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General Features
Website: freehostingnoads.net
Alexa Rank 114379
Recent Rating (rating based on recent reviews) 3.8
Space: 2,000 MB
Monthly Bandwidth: 10,000 MB
File Size Limit: 2,000 MB
Forced Ads: No
Free Account Technologies:
FTP: Yes
PHP: Yes
MS Access: No
Free Account Email Features
POP3: Yes
Web Mail: Yes

Freehostingnoads Rating

6.1/10 (133 reviews)

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Additional Features

  • Free Script Installer (10 scripts)
  • Free Site Builder
  • Custom Control Panel
  • File Manager
  • Free Domain Hosting
  • Unlimited Accounts
  • No Forced Ads
  • Free short sub-domain (YourSite.T15.org)

Latest Freehostingnoads Reviews Add Review

Paid account, no assistance, abandoned rating

Unacceptable at all. I upgraded to a paid account in order to receive assistance in their help desk. I was abandoned again, no answer by hosting service, my website always down with no reason. Then I asked for refund + delete account + migrated to another hosting service. After 1 year, they send me an invoice + it is not possible to me to delete myself the account (still open!). I get no answer, of course, by their help desk. KEEP AWAY, not professional company.

By MD Reviewer Country January 15 2017 Add Comment | Report Fake

Horibble rating

File Size Limit is 8M no 2,000 MB. Liar

By iluzii Reviewer Country April 26 2016 iluzii's website iluzii's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Epifania: Reviewer Country How do I delete my account?

BBB says they are no longer in business rating

THIS BUSINESS IS CLOSED! DO NOT USE THEM! For some reason you can still get on the sight. In September of 2015 my couple websites that they were hosing were taken down, and locked so I could not get into them. Thought it was because I had started multiple websites, which on their site said there was a $12 fee to do so. There was no bill on my account, but I sent them their $12 anyway. They took the money, but never opened my accounts. I tried contacting them for months with no response from them. In December 2015 contacted the Better Business Bureau and they tried multiply ways of contacting them with no response. The BBB, in late January of 2016, said that they went out of business.

By Robert Reviewer Country March 04 2016 Robert's website Robert's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Nothing but a bait and switch site rating

Not user friendly, never could get ftp to connect to even upload my site. No help at all. All they want you to do is upgrade to a pay plan. Thought I would try the free option first, and it was so terrible, it convinced me to look somewhere else. Don't need this frustration.

By Mike Reviewer Country July 27 2015 Mike's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Complete Scam

They make their site to look like they provides all the things a company you would pay $10.00 per month to host for, all for free, but it's a complete SCAM. First of all, you know how usually it's take a day for a domain to finish pointing to a server? Well, it's been 3 days, and it's still not up yet, even though it shows up on whois.com in just a few hours. They're obviously blocking the site from even showing up. Also, you can't even submit a ticket if you're not donating to them. What does that tell you? They don't want to help at all if you won't pay them. I bet their response is terrible even if you do donate, according to all these views below mine. I've contacted them 2 days ago, using the 'contact us' link on the bottom of their site, twice, and they've yet to respond. Terrible site. Don't register.

By Kevin Reviewer Country July 26 2015 Kevin's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Dima: Reviewer Country There is no support whatsoever for free accounts, and there is no FTP info on the website (there used to be). Their Knowledgebase refers to non-existent tabs on the control panel.

Nothing but a SCAM!!! rating

Complete SCAM. These people lure you in to try to sell you into buying upgrades. HOWEVER there services is AWFUL. Your website will ALWAYS be down with them and the keep on sending you stupid messages saying that "Your account will be removed in 14 days because it has not received any visitors in the past 30 day period or it is not fully uploaded or operational", which is a complete a total LIE!!! Do NOT bother, better pay for a decent host than wasting your time dealing with ALL THIS CRAP CONSTANTLY.

By jj Reviewer Country July 24 2015 jj's email Add Comment | Report Fake

No Ads Great, Service Awful rating

In an attempt to locate a simple host for my WordPress setup I decided on this service. I have had more downtime just trying to get site setup than I have with any other hosting service. Ftp diconnects almost every-time I attempt an upload, and I get "Service Temporarily Unavailable" with every other link, or setting change, so that I have to start over. I have been unable to install plugins directly through WordPress, I have had to resort to FTP uploads and they fail constantly. I am currently looking for another hosting service, as this is ridiculous.

By David Reviewer Country June 18 2015 David's website David's email Add Comment | Report Fake

CraigJacobson: Reviewer Country I was billed for VIP no ads and I paid and I can not access my account and no one will respond to my requests for help. There is suppose to be support when you pay for VIP no help at all lost all my work and they will not respond craigjacobson.com

Avoid this provider rating

i was searching for a free hosting service to replace 000webhost.com due the low speed with my coutry. My filter was a provider in europe. I've changed the dns and when i got back after a while i saw the message the my site is up and running. Until... Is almost impossible to upload files, server refusing connection in 9 of 10 cases. Is impossible to navigate, "Service Temporarily Unavailable", 49/50 cases. I only uploaded the index page to remove that default message, so is just a 10KB file. Maybe is just me, but until now, their promises are BULLSHIT.

By daniel Reviewer Country June 04 2015 daniel's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Totally Lied About Service rating

Let me first say this: Freehostingnoads promotes 200GB Bandwidth to a Free Account. Because of this "Claim" Alone I decided to give them a shot. Well I can tell you from being an experienced Web Developer, they do not provide anywhere near this "Mythological Claim!" I currently have a Domain still running on one of there servers for testing purposes only. (I am familiar with them trying to hold your files for ransom) Literally speaking, I could not even configure a "Wordpress Website" thoroughly before getting an "IP connection limit exceeded" message. This makes absolutely No Sense. Why would you not allot the Client utilizing your services to have the necessary tools to build a Website correctly? They really should discontinue the Free Services campaign and just run the paid servers. It would save everybody involved a lot of time and bad feelings.

By MikalJalil Reviewer Country May 19 2015 MikalJalil's website MikalJalil's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Good for a start up rating

It is a great hosting they offer unlimited domain names for free but the only problem is that using the free host your website is not always available unless you upgrade to vip host which I did. Another problem with I send them a support ticket they could hardly answer any of my questions.

By Mahmoud Reviewer Country April 21 2015 Mahmoud's website Mahmoud's email Add Comment | Report Fake

This service is AMAZING

I made my site with this company about one year ago and used the free plan. There was close to no downtime and the main feature that reeled me in was the short and easily memorizable sub domain (t15.org). They have a very simple cPanel that is very straightforward and clean looking. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who plans on making a website free or paid! (And if it matters, a friend asked me to register her paid domain name and I used this site, It has been running great since)

By Quinn Reviewer Country April 07 2015 Quinn's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Free Hosting No Site No Help rating

My site is not up. Keeps telling me its not in the DNS but when I look at those settings it matches the recommendation. And no help for free users - so basically its complete BAIT AND SWITCH - its free until you want it to actually DO SOMETHING. don't waste your time.

By DavidC Reviewer Country April 02 2015 DavidC's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Just Unacceptable 1 rating

I don't know why I ever wanted to host my website here...I didn't read any reviews before I tried to start hosting...And that was my mistake....I am completely dissapointed...I wish i could rewind what i did.. I created an account... if i am not mistaken, they say that it would be ready to use in 12 hours max. more than 24 hours passed and my website is still under process. So now i can't delete my registration and when i try to host my website elsewhere it says that my domain is already registered...I tried to contact them from "contact us" & facebook (2 times in fb) but i got no answer in 24 hours +..

By Giannis Reviewer Country March 21 2015 Giannis's website Giannis's email Add Comment | Report Fake

JustAnacceptable2: Reviewer Country .I am in a dead end now and the only thing i can do is wait until the process finish...if this ever happens... My advise?? DO NOT EVER AND FOR NO REASON TRY TO HOST YOUR WEBSITE WITH THIS COMPANY...WORST THAN ANYTHING COULD BE...EVERYTHING UNACCEPTABLE...WISH THEY CLOSE THEIR COMPANY... + (I CANT FIND ANY FORUM TO FIND POSSIBLE SOLLUTIONS..WTF???) THANKS FOR YOUR TIME

Mahesh: Reviewer Country Same things happen to me.. i am still waiting for my account activation since 4 days. there is no option to delete your account or anything. so stuck there not able to go with any other hosting provider. no support system..

Mahmoud: Reviewer Country My account also didn't get activated after 12 hours It has been over 24 hours.

Mahmoud: Reviewer Country The first time I made an account it took more than 48 hours to activate. After you register the first account it will not take that long to process anymore

Don't loose you content rating

I also made the mistake of hosting a initial site on this companies servers. After a month they will lock you out and then you will not be able to get the data or directories back. FTP will not work, nothing. This has nothing to do with shutting down the account if inactive, I was on it every day and never received any warnings from the service. I was hosting a place to record practicum hours for students so I can't see how this is an issue. This is just a way to hold your site for ransom.

By Vincent Reviewer Country February 04 2015 Vincent's website Vincent's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Deleting Accs due to dubious action rating

Like others before, my website has been deleted without any knowledge. Reason: disposable mail. Its my mail@ I use at least since more than 3 years now. I receive their spam concerning hostinger subsite though. Support is for paying users only, can't get my content back. If I ever pay for anything, it's for the serious ones running services, as well as fpr 99% uptime (host wasn't reachable a lot of times during upload of content as well). FreeHostingNoAds is not good or acceptable! Stay away from those shenannigans!

By drankin Reviewer Country October 28 2014 drankin's website drankin's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Pathetic host. rating

Have been having server and email issues since beginning of July. 9 support tickets later no response from "help desk". Would even appreciate a "*&^%$#@ you" from them, as that would mean they have at least read the enquiries. Stay away from this host!!!!!

By Meyer Reviewer Country August 21 2014 Meyer's website Meyer's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Good speed but Terrible uptime rating

The free plan on FreeHostingNoAds.net is pretty terrible. It's down right now and most of the time (4/5 of the times I visit). The speed when it's up is good, however, but that's a little rare. Overall, this is a poor free hosting.

By Jon Reviewer Country August 05 2014 Jon's website Jon's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Youhosting Reseller Detected!

Youhosting Reseller Detected! Youhosting Reseller Detected!!

By IndonesianCoder Reviewer Country June 25 2014 IndonesianCoder's website IndonesianCoder's email Add Comment | Report Fake

AT&T And Verizon Blocking rating

This entire virtual server is blocked by AT&T and Verizon which, by the way, do NOT do as advertise, as they do NOT offer an "open and reliable network". AT&T blocks many entire servers for no real reason, including that of many million dollar fully funded companies. Your website looks like it's always down for anyone using AT&T or Verizon. That includes iPhones, and WIFI locations like Starbucks, McDonald's, Barnes & Noble, etc.

By JR Reviewer Country March 24 2014 JR's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Abhi: Reviewer Country Seems to be AT&T Verizon malpractice not an issue with this host. Why complaint here? Lodge a complaint with you ISP or regulatory authorities against malpractice. Though they have too many internet connections under their control but world exists beyond that and US as well in case you've not noticed


Terrible. My website is offline right now. Fall after fall after fall...... unaceptable server.

By Dave Reviewer Country March 18 2014 Dave's website Dave's email Add Comment | Report Fake

adamya: Reviewer Country Same in cae of me

best hosting ever rating

This is my 2nd review . Best service ever can you possibly ask for anything else provided the service is free. I am hosting a site for my dept. no issues of downtime or server errors . greatest service i have used ever , will be upgrading my site to paid soon .....

By sub Reviewer Country March 10 2014 sub's website sub's email Add Comment | Report Fake

thecosmicsnail: Reviewer Country c'mon...they suck. If you get paid to lie it is still a lie and karma counts.

Company blocked by many ISPs rating

Its come to my knowledge that my websites were blocked by many ISPs around the world due to the fact there are too many porn/spam sites hosted on thier servers. On my server alone out of 314 hosted well over half were in that catergory. AT&T in USA was one of the ISPs blocking my websites due to this. Ive moved mine over to a paid hosts and they are now viewable. Add to that the rubbish knowledge base and no support whatsoever, wouldnt recommend them

By Saathy Reviewer Country February 28 2014 Saathy's website Saathy's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Abhi: Reviewer Country Complaint to your ISP for that. If their is a anti-social element living in a locality, who the F#$&@ gives right to imprison each and every person in that locality ? Your incompetence is being exploited by your ISP.

Very poor rating

Upgraded to paid after finding it impossible to do anything with wordpress on the free plan. My own ip ended up being blocked, so I couldn't do anything at all with the site, and when you ask support to whitelist the ip they say it's loading fine (I was only creating posts, nothing too strenuous). Support also take days to respond. As I said, I'm a PAID user. I understand poor service for a free plan, but I expect a lot more for a paid one. Try other services because this one sux

By john Reviewer Country February 10 2014 john's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Romeo: Reviewer Country Very poor service, even with paid plans. When you buyed the VIP plan, you'll get other kind of errors "inviting" you pay more and more upgrading to other plans (more expensive each time). The free option is just a trap. Never more, be sure of that.

What happened ? rating

My website vanished ! No warning, nothing.

By Carlos Reviewer Country January 27 2014 Carlos's website Carlos's email Add Comment | Report Fake

terrible rating

My site just vanished, I tried to acess it by ftp without sucess, tried to contact freehostingnoads but got the message that I need to upgrade to get support. I don't advice anyone to use it, their freehosting is just a way to try to catch new costumers. I end up deleting my account there because I don't trust them.

By Lina Reviewer Country January 27 2014 Lina's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Server not available

Since yesterday, the serve is currently unavailable, I cannot reach my site nor upload anything to it via Filezilla. Obviously the servers have a problem or they suspended my account - please help!

By EmperaDesign Reviewer Country January 25 2014 EmperaDesign's website EmperaDesign's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Richard: Reviewer Country My site is down down too and I don't know why?

LSantos: Reviewer Country I have the same problem, can't acess my site. When you try to open a ticket for help they say you need to upgrade your account. I just deleted my account there because I don't trust them anymore. Terrible server.

Lucien: Reviewer Country What do you expect from an iPage/EIG reseller? Their business way are bad, their control panel is worse, their servers are the worst and their support is unspeakable of; they even managed to ruin HostGator, the best host out there...until EIG bought it!

FTP problems

My paid host updated there PHP without warning and crashed my Vivvo software. I'd hoped to put up the Vivvo software but could never get FTP access nor their File Manager software to work. I even tried their "reload account" option which resets everything and changes servers. I've used FTP 100s of times so I don't think me...

By Bill Reviewer Country January 24 2014 Add Comment | Report Fake

Excellent Server rating

Atendimento ao usu?rio 100%, Servidor est?vel com excelente resposta. Painel amig?vel. Otimo servi?o por um pre?o melhor ainda!

By Joaquim Reviewer Country January 07 2014 Joaquim's website Joaquim's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Best free hosting ever rating

This is the best free hosting ever . way better than 000webhost . They give almost everything that you can ask for for free , a feature only limited to paid hosting . You People should not get discouraged by the look of their official site freehostingnoads.net . External looks are not everything . Most of wordpress plugins and themes require latest php version which is given by freehosting no ads and again 000webhost is a loser which give only php 5.2.4. If anyone using 000webhost free service reading this service try installing wordfence in your blog it will bring down your entire site !! wordpress stops working it will give you blank screen beacuse the plugin requires higher version of php . Also thanks to freehosting no ads i can now directly download the plugin from within wordpress as max upload limit is 12 mb and again 000webhost with 5mb....

By sub Reviewer Country December 13 2013 sub's email Add Comment | Report Fake

very good free hosting rating

If you depend more on "free" services, this is the host for you. It offers everything that you would ask for. PHP, MYSQL, FTP, etc. All of these in which are free. The best part about this is that there is absolutely no ads, unlike most other hosts which fore banner ads. If you know how to access FTP, this is the host for you ; http://api.freehostingnoads.net/redir/4225225

By jaap Reviewer Country November 29 2013 jaap's email Add Comment | Report Fake

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