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General Features
Website: byethost.com
Alexa Rank 19300
Recent Rating (rating based on recent reviews) 3.6
Space: 1,000 MB
Monthly Bandwidth: 50,000 MB
File Size Limit: 10 MB
Forced Ads: No
Free Account Technologies:
FTP: Yes
PHP: Yes
MS Access: No
Free Account Email Features
POP3: Yes
Web Mail: Yes

Byethost Rating

4.5/10 (55 reviews)

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Additional Features

  • PHP Flags manager - PHP display errors
  • set PHP time zone
  • PPH magic Quotes and more in one click. Custom SPF records. Custom CNAME records. Cron Jobs. Automatic one click installer with 33 scripts including PHPbb
  • Joomla
  • Wordpress and many more!

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Account suspended for no reason rating

I just set up my website, after I park my domain my account get suspended for no reason. This is terrible because they don't send me any e-mail notification why would my account get suspended. Also they use my domain to park their ad. I'm totally busted in this one. I don't recommend byet because of it.

By rayryan Reviewer Country November 13 2016 rayryan's website rayryan's email Add Comment | Report Fake

byethost is bad rating

My website was running for over a year without problems. One day it was suspended for high SQL usage without me changing anything. It was suspended +/- 10 times and I couldn't do anything thttp://shockable.nl/ to avoid it and the helpdesk didnt help except telling me sorry it uses too much resources. I moved my website to hostinger and it was fine again. To be sure it wasn't my mistake, I made a fresh wordpress install on Byethost again after deleting the old databases and files and didn't configure the newly fresh installed wordpress just to see what would happen with a fresh new clean install: it was suspended withing 10 minutes with the same message: high SQL usage. avoid byethost!.

By TimoPrivate Reviewer Country August 11 2016 TimoPrivate's website TimoPrivate's email Add Comment | Report Fake



By PWNED Reviewer Country August 04 2016 PWNED's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Byethost is cool in 2016

llevo 6 meses con byethost en cuenta gratuita y de momento no ha pasado nada! es escelente para comenzar a aprender sobre hosting!

By felipeweb Reviewer Country April 19 2016 felipeweb's website felipeweb's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Good for personal sites rating

ByetHost is very good for free, although not as good as x10Hosting and HelioHost in my opinion. Servers: Fast enough, they do require JS/cookies to be enabled for some reason (ckattempt), faster than HH or x10, quite stable but maybe a bit overloaded. Control Panel: A stripped-down cPanel (VistaPanel), there's a few errors in grammar/labels even though they're a UK company? Features: Softaculous is included like HH or x10, it's the standard set: FTP, PHP, MySQL... It seems they use slightly outdated PHP (5.4.41 with some restrictions) but mostly it works for scripts. Support: Never needed to contact, heard it was good from other people. Some things are in a mess on their service but generally good. Unfortunately their PHP sendmail limitation is broken, meaning it won't send anything even though they say it should send activation emails, so would recommend only for personal sites, but for that purpose, it's very good! Cammy.

By Cammy Reviewer Country April 01 2016 Cammy's website Cammy's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Cammy: Reviewer Country I don't know why my location is appearing as USA, I'm from Britain, just to clarify.



By byteshit Reviewer Country March 15 2016 byteshit's email Add Comment | Report Fake


A Good place to start hosting a site. rating

Our group has been testing and creating basic/simple test pages on MANY free hosting services. Byet is one of the few sites we tested that has, so far, survived our evaluation process. The big issue we had is that their hosting apps, signup, etc. has serious issues with some browsers (internet explorer in particular). Read AND FOLLOW the instructions and one should not have any issues. If you have realistic expectations from the free hosting group and are not expecting THE UNIVERSE you will probably be quiet comfortable starting out with this hosting company's free services.

By TRoach Reviewer Country December 07 2014 TRoach's website TRoach's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Vladimir: Reviewer Country Agree, Byet better than some other free host. I used it now and works rather good.

Stay away from them rating

they take down my website after a month of work and suspended my account, and deleted all my work and my database. and they make my website ad parking!!

By Omar Reviewer Country November 29 2014 Add Comment | Report Fake


I've had a website on Byethost and everything has been fine......until now. All of a sudden my antivirus program has started to block the website, warning for virus. A further investigation tells me that a lot of Byethost websites are blocked and blacklisted. Then I come here and read the negative reviews. What do I do now? Are there no good free hosts to find anymore? Since Geocities died, I have had to move the site twice. I had a terrible experience with 110 mb two years ago and now I might have to move the site again. So far, they haven't shut down the site or blackmailed me into paying for their services but a lot of people can't access my site anymore due to the site being blocked by their antivirus programs.

By Lynx Reviewer Country August 18 2014 Lynx's website Lynx's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Ads have first priority! customers last. rating

i am shocked when my site was suspended for 24 hours at the morning 8am. the reason was "Ram limit". they given no worning, notice, mail or a "Message for visitors that site is down" all day full traffic was clicked ads from byethost (sourseforge). They have 404 page a default "adpage". Byethost was promised for no ads policy. I was using byethost from past 7 months. Now i am shifting to freehostingnoads.net. I know they don't ad - misuse my site's traffic. Byethost is 100% untrustworthy.

By yuvraj Reviewer Country February 04 2014 yuvraj's website yuvraj's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Sasha: Reviewer Country Freehostingnoads won't need to take your site down; site will be down on its own, due to their abysmal servers.

SCAM rating

They disable accounts after just one day and redirect your domain to ads!

By arhmag Reviewer Country December 08 2013 arhmag's website arhmag's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Worst ever rating

Fuck this site..dont touch..They will redirect your domain to securesignupservice which is advt with spam..it does not disappear even after 2 days of nameserver change...

By Rahul Reviewer Country October 09 2013 Rahul's website Rahul's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Suspended for no reason rating

They suspend your site for no reason after big traffic, and puts their advertising.

By Adrian Reviewer Country September 04 2013 Adrian's email Add Comment | Report Fake

The worst service EVER - STAY AWAY !!! rating

I created an premium account last october and everything was working perfectly until trafic to my site was increased . They suspend my account with not a previous advise and just provide me with a full back up like i was a garbage :( . MY COMMENT IS THAT YOU CAN USE THEM AS FAR AS YOU HAVE NO TRAFFIC TO YR WEBSITE SO YOU HAVE NO REASON TO HAVE A WEBSITE - ONCE YOU START HAVING VISITORS AND MAKING SOME MONEY THEY WILL SUSPEND YOUR ACCOUNT !!!!

By chris Reviewer Country August 12 2013 chris's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Warning rating

Byethost free hosting is a pure scam. First you create your website and when it gets some traffic they send you emails to sign for a paid account. If you don't agree, then they suspend your free account but redirects your domain to a parking or to spam sites to earn money. They steal all your hard work and your traffic. This is not a free hosting because they earn a lot of money at the expense of their old free account customers. As I said, pure scammers, so warning! Regards.

By Frank Reviewer Country July 18 2013 Add Comment | Report Fake

Byethost is garbage rating

Byethost is by fuckers for fuckers. They're the worst.

By ScrewBall Reviewer Country May 25 2013 ScrewBall's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Best of all rating

Best website for hosting. I recommend you to try must as a host. Better, best and save way to access and upload data. Now Windows 7 make it easy to upload using ftp....... :-D

By sbastuff Reviewer Country April 06 2013 sbastuff's website sbastuff's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Standard "forced upgrade" scam rating

If you're using free hosting by Byethost, they will randomly suspend your account (in some cases, just a couple of days after opening it, and in others, they'll wait for you to build up your site) and then offer you to pay for premium hosting as the only way to get your site back. (It's the same routine at 000webhost.com too, and probably many other free hosting websites.) Now why would I give money to someone who obviously scams me? Stay far, far away from Byethost.

By Ann Reviewer Country April 05 2013 Add Comment | Report Fake

Yannick: Reviewer Country I confirm they randomly desactivate accounts when you have sufficient work on them and your webpage then leads to a commercial. I suppose this is to force you to pay. Not very fair!

Yannick: Reviewer Country I confirm they randomly desactivate accounts when you have sufficient work on them. Then your webpage then leads to a commercial. I suppose this is to force you to pay. Not very fair!

Tudor: Reviewer Country same for me....suspended my account after getting some hits....luckly for me I have everything backed up on my hard drive, cause the ftp is blocked also.

Working perfectly now rating

I'm making this new review because byet answered really fast to my complains, and apparently the spam was originated from someone that hacked the account, so it may have been an error by me or some client, they replied very fast, helped me setting all up again, and I was up in a few hours.. so it is still a great hosting company

By Ryoga Reviewer Country March 20 2013 Ryoga's email Add Comment | Report Fake

worked for many years not anymore

This hosting worked prefectly for me for many years.. I hosted several websites and emails without trouble but since last year (2012) I started having problems.. first with spam , every fucking mail got spam from our own domains.. so if your site was yoursite.com you would receive emails from [email protected] spamming YOUR OWN ACCOUNTS god only knows if those same addresses were used to spam outside servers, and this has become even more apparent in last weeks, I still stayed with them because overall the service was good.. but today I tried to login only to be greeted with a message that my account was suspended.. this WILL cause me a lot of problems with clients which have been really pissed off by the spam problem, they call me constantly asking me if their computers have viruses or what.. I can totally listen to them tomorrow complaining they can't login to their mail accounts, hope this gets repaired soon or I will be in serious trouble.

By Ryoga Reviewer Country March 15 2013 Ryoga's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Don't waste your time rating

I chose byethost because of the price, which was a big mistake. For the first year everything went smooth and I had no problems. Soon after (approx early 2012) they switched their payment system to an external company- after a few months at some point my payment went to the external company but byethost never received it... so my account was suspended until I made another payment. When they suspend your account it's game over- after resolving the payment issue none of my password worked, I had to have every last one of them reset and I began working on my site again- only to find out that every single day my passwords would need to be reset because the system defaulted and locked me out of my account, over and over and over... there's a serious problem with their system and their tech support had no clue what was going on. I dealt with this for a few months before deciding the headache wasn't worth it...

By Marco Reviewer Country September 10 2012 Add Comment | Report Fake

Top free and paid host rating

I have been using Byethost.com for over 2 years with their free and paid hosting. I disagree with alot of the negative posts in here, my sites have never had any problems or issues, over the last 6 months Byethost have been adding new MySQL servers and new features to their cPanel almost every week, there is alot of development and improvements going on at byet such as the new once click installer, PHP flags manager to edit the servers PHP settings etc, im proud to have my site hosted here.

By Johnywebs Reviewer Country September 08 2012 Johnywebs's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Go pick another hosting rating

The free hosting they offer is absolute crap. The server and FTP speeds are incredibly slow, the support agents are idiots and they keep removing features from their free plans. I seriously doubt they even offer any good paid hosting either. Just pick something else, Byethost will only disappoint you.

By Max Reviewer Country September 04 2012 Add Comment | Report Fake

Go , pay for others hosting rating

There is no sense pay them after they make us wrong (suspend , close,delete ,etc...) Better is go away , and pay for others hosting.

By dody Reviewer Country August 02 2012 Add Comment | Report Fake

chmod broken rating

On free account, chmod'ing public no read has no effect, folders can still be accessed from browser. Otherwise pretty good.

By Ted Reviewer Country May 29 2012 Add Comment | Report Fake

damned: Reviewer Country Well, if you want low visits is good. If you you want many visitors they canceled your service. BAD

Run away from them rating

I am now in the third year with them. Most of time were ok, but when your site get trafic they suspend it without notify. Their suport agents are idiots. I asked canceling some hosting services in order to move them in a reseller account and they canceled my domains. I can't wait to escape from there. No contact info except their lousy tiket sistem. They are fraud.

By Costin Reviewer Country February 14 2012 Add Comment | Report Fake

file types rating

I am a musician. I can't upload my own mp3 music / files. Upload options: from file; Jpg max. upload file size allowed - 4 MB.

By timppa Reviewer Country February 05 2012 timppa's email Add Comment | Report Fake

A disappointment rating

I used the free service for 2.5 years, it was ok most of the time, but after a few months of not updating or checking my website, instead of my content, after typing my domain's name in the browser, I found an ad page. On the server, the content was intact, they just decided to use my domain as they pleased. No more. This is outrageous.

By KrzysztofGil Reviewer Country January 27 2012 Add Comment | Report Fake

Sophie: Reviewer Country I am also experiencing this issue. Did you ever find a solution?

Problem with Bytehost

My Server (tcpindia.net)which was purchased from bytehost is down till on 25/08/2011 11am. Till now (2pm) the problem has been not solved.

By TCPAdvertising Reviewer Country August 25 2011 TCPAdvertising's email Add Comment | Report Fake

thumbs up!

I give them ten out of ten points. Why? I have been using their free and premium services for over two years now and never experienced any problems. To reply to some other reviewer: If you don't make regular backups of your oh-so-invaluable data, its YOUR fault when you lose all your stuff. There is no excuse for such stupidity, don't try to blame someone else for it.

By joe Reviewer Country July 10 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

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