Angelfire Information Report

General Features
Website: angelfire.com
Alexa Rank 2862
Recent Rating (rating based on recent reviews) 3.3
Space: 20 MB
Monthly Bandwidth: 1,000 MB
File Size Limit: No Limit
Forced Ads: Yes
Free Account Technologies:
FTP: Yes
MS Access: No
Free Account Email Features
POP3: No
Web Mail: Yes

Angelfire Rating

3.3/10 (10 reviews)

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Additional Features

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I'm so done with this site rating

I'm gonna make it quick and simple. angelfire.com SUCKS!!!!

By Allen Reviewer Country December 09 2014 Allen's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Used for a number of years rating

I have used angelfire.com as the web host for my Spanish for Children site for many years - They are very good when it comes to web page creation - they offer many features that are good for webmasters including free counters, easy (the easiest I have found so far) page editing, creating, uploading - the site accepts most forms of file endings (including .json - unlike ipage), unlike IPage they offer the possibility of changing the name of a file, file transfer from another website and many other features that are great - The problem is they do not offer a web site with your own website name except for the index directory - any other directory shows the angelfire address even if you pay for your own domain name.

By Ginny Reviewer Country April 01 2014 Ginny's website Ginny's email Add Comment | Report Fake

horrible rating

In the past 4 weeks i have spoke to their customer support people almost on a daily basis. My phone number was blocked and constantly sent to voice mail of which i left 22 messages, all went un-returned. Their IT people simply have no idea how to fix any of the issues except one that has arisen over the 3 years we have been building our site with them. First i was told i had too much media but i only use less than a gig for which i pay for an extra 5g so in total i have 10g, Then i was told it was the amount of pages, so we broke all our genres into separate pages. Now some of the sites just will not allow us to load any pages to make revisions. While i waited 73 minutes for a page to load i created 100 pages on Yahoo!!!! We will be switching going into our 4th year to Yahoo!!!! Any problem we have had on our new site with Yahoo has been resolved within 24 hours. They simply lack the technology to support the things they offer. t really accommodate either one.

By Rusty Reviewer Country September 18 2013 Rusty's website Rusty's email Add Comment | Report Fake


Support and the lack of it is their main problem.

By Gutted Reviewer Country October 03 2012 Add Comment | Report Fake

Need to improve rating

Support sucks donkey nuts. They don not seem to care what happens to my site, and suspend me without any warning

By Grayson Reviewer Country September 30 2012 Add Comment | Report Fake

baaaaaaaaad rating

I hate this guys i hate them i cant believe what services they offer

By arnie Reviewer Country June 07 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

Keeping users up to date rating

I understand the whole keeping enough users and deleting those that do not use their accounts. I was one of those a student that needs a web server but not all my stuff needs to be uploaded to a web server yet my account got deleted without warning. Most hosting site have the obligation and courtesy to email warning to the users that the account is going to be deleted soon for such and such reasons. It maybe listed around the site and everything but it would still be nice to let us know why we can't get into our accounts. Angelfire is okay otherwise but this part just pissed me off. I'll never use Angelfire again.

By Ross Reviewer Country February 09 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

Angelfire deserves to burn rating

Whoever set the bandwidth limit should be beaten to death with a chair, any host with forced ads should be shut down, and they don't support enough.

By Brendan Reviewer Country December 08 2009 Add Comment | Report Fake

Very recommended! rating

Great site, i had no problems at all so far, all my sites work perfectly!!!!

By Curtis Reviewer Country February 13 2007 Add Comment | Report Fake

i dont like it rating

They lack support for some very important server technologies and their bandwidth limit is not enough, i am swithing to another site

By toljo Reviewer Country February 13 2007 Add Comment | Report Fake

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