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General Features
Website: freehostingnoads.net
Alexa Rank 114379
Recent Rating (rating based on recent reviews) 3.8
Space: 2,000 MB
Monthly Bandwidth: 10,000 MB
File Size Limit: 2,000 MB
Forced Ads: No
Free Account Technologies:
FTP: Yes
PHP: Yes
MS Access: No
Free Account Email Features
POP3: Yes
Web Mail: Yes

Freehostingnoads Rating

6.1/10 (133 reviews)

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Additional Features

  • Free Script Installer (10 scripts)
  • Free Site Builder
  • Custom Control Panel
  • File Manager
  • Free Domain Hosting
  • Unlimited Accounts
  • No Forced Ads
  • Free short sub-domain (YourSite.T15.org)

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Slow hosting with some loading problems. rating

There are few, not common issues with server... sometimes not loading images, sometimes not loading scripts etc... Also their support is really poor... They answered my question 3 days later and they fixed problems with loading resources only slightly... I am not recommending freehostingnoads.net and im sorry for my english...

By warmos Reviewer Country July 01 2013 warmos's website warmos's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Dreadful rating

The site simply does not work, at least not for the free account. I could sign up. That's it. After waiting interminably for it to work, days - it still won't go to the file manager, error messages at every single turn, and I got nowhere near even being able to upload anything. The knowledge base is very slim and help desk offers no help either, or else help is very very very slow. I didn't have weeks to wait for a reply. I can't recommend it.

By Bryce Reviewer Country July 01 2013 Add Comment | Report Fake

Must Be Better Options

Easy setup and ok server speed (when it's not overloaded that is) but the good stops there. I only have Drupal installed and activated and the server spends more time overloaded than not. I can't get any work done, have to do each task 2 or 3 times before server can save it. Moving on...

By GSW Reviewer Country June 30 2013 GSW's email Add Comment | Report Fake

freehostingnoads.net rating

Very often slow and no access. simply when you want to login to cpanel, whatever, there is only empty page, you must refresh it to use it. I think they do something to push you to pay, the same as 000webhosting, they switch off server every now and then.

By capone Reviewer Country June 10 2013 capone's email Add Comment | Report Fake


My site is deleted, without any notice. And I cannot create a new website.Why?

By GeRui Reviewer Country May 26 2013 GeRui's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Excellant Site rating

This the best ever site that provides free hosting with free t15.org domain.Great site. No words to say about this site..........

By JyothiPrasad Reviewer Country May 21 2013 JyothiPrasad's website JyothiPrasad's email Add Comment | Report Fake

No complaints rating

we have been using freehosting for the past 2 years, a few teething problems which was our fault other than that no problems at all.

By Bryan Reviewer Country May 13 2013 Bryan's website Bryan's email Add Comment | Report Fake

4 star rating

If you depend more on "free" services, this is the host for you. It offers everything that you would ask for. PHP, MYSQL, FTP, etc. All of these in which are free. The best part about this is that there is absolutely no ads, unlike most other hosts which fore banner ads. If you know how to access FTP, this is the host for you. 4 star for this!

By Brad Reviewer Country April 17 2013 Brad's email Add Comment | Report Fake

2nd Anniversary Review rating

We are a small, non-profit club that has been with Freehostingnoads for just over two years now and I am extremely pleased with their service. I almost feel obligated to write this annual review since we are enjoying such fantastic service for free. In the past year there was no known downtime that we were aware of. The only issue we had was our site was suspended for some unknown reasons on March 5th and again on August 9th of 2012. Each time the problem was resolved within 12 hours after reporting to Help Desk. The backup problem from Control Panel was also addressed in 2012. Not having working webmail accounts (blacklisted by several sites) is still a bummer though. I continue to recommend Freehostingnoads for ad-free web hosting.

By Sayeh Reviewer Country April 11 2013 Sayeh's website Sayeh's email Add Comment | Report Fake

I like it... rating

I really injoy this free service and would recommend it.

By Daniel Reviewer Country March 27 2013 Daniel's website Daniel's email Add Comment | Report Fake

The best FREE hosting rating

Create a Personal Website, a business website, or build a site just for fun! FreeHostingNoAds.net will be the right place which gives you plenty of web space to build and grow. Easy to use web file manager, register domain name, website builder, and non-intrusive ads! Features 1. Free Domain Name: With the Unlimited plan you get for free your own .Com or .Net or .Org domain name. 2. Faster Servers: Super fast and more reliable servers. 3. Unlimited: Disk Space, Bandwidth & Email. 4. Secure Server Access: Free hosting don't support secure web servers (https). 5. Fast Support: 800 iPage employees ready to serve you. 6. Money-Back Guarantee: If you're not satisfied with the service, iPage will give you your money back. No questions asked. Get a web hosting account today and use our easy website builder! Check the link and you will find the best! http://api.freehostingnoads.net/redir/2252915

By KimitWang Reviewer Country March 23 2013 KimitWang's website KimitWang's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Not worth it rating

I signed up with them and then set up my dns for my already registered domain name. I wait the 12 plus hours to see if all had propagated, it did but I got an error meesage page stating I exceeded something. That makes no sense at all. I deleted the account and looking for a better one elsewhere. I suggest all to stay away from this hosting company.

By Aaron Reviewer Country March 11 2013 Aaron's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Excellent Service and it's free!! rating

I can't really say how long I've been looking for a good free web host and I've used a lot. Finally I found a good and reliable host. I just had one little problem with database creation but the support team was fast and amazing. Prob solved in one day. The page load is fast, runs well php forums scripts. Well, I give this host a high five.

By Cristina Reviewer Country March 08 2013 Add Comment | Report Fake

Pr0gramc2 Answe rating

Here is excelent im like this site thank you very much

By Semih Reviewer Country March 04 2013 Semih's website Semih's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Can ask for more if its free? rating

I wanted to make a change from 000webhost, because of the incomplete downloads of large files. This host gives more space and less restrictions, it is just too good to be true. They have increased the space to 20 gigs and the bandwidth to 200 gigs. Maybe I should wait a year and find out the long term disadvantages, because so far I coudln't find any.

By shen Reviewer Country February 14 2013 shen's email Add Comment | Report Fake

georgi rating

Using freehostingnoads to teach my Son Joomla, Very Happy, install was easy, sql and ftp upload simple, even got free mail as well. didnt need any support and sever speed is good. 10+++++++++ Regards

By georgi Reviewer Country February 14 2013 georgi's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Nice Host! rating

freehostingnoads, is really one of the best free hosting!It works really well!

By Rodrigo Reviewer Country January 24 2013 Rodrigo's website Rodrigo's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Very good rating

I've been using this host for 2 months now, a friend suggested it and I have to say I haven't had any problems so far. Everything worked very good, the CP is not hard to use whatsoever so give it a try!

By Matias Reviewer Country January 12 2013 Matias's website Matias's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Very Happy rating

Using freehostingnoads to teach my Son Joomla, Very Happy, install was easy, sql and ftp upload simple, even got free mail as well. didnt need any support and sever speed is good. 10+++++++++ Regards Andy

By Andy Reviewer Country January 01 2013 Andy's website Andy's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Excellent rating

I looked for a long time server hosting the site. I present a small business (only me) printing and graphics. Free, no ads, fast and convenient. Even payment volumes inexpensive, especially when compared to prices in Israel. Strongly recommend

By shlomi Reviewer Country December 13 2012 shlomi's website shlomi's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Lucien: Reviewer Country Empty page (checked with iPad).

Perfect! rating

This free cpanel is amzing!!! The only thing that I would love to see is the ability to run a minecraft server! Otherwise brilliant!

By NitramRelish Reviewer Country December 12 2012 NitramRelish's website NitramRelish's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Sasha: Reviewer Country It's not the "real" cPanel, and it shows....but what else can you expect from the umpteenth YouHosting.com reseller?

cpu limit exceeded rating

ya it is a free service and there are so many out there,but this freehostingnoads is horrible about the cpu limit exceeded.maybe there machines are old who knows,but how is a person supposed to start a buisness when customers cannot even get to the website,there are plenty of free hosts that dont limit your traffic,and the customer support is horrible at freehostingnoads takes days for support to finally return,and then the advise given has nothing to do with the issue,then you have to wait even more days.rediculous

By Thatguy Reviewer Country November 28 2012 Thatguy's website Thatguy's email Add Comment | Report Fake

tiredandangry: Reviewer Country Last day of Feb 2013, this guy is correct. I've waited 24-48 to propagate and now, in the middle of the night I saw my page once. Browser's have been timing out - "Oops! Google Chrome could not connect" argh

CPU Limit Exceeded rating

Upon first creating a site it was great, however once I had setup the site... CPU Exceeded always showed up, I had to wipe my site and make my users in my small server all sign up again. I understand this is a free service but its unpredictable when it comes to these CPU errors, and I shouldn't have to wipe everything to fix the issue.

By Jack Reviewer Country November 25 2012 Add Comment | Report Fake

10 over 10 rating

Excellent host! FREE! Have used many hosting providers before but there always seems to be something that changes now and again that you are never notified of, Freehostingnoads just upped there overall space to 20GB from 2GB, perfect!! I hope it stays this way as the service is excellent and everyone should get the chance to use it as is. Love it and recommend it to everybody!

By Quarter Reviewer Country October 28 2012 Add Comment | Report Fake

A Jewel rating

I don't see difference between a pay hosting and Freehostingnoads, I mean it's a great service, I couldn't believe once my site was set, lucky me that I found you!

By Calidro Reviewer Country October 23 2012 Add Comment | Report Fake

Great Site

I had a LONG search for an easy hosting site. This is THE BEST hosting site for iWeb users.

By David Reviewer Country October 04 2012 Add Comment | Report Fake

Impressed rating

Freehostingnoads is great! The Cpanel is my favorite, and they have lots of preloaded scripts for your site.

By Brandon Reviewer Country September 07 2012 Add Comment | Report Fake

Great host rating

A wonderful hosting offering wonderful service. Highly recommend.

By Max Reviewer Country September 04 2012 Add Comment | Report Fake

Brilliant rating

Wonderful service! So happy with these guys

By Andy Reviewer Country August 29 2012 Andy's website Andy's email Add Comment | Report Fake

geart host rating

It's a geart host,freehostingnoads.net

By Tudor Reviewer Country August 26 2012 Tudor's website Add Comment | Report Fake

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