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General Features
Website: atspace.com
Alexa Rank 35796
Recent Rating (rating based on recent reviews) 5.9
Space: 1,000 MB
Monthly Bandwidth: Unmetered
File Size Limit: 200 KB
Forced Ads: No
Free Account Technologies:
FTP: Yes
CGI: Yes
PHP: Yes
MS Access: No
Free Account Email Features
POP3: Yes
Web Mail: Yes

Atspace Rating

6.8/10 (70 reviews)

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Additional Features

  • 30-days Inactivity limit

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Yikes rating

If this service gets slower I'll just print a piece of paper and nail it to a turtle instead. It's also ridicously bloated, with unnessecarily complex control panels and constant reminders that you should buy their full service. You'd be better off hosting it at home than dealing with this.

By MHansen Reviewer Country April 25 2023 MHansen's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Great Hosting on a Budget rating

I found atspace.com on accident. I was looking for someplace to host a site while I was learning to HTML code. I came upon an ad that said atspace had free hosting. I was skeptical, but I tried them out. The hosting was actually better than I had expected. There's no ads, and the only restrictions was the types of files I could upload. Even with the restrictions, the site performed so much better than expected. Support was very responsive, surprising for a free account. I highly recommend atspace.

By Tracer Reviewer Country December 14 2019 Tracer's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Free to Paid Hosting rating

I found ATSPACE while taking classes at a local college. We needed to have a hosted account for required projects. I signed up for the free hosting and, even though it has some limited features, I found it to be very robust and reliable. So reliable, in fact, when my wife decided to establish a blog, I upgraded the free account to a paid account. The process was very easy, and the cost very affordable. To say I'm happy with ATSPACE would be an understatement. Thank you, ATSPACE...

By Joseph Reviewer Country December 14 2019 Joseph's email Add Comment | Report Fake

MuyBueno rating

Excelente Servicio de Hosting a pesar que es gratuito ofrece todas las posibilidades como si se tratara de uno de pago, el unico inconveniente que veo que el free no tiene certicado ssl y las direcciones son sumamente complicadas cuando uno desea emigrar sitios de otros servidores-

By JavierPineda Reviewer Country August 07 2019 JavierPineda's website JavierPineda's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Atspace is No 1 host provider rating

Atspace is by far the best hosting service out there, and their support is first class. The support staff get back in less than an hour 24 hours a day 365 days of the year. I havn't seen any other host provider match that performance. Excellent service 10/10

By Sam Reviewer Country December 11 2018 Sam's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Mr rating

Horrible service, would never use in the first place if I knew how bad it was!

By Sam Reviewer Country October 25 2018 Sam's website Sam's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Sam: Reviewer Country Atspace is by far the best hosting service out there, and their support is first class. The support staff get back in less than an hour 24 hours a day 365 days of the year. I havn't seen any other host provider match that performance. Excellent service 10/10

Nice host service rating

My files are safe with them! services are great for any website

By oscar Reviewer Country September 24 2018 oscar's website oscar's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Very awesome hosting services atspace rating

everything about atspace is awesome i really love their services

By basem Reviewer Country November 25 2017 basem's website basem's email Add Comment | Report Fake

9 on 10 rating

I have been using atspace.com's service since many years back. I used to have a free account initially. Later I subscribed for premium service it's working great for my personal website which i mostly use for testing. The only thing that annoys me is i can't have my proper username it's some number assigned by atspace.com The support service is also very good i have the response from support team without delays. I would have given 10/10 if subscribed users were able to have their own customized username for login

By 744462 Reviewer Country October 09 2016 744462's website 744462's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Good for testing, nothing more

"Monthly Bandwidth: Unmetered" is the biggest lie in this offer. 5GB a month and your account gets disabled. This service is only good for testing this. But not for serious projects.

By Truman Reviewer Country April 19 2016 Truman's website Truman's email Add Comment | Report Fake

FOUILLEN: Reviewer Country Je suis fran?ais ATSPACE tr?s bon , super h?bergeur ; j'h?bergeur 5 domaine en illimt? ; aucun soucis Cordialemennt

bug details modules Perl rating

Support service no solved the problem on details for modules see actives. It`s necesary install more modules of Perl . Other problem is mail-list not found work bad initialization for create new mail relais.. thanks. more work teams.

By deshi Reviewer Country January 07 2016 deshi's website deshi's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Best Free Web Hosting Site rating

I have a free account on Atspace, but even so I can still do just about anything I want. They give you some pretty cool stuff in the free account: -1000 MB space for uploading/creating files (rather than using a template) -unlimited traffic -3 subdomains -1 domain -1 MySQL database -1 email with 1 alias and filter -latest PHP + other versions -Zacky website builder (for beginners) -permissions -1 FTP account -support (on most days excluding big holidays) I do have a few complaints, but very minor: -software filter disallows PunBB forum hosting due to filter reaction to index.php file -few spelling mistakes here and there -customer support off on big holidays (which is understandable) -features that aren't available still show in the control panel This is everything that comes with free accounts and so there is more for paid accounts such as 24/7 customer support (even on holidays) as well as more of everything listed above plus some other useful features.

By curiouscrab Reviewer Country December 31 2015 curiouscrab's website curiouscrab's email Add Comment | Report Fake

SkepticManiac: Reviewer Country I have never used any other free hosting before, but I think this really cool. I opened my own sub-domain at atspace.cc However it would have been great if atspace could show me the statistics for my subdomain. Other than that, I have no complains.

Sam: Reviewer Country You can get statistics for the last 7 days on the free account, however if you want statistics over a longer period of time, you would need to upgrade. Just check your stats once a week, problem solved.

Excellent Service rating

Having no previous experience of website building, the idea of going anywhere near that stuff was daunting, however, the installers offered made the task simple and relatively stress free. On the few occasions i did run into trouble customer service responded promptly and even carried out the task that was causing me issues. Server speed and uptime has been excellent and i would recommend AtSpace to everyone. Whether you want to try the free service before upgrading or diving straight into the paid accounts, you won't be disappointed.

By Michael Reviewer Country December 26 2015 Michael's website Michael's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Pretty good rating

Can't complain about their free service, better than most, especially if you already have some advanced skills in web design. One note / critque is the unsatisfactory situation with Wordpress updates. The current situation does not let you update WP from within the wp-admin like you would do on any paid hosting. That is especially an odd issue because most WP update deal with security, so you'd think it would be in the interest of all hosts to make sure people can update WP (or any other of the commonly used systems that can be installed from the cPanel). Else where i see the hosters have switched to auto-updating clients installation, they should adopt this - and users should learn not to mock around in core application files so they can always update with no surprises.

By Rudme Reviewer Country September 04 2015 Rudme's website Rudme's email Add Comment | Report Fake

BAD rating

The bandwidth unlimited shit is fake. I used 5 GB+ then they banned me, deleted my account. No email, nothing. They're liars.

By Christian Reviewer Country September 01 2015 Christian's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Ana: Reviewer Country Of course it's fake, there's no such thing as unlimited.

curiouscrab: Reviewer Country You have to go to atspace.com, click on sales live chat to the right side of the page (little green box halfway down page), fill out the form, and give the representative your email and they will restore everything for you. I've had the same issue before.

Not worth it rating

This host is full of bullshit. They say they give unlimited traffic, but it?s FAKE!!! they put your site down with no reason just a message saying "Uuups! Something went wrong. This Page seems to be missing or misconfigured. But whilst you are here - Did you know that we are the #1 Free Hosting Provider on the Web!" THEY?RE LYING JUST TO GET MORE PEOPLE SIGNING IN

By Jorge Reviewer Country August 09 2015 Jorge's website Jorge's email Add Comment | Report Fake

curiouscrab: Reviewer Country You have to go to atspace.com, click on sales live chat to the right side of the page (little green box halfway down page), fill out the form, and give the representative your email and they will restore everything for you. I've had the same issue before.

PeterNicholls: Reviewer Country All l can say say if these people think its shit they must be blind. The service is great and Atspace are there when you need help.

not bad

It's not bad for a free host. Just wish the speed was a bit faster.

By Sarah Reviewer Country December 29 2014 Sarah's website Sarah's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Good! rating


By Ashesh Reviewer Country December 04 2014 Ashesh's website Ashesh's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Great hosting service rating

The best free hosting service, no doubt.

By Pino Reviewer Country October 01 2014 Pino's email Add Comment | Report Fake

The best free service so far rating

This is one of the best free service that I have come across so far. No complaints since the time I have been using it - January 2013. Once I was unable to login to my control panel, and their chat representative went out of his way to help me out.

By Vishal Reviewer Country August 11 2014 Vishal's website Vishal's email Add Comment | Report Fake

ATSPACE thieves rating

ATSPACE this site is a hoster which deceive people who want the created their own site, after a day of free hosting, he disables your account's notice and of course steal your work. why they have this abitude becaufe these thieves.

By ahmed Reviewer Country June 29 2014 Add Comment | Report Fake

Trevor: Reviewer Country I attempted many times to upload my website to their free account, and failed. "Open request failed" I closed my account. Give this hosting service a miss. It is not worth the hassle.

Denzidrine: Reviewer Country I have been using this site for over 5 years and have not had problems maybe you don't know what you are doing. I think Go- daddy hasan app for that.

Sam: Reviewer Country Trevor: Evidentally you are not doing it correctly. How come myself, and all these others use Atspace without any problems?

Grat hosting service rating

Grat hosting service, fast and the support is great

By Phil Reviewer Country May 20 2014 Phil's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Great webhost

This provider is great!, i have never see down time as other claim.

By Andreas Reviewer Country May 15 2014 Andreas's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Never seen down time rating

This provider is great!, i have never see down time as other claim.

By Saydfx Reviewer Country May 04 2014 Saydfx's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Cibler.info rating

Super genial, mieux qu'OVH, eet de plus en Europe donc pas de patriot act

By FOUILLEN Reviewer Country April 28 2014 FOUILLEN's website FOUILLEN's email Add Comment | Report Fake

So much for so litlle rating

I have used free sites for a number of years with varying degrees of usability, but atspace has been the best. For the sites I have which now are small and relatively personal I don't want to be spending lots of money and Atspace have exactly what I need. I have only used the support service once and responses were with me very quickly and the answers were clear and informative. It is hard to say anything bad about them at all.

By Richard Reviewer Country April 14 2014 Richard's website Richard's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Restrictive free web hosting provider rating

I'm really dissapointed by this web hosting provider. I have been using their services for couple of months, but suddenly I was not able to add any image to my posts and pages (I had WP website). They said they imposed abuse filters because of a lot of back links from the free accounts, but they should differentiate between ordinary and abusive web sites hosted by them. Therefore, after long discussions with their support team (support indeed), I have decided to stop using their services in the future, as there are a lot of other decent providers on the net.

By Toni Reviewer Country March 31 2014 Toni's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Um dos melhores rating

O melhor servi?os de hospedagem gratuita que conheci ap?s muita pesquisa. O servi?o possui ferramentas bem dispostas e organizadas, suporte ? v?rios idiomas(inclusive o portugu?s), e por vezes mais de uma interface gr?fica. Al?m disso, possui consider?vel espa?o de armazenamento e tr?fico ilimitado. E tamb?m, bastantes recursos e servi?os como php, mysql, dom?nios livre,etc. Realmente ? dif?cil n?o gostar. Super recomendo.

By Romario Reviewer Country March 01 2014 Romario's website Romario's email Add Comment | Report Fake

unlimited bandwidth? rating

I have a free site with atspace with unlimited bandwidth but once traffic builds up they close it unless I pay money: We understand that such limitation is not placed anywhere on our website, but our Management has decided that your hosting account is generating many times more than the traffic which normal website will generate every month, for that reason they have closed down the account, since this is not the first time when such problem occurs with your hosting account. The only way how you can receive access to your shared hosting environment is to upgrade to any of our paid web hosting plans. & Please note that your hosting account was blocked, because it produced more than 5 Gigabytes of monthly traffic and due to last decision of our Management, we have considered to close down your hosting account. Please note that we can re-enable your hosting account only if you agree to upgrade to any of our paid web hosting plans. Adam Tucker [email protected]

By Druzhina Reviewer Country February 23 2014 Druzhina's website Druzhina's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Excellent support rating

Atspace support is excellent. They assisted me with changing mx records so that I could use Google Apps with my basic hosting. I also have free web hosting account for my wife and it's always up. I highly recommend this cost effective web host. Charles

By Charles Reviewer Country June 25 2013 Charles's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Nath: Reviewer Country good enough for free hosting https://bit.ly/3y2wjDk

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