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General Features
Website: uhostall.com
Alexa Rank -1
Recent Rating (rating based on recent reviews) 6.3
Space: Unlimited
Monthly Bandwidth: Unmetered
File Size Limit: No Limit
Forced Ads: No
Free Account Technologies:
FTP: Yes
SSI: Yes
CGI: Yes
PHP: Yes
MS Access: Yes
Free Account Email Features
POP3: Yes
Web Mail: Yes

Uhostall Rating

6.3/10 (11 reviews)

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Additional Features

  • No Ads
  • All Unlimited Features
  • Outstanding Support 24/7
  • Easy Control Panel
  • PHP 5.4 Support

Latest Uhostall Reviews Add Review

Not good for me rating

Maybe good for Pakistan, but not for me. Sorry.

By Pako Reviewer Country April 10 2014 Add Comment | Report Fake

ops: Reviewer Country it's php post_max_size is 8M. where is bigger than?

Jami: Reviewer Country Not only for Pakistan, i found many others using it good, same answer for you, no free host is perfect, so these issues are frequent in free hostings, but so far the hostings i have tried this one is going well.

Jamal: Reviewer Country well i think if you need perfect then go for paid or premium hosting, paid also got issues, why free hosting can not get issues? if u do not thanks but atleast appreciate them they are offering something for free. if u were paying then u could have said that.

Ber: Reviewer Country Dead. It's not working.

lovley rating

I signed up 2 months ago and I was pleasantly surprised. The speed and the uptime are very good. My site have not been down so far. No problems whatsoever with the CP it is very easy to use and techsupport helps if you have any troubles. The servers provide good performance. There are no forced adds on my sites. So far this is the best hosting I've tried.

By Leo Reviewer Country April 03 2014 Add Comment | Report Fake

easy rating

Great features, easy to use and understand. No forced banners or pop-ups; just your web page how you wish to have it displayed!

By noname Reviewer Country April 02 2014 Add Comment | Report Fake

nice free host rating

found this service, it was easy to find. very easy to use, just upload the html, that's all i want it for. static files and to that ends it works really well. thanks for the service it's really good.

By Jamie Reviewer Country April 02 2014 Add Comment | Report Fake

I like it rating

nice host, I am using it now. Hope it goes well. :)

By Shezad Reviewer Country April 02 2014 Add Comment | Report Fake

works for me thanks rating

Found these people helpful and reliable. I manage the site myself through the control panel and I am nothing like a web design specialist but managed to work it out. When I've needed some help got it quickly and in terms that I could understand. Thank you for a good professional service.

By Sherry Reviewer Country April 02 2014 Add Comment | Report Fake


THEY DO NOT OFFER UNLIMITED FILE SIZE TO FREE CLIENTS! They only offer 8mb MAX. I signed up because of the info I found on your search, but it's not accurate. I even tried to change it with .htaccess and php.ini files but they told me that they don't allow more than 8 megabit file sizes. You can upload them via FTP BUT you will not b able to access them or download them except through FTP because usage is blocked.

By S Reviewer Country February 24 2014 S's website S's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Susan: Reviewer Country who cares for file size, we are not going to use it for file storage, idiot :P

NotADumbAss: Reviewer Country @Susan, wow you're dumb. You do realize 8mb is fine for a crap html site but its garbage for anything else right? Even uploading ok forums is over 8mb....

ComeClean: Reviewer Country There's a difference between FILE size, and data storage size. What could you possibly write in a webpage to make one .html file a 8mb file? Even bloody flash websites rarely reach that..

BuildingWebsites4OverTenYears: Reviewer Country Clearly your coding skills are terribad if you can't keep your files a reasonable size.

sam: Reviewer Country And what about creating website with photo upload or cyphering files?

Ertyx: Reviewer Country Its really very nice

mankind: Reviewer Country For FTP usage, 8mb is bad.

ellsonn: Reviewer Country Hey guys can anyone clear this doubt the file size of 8mb is the max size of the file we upload at a time or the total of all files we upload to the server?

ellsonn: Reviewer Country Hey guys can anyone clear this doubt the file size of 8mb is the max size of the file we upload at a time or the total of all files we upload to the server?

Gabriel: Reviewer Country They moved from YouHost to MyOwnFreeHost. And no Unlimited filesize. If your website has to much traffic you get an error sayng that you need to wait or to upgrade.

dan: Reviewer Country thanks for the info

great work rating

nice work to provide free host, and good host i use it for long no issues yet.

By Javed Reviewer Country December 13 2013 Javed's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Nice host rating

this one is really a nice host, must try it.

By Kim Reviewer Country October 29 2013 Kim's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Best one rating

nice host i suggest it , best one, good servers

By Khan Reviewer Country September 23 2013 Khan's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Khan: Reviewer Country try it once

great host

wonderful host, seem good for me. thanks

By Jami Reviewer Country September 06 2013 Jami's website Jami's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Uwinbets: Reviewer Country if ur planning to join this bullshit uhostall.com please do at risk servers off every time if ur running php and mysql don't except crap html which will also be on and off. Worst service ever am switching tonight finally

Jami: Reviewer Country Well i do not know why u say that but i think all free host got such issues, no one is that much perfect. For me this hosting is going good as compare to other 10 to 15 i have tried.

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