Webfreehosting Information Report

General Features
Website: webfreehosting.net
Alexa Rank 544995
Recent Rating (rating based on recent reviews) 7.4
Space: 1,000 MB
Monthly Bandwidth: 5,000 MB
File Size Limit: 2 MB
Forced Ads: No
Free Account Technologies:
FTP: Yes
CGI: Yes
PHP: Yes
MS Access: No
Free Account Email Features
POP3: Yes
Web Mail: Yes

Webfreehosting Rating

7.4/10 (40 reviews)

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Additional Features

  • No forced host ads
  • User ads allowed
  • Free domain hosting
  • Free sub-domains
  • Free wordpress installer
  • Free joomla installer
  • Instant account activation

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freehosting ist der letzte Dreck! rating

Dieser Anbieter ist der letzte Dreck! Blo? keine registrierungen vornehmen! Achtung Datenmissbrauch m?glich!

By Webtester Reviewer Country June 23 2023 Webtester's website Webtester's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Free subdomains are terrible

Their free subdomains are the worst I've ever seen. InfinityFree is better.

By CMFdev Reviewer Country April 12 2021 CMFdev's email Add Comment | Report Fake

00 rating

They are a bunch of thieves. Luring customers for free webhosting, than initiate the single(non measurable) "BANDWIITH" limited to 5GB/month. They upraising the traffic as they wish (for me there were 5 GB in a day). NEVER give "webfreehosting.net" an attention. Take care.

By Ron63 Reviewer Country December 04 2018 Ron63's website Ron63's email Add Comment | Report Fake

It's Good rating

Compared to freehostingnoads.net it's earth and sky, My website wasn't down due maintance or anything since I've started. Had some slow downs in the evenings but they're short and don't harm mah visitors. Before I decided for this one i've been using FreeHostingNoAds.Net. My site was down in the middle of the day and in the evening. I couldn't accept that so i've migrated to this one. It's way better. Cheers.

By Chillbabe Reviewer Country November 20 2014 Chillbabe's website Chillbabe's email Add Comment | Report Fake

So far so good... rating

Just started trying out... So far so good...

By DFPhoenix Reviewer Country November 03 2014 DFPhoenix's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Good rating

Good hosting. It is really fine free hosting.

By Hans Reviewer Country September 25 2014 Add Comment | Report Fake

Good rating

Good hosting. It is really fine free hosting.

By Hans Reviewer Country September 25 2014 Add Comment | Report Fake

Review rating

I love this site. It's free and easy to use. What more can you ask for?

By Richard Reviewer Country January 01 2014 Richard's website Richard's email Add Comment | Report Fake


excellent service and good customer service

By naeem Reviewer Country January 01 2014 naeem's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Chillbabe: Reviewer Country My last ticket was answered in 15 mins :D

WebFreeHosting rating

Excellent service, speed & control panel, including the option to use one already familiar instead of having to readapt each time.

By APetrisor Reviewer Country January 01 2014 APetrisor's website APetrisor's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Average to poor. rating

A lot of tools and plugins are not working for my site and the techsupport for the free hosting plan is they say limited I say not present :(

By MinChul Reviewer Country October 22 2013 Add Comment | Report Fake

Good for me. rating

My site works good and not need to pay. Very good!

By Paulo Reviewer Country August 03 2013 Add Comment | Report Fake

Bad host for wordpress rating

This is a bad host for Wordpress since in the free host mode, curl is disable which prevents remote connections, so you can kiss facebook integration plugins and xmlrpc goodbye.

By FatCat Reviewer Country July 25 2013 FatCat's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Great Option for a Small Start Up rating

I have used this for a couple of web sites that i set up and it is just like a full service host.

By Chris Reviewer Country June 24 2013 Add Comment | Report Fake

great. rating

this is a great free hosting. thanks. just sign and join it.

By deontray Reviewer Country March 12 2013 Add Comment | Report Fake

I Dont Understand The Low Ratings ?? rating

I have been using X10 hosting for quite awhile now, my forum is up 100% of the time, i have very little reason to ever use the support there but i have had an occasional question, and the response time, and friendly, helpful staff have always answered my question "without" the usual mindless responses you get from even the big name paid hosting support. They also have available paid hosting for those that feel they are outgrowing the free plan, but this hosting has to be the ideal situation for those just starting out, and on a budget. And to top all that off, during the period, while im building, and gaining members to my forum, im on their fantastic FREE time. Anyone not already using X10 hosting, should really try to figure out WHY!!! Dont believe this is a for real review, come join my forum, http://aquariumforum.x10.mx/smf and i will be glad to verify that for you :)

By Pissedoff Reviewer Country January 21 2013 Add Comment | Report Fake

what a nice free host rating

found this service, it was easy to find. very easy to use, just upload the html, that's all i want it for. static files and to that ends it works really well. thanks for the service it's really good.

By john Reviewer Country February 13 2012 john's website Add Comment | Report Fake

Very Useful rating

After Verizon dumped FTP access On their "FREE" Personal web pages, I needed an alternative for when I switched away from Verizon FIOS. This service provides a nice alternative means of remaining online, and hopefully avoid the hassle of changing servers when I have to alternate between Verizon and Comcast to avoid the horrible rate increases. The included software relieves me of having to buy FTP editing software.

By William Reviewer Country February 05 2012 Add Comment | Report Fake

Good free hosting rating

this hosting is very stabel, many feature and very easy for registration. many thanks for this free host -respect-

By jacky Reviewer Country February 02 2012 Add Comment | Report Fake

hosting rating

ok but dont like writing reveiws just wasnt to log in

By paul Reviewer Country January 27 2012 Add Comment | Report Fake

always up rating

It is the best uptime for a free web hosting that I've ever had.

By Lola Reviewer Country December 29 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

Great Free Host! rating

Great features, up-time, easy access, has way more than I needed for my site. easy choice when I want to do more!

By Mike Reviewer Country November 24 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

none rating

I like that myphpadmin worked. My google map hosted on webfreehosting.net also displayed correctly. This morning, it wouldn't let me log in.

By Tony Reviewer Country October 26 2011 Tony's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Excellent Host rating

By far the best free web host I've ever been to. They offer everything a normal web host offers except the option to upgrade, since they are free. However there are zero ads, the support is great and very quick. I would recommend to anyone. Even my dog.

By KenZ Reviewer Country October 23 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

AWESOME! rating

AMAZING and can't find free hosting this good anywhere else on the web!!!!!

By dek Reviewer Country October 22 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

The Best Thing in Life is Free rating

This hosting is the best free hosting I'm using to test my project.

By Juan Reviewer Country October 18 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

,,,,, rating

it is one of the best hosting site that i've been tried tnx... :)

By mafings Reviewer Country August 08 2011 mafings's website mafings's email Add Comment | Report Fake

free hosting rating

now i am starting up. i was looking for a freehosting site

By Marian Reviewer Country July 21 2011 Marian's email Add Comment | Report Fake

perfect rating

I'm hosting a photo blog and never had issues. Everything is working like expected.

By Adams Reviewer Country July 02 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

Excellent, until I lost all my files rating

All good except they changed servers without telling me, moved all the files to a new server. I lost all my files. Apparently there was a 'footer' telling me this, but no warning pop ups and they never sent an email. I got email spam about their service but nothing from webfreehosting that they're changing servers? A shame, as otherwise good especially service.

By DannyHamilton Reviewer Country June 24 2011 DannyHamilton's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Francisco: Reviewer Country parece bom, n?o sei ainda

gmx: Reviewer Country very good site

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