez en mesure de recevoir de l'information utile.

By Michael Reviewer Country November 10 2013 Add Comment | Report Fake

Good performance rating

They are good. No negatives aspects. No downtimes. Fast enough for free. The trouble ticket system is very effective.

By Pith Reviewer Country September 25 2013 Add Comment | Report Fake

Rare to find these days rating

I think the Free PLan of Royalwebhosting is perfect for those wanting to create a family or hobby site. Totally recommended.

By Alex Reviewer Country August 27 2013 Add Comment | Report Fake

Good Hosting rating

Excelent hosting with great functionality and reliable servers.

By Lion Reviewer Country August 02 2013 Add Comment | Report Fake

These Guys Rock! rating

These guys are really good - They are really fast and their support is great.

By Matt Reviewer Country June 26 2013 Add Comment | Report Fake

Best from all I'v tried rating

I like this Host. Everything is working good for me, and I don't need more to try another one. Before I did that every week. I have my host finally!

By Glenn Reviewer Country May 28 2013 Add Comment | Report Fake

Get what you pay for

Their response time was good however Zacky their loader would not work to load Joomla. Tried to upload Joomla by zip file (they do not allow the upload of zip files on the free account) It was 8 MB in size, the second problem they only allow a maximum upload size of 2 MB, So to upload Joomla it would have to be by FTP individual folders and files this takes hours to complete. Since it would not allow anything larger than 2 MB this also limits which Joomla extensions you can load as some of them are larger than 2 MB I can not rate their paid service But I would say their free service is only Average, because of the limitations on File size

By JohnC Reviewer Country May 15 2013 JohnC's website JohnC's email Add Comment | Report Fake

More than fine rating

Free hosting plan user ? Maybe not the fastest but the most functional free plan out there. No ads, No spam, No popups. All clear. Trust me on this one. Greatest free choice.

By Zino Reviewer Country May 01 2013 Add Comment | Report Fake

always up rating

They are the best for a free web hosting that I've ever had. Of course, some specific features in their free plan are limited, but it is giving enough for the good performance of any normal dynamic website.

By Shen Reviewer Country April 24 2013 Add Comment | Report Fake

good performance rating

No negatives aspects. No downtimes. It's very fast for a free. They are good, and the support ticket system is very effective.

By Bart Reviewer Country March 26 2013 Add Comment | Report Fake

Royalwebhosting works for me rating

Found these people helpful and reliable. I manage the site myself through the control panel and I am nothing like a web design specialist but managed to work it out. When I've needed some help got it quickly and in terms that I could understand. Thank you for a good professional service.

By Perry Reviewer Country March 06 2013 Add Comment | Report Fake

Recommended rating

I am using Royalwebhosting 6 months and I am very happy, really nice and friendly support. I use their domain registration services also. Definitely recommended!

By Brahem Reviewer Country February 22 2013 Add Comment | Report Fake

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