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Website: freehostia.com
Alexa Rank 11584
Recent Rating (rating based on recent reviews) 4.4
Space: 250 MB
Monthly Bandwidth: 5,000 MB
File Size Limit: 1 MB
Forced Ads: No
Free Account Technologies:
FTP: Yes
SSI: Yes
CGI: Yes
PHP: Yes
MS Access: No
Free Account Email Features
POP3: No
Web Mail: No

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4.4/10 (27 reviews)

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Was good before changes rating

I used to have a previous site on the year 2008/2009 and Freehostia used to be good.After the changes in the control panel,and for some reason, the site became too slow??is this because of all these video tutorials?

By site Reviewer Country January 30 2014 site's website site's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Disgusting rating

You guys are doing a shit job of running your service. Give it up, or sell it for gods sake.

By Mike Reviewer Country October 03 2012 Add Comment | Report Fake

Free hostia sucks!!!! rating

Hi, would like to say i have had several domains on diff servers, and this one is now at the bottom of list for dependability. I started off as free, but am now paying for my hosting services, nothing has changed, servers are constantly going down, even tho it is brief. Switching back to GODaddy very soon, as i never had problems with them.

By robert Reviewer Country September 19 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

500 kB max file size

It would have been nice (probably even more legal?) if they said there is a 500 kilobyte limit on individual file sizes. Took me awhile to figure out why the ZIP file I uploaded (it uploaded ok) would not download from the site. Ah. 500 kB limit. (NOT 1 MB as is listed on the FreeHostia information, above.)

By Michael Reviewer Country September 09 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake


Freehostia updated their servers, and in the process wiped all my email accounts. They offered 1 month extra free as compensation, but I still lost a load of work because of them. My domain was due for renewal on 3/10/2011 and with the supposed extra month the cpanel states renewal date 8th october 2011. I now find they have cut my service early. So kep back from this shower of utter morons!

By CentralDGR Reviewer Country September 06 2011 CentralDGR's website Add Comment | Report Fake

horrible rating

Freehostia servers are always down and u get no warning when they do that.

By IhqTzup Reviewer Country July 29 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

New Bad Rules

They stopped accepting co.cc free domains.. That what I hate, may be they have to let people free if they choose their domain names.. this is a bad rule.

By Sam Reviewer Country January 15 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

Libisa: Reviewer Country Freehostia are among the worst for a pay account. I needed to change CNAME records and they say they don't support that. I ask for assistance and they blank me. They are a complete disgrace. Do yourself a favour and keep well away from that mob.

Oliver: Reviewer Country You don't need to register your domain with FreeHostia, you just need to have a paid domain - this is a way of filtering abusers.

So far it's good rating

All I can say is that so far I enjoy their service and feedback for my website. I don't get banners. My site loads properly and quickly. I don't use the database functions so I can't tell you about that. After doing about a month or so of SEO work on my part, my website can now by located from practically any search engine. Nice helpful videos. That's about all I can say for now. My only issue was the short length of time their website would time out and I would have to log back in, but as a computer personnel I understand the security risks involved for longer periods of time. Cheers

By LeighJoseph Reviewer Country January 09 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

Freehostia sucks

Freehostia is cool with one click srcript inastaller but toootaallly SUCKS in server! My website keep down since 2 days!

By TazyPak Reviewer Country December 29 2010 Add Comment | Report Fake

poor service rating

I wouldn't start a business using them, but you might be all right with a small blog or something.

By rjjrdq Reviewer Country December 10 2010 rjjrdq's website rjjrdq's email Add Comment | Report Fake


Hey guys, remember that this host is free! It is a very good web hosting, fast and efficient support You want more , you pay 5 or $ 10 per month !!!!

By Daniel Reviewer Country September 06 2010 Add Comment | Report Fake

Worst Service Ever rating

NO email sending. NOT WORDPRESS FRIENDLY-seriously, PLEASE look elsewhere if you are going to host a blog, the kind of poor experience I had could only be wished on my worst enemy twice removed. They do not tell you that free users are behind a firewall, thus ANY plugin that requires use of your server will be rendered void, that includes FORUMS, SEO packs, Twitter plugins, ASKIMET, Intense Debate, and so much more. Slow Speeds-speaks for itself Shitty upload capacity-only 500mb max ftp uploads, you can't use any powerful plugins, including gallery plugins that automatically watermark your pictures. -99.9% uptime. The servers were always down, sometimes I couldn't even access freehostia.com. The customer service is ok, at least they respond within the hour, even if it's to say "we can't handle this, contact wordpress, thanks-mike jones" Overall, worst experience ever. I am now having a nightmare switching over to justhost...Save yourself the trouble, please.

By Charles Reviewer Country January 22 2010 Add Comment | Report Fake

Perfectly adequate rating

When I first joined, servers were down for a week so you couldn't upload anything but they sent around email and the problem was fixed. The support videos aren't very good but tickets are answered promptly and helpfully. The problem is that you have to renew your plan every year even if you are on a free plan which they don't tell you when you first join. Overall, I would reccomend this web host.

By Monica Reviewer Country December 07 2009 Add Comment | Report Fake



By DANIEL Reviewer Country September 05 2009 Add Comment | Report Fake

About Freehostia

Freehostia.com , i have trensfer all my files edited from my local pc to the ftp of freehostia.com and install my php pages , develope my website , and now its down ... i have no idea what's happen but most of webmasters who using freehostia.com are not happy . if you have another free php hosting plan guys please send it here or email me at [email protected] thank you !

By Drammer Reviewer Country July 23 2009 Drammer's website Drammer's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Servers OFF No Notice Given! rating

After months of terrible service with my website going up and down repeatedly, I get an Email on the 14th October 2008 saying Freehostia are transferring servers, the 1st ever Email or slightest hint they'd be a problem. I went to get into my site and it was already down. NO NOTICE GIVEN WHAT-SO-EVER! I can't get into FTP or even to the front panel to place a support ticket. No-one can update their website until the 22nd October 2008 and they refuse to reply to any emails no matter what I send. This is an absolute joke as Freehostia have obviously done this so people can't leave them, they would have known about this upgrade for months! My emails probably won't be sent either. Now I can't even get an EPP Key (transfer authorization code) to move providers as they won't answer Emails and my site is totally down. I would place an awful review about them on-line, but my site is down. I'm now losing hits and lots of indexing on search engines. STAY AWAY FROM FREEHOSTIA!

By PaulC Reviewer Country October 14 2008 PaulC's website PaulC's email Add Comment | Report Fake

not happy rating

I just tried accessing my site and it is down. its been thirty minutes now.

By Claude Reviewer Country August 07 2008 Add Comment | Report Fake

Don't be conned! rating

I have held domains for 7 years with various different hosting providers, and can safely say that the service I have had from Freehostia has been the worse. I paid for a hosting account with them in Oct 07, and since then they have changed servers so many times! they do not email their clients to advise of server changes, you just suddenly find email is not working etc. The email forwarding works for about a few weeks at a time and then stops altogether. If they cannot solve a simple thing like email forwarding they should not be in this business. The service I have had is disgusting, and I now wonder if its a group of kids taking your money, not really offering a service at all, and then fobbing you off with rubish in the hope that you get so frustrated you take your business elsewhere. It's a joke! It's a con!

By Claire Reviewer Country April 17 2008 Add Comment | Report Fake

pay for it rating

you the retard jack, get out your wallet and pay for what you get, maybe you will get it then. They rock

By salonede Reviewer Country February 25 2008 Add Comment | Report Fake

down? rating

where is it now? i dont know what happen .. i can`t access everything here .... i loss my data here ... so when freehostia online or up again? i want to get my data back :(

By ginanjar Reviewer Country February 17 2008 ginanjar's website ginanjar's email Add Comment | Report Fake

freehostia bites free or paid rating

hi> o started out with freeehostia as a free server, which wasnt so bad. then i went to paid service when i bought my dot com name and then things got worse. ever since ocotober 2007 there are frequent outages, files lost, no access to the CP constant problems with thier servers. Ect. Granted i didnt pay much for my hosting but you would think that they could deliver on what they advertise. Makes a decent free host but if youre going to pay for one , doing it here is not worth the hassle.

By VenusGoddess Reviewer Country January 12 2008 VenusGoddess's website Add Comment | Report Fake

SaloneDe is a terd

SaloneDe, if u have a paid account its not a friggin freehost then is it u retard

By Jack Reviewer Country December 28 2007 Add Comment | Report Fake

Freehostia rocks rating

I've had a paid hosting plan with them for 2 years and find their support outstanding with very timely responses with detailed problem fixes and descriptions. Also my online time server reports always show at least a 98 percent online status. All in all, Very excellent service and product for the cost which is very economic..... Highly recommended

By SaloneDe Reviewer Country December 23 2007 Add Comment | Report Fake

Awful rating

I had a paid hosting plan, not the free one. Very frequent outages. Tech support is worthless. Every time I emailed support I think they just ctrl v. The problem will be fixed soon. Back up for a while, down for a while.

By DJ Reviewer Country July 26 2007 Add Comment | Report Fake

GREAT rating

This my favorite web host, i gave it 10/10 rating!

By TheExterminator Reviewer Country February 25 2007 Add Comment | Report Fake

bad rating

Bad support, server is always down, rude admins, i hate this webhosting service!

By tomma Reviewer Country February 13 2007 Add Comment | Report Fake

Nelly: Reviewer Country I have bought three domain names from Freehostia. On the first day when I installed Wordpress on ONE of may domains without even finishing my site they blocked my hosting account wihout any explanation. I have written them a lot of letters without an answer. Really the worst possible hosting according to me. Avoid!!!

worthless rating

The only reason i gave this service a 2 is because they have a good control panel, everything else sucks.

By tomma Reviewer Country February 13 2007 Add Comment | Report Fake

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