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General Features
Website: 1freehosting.com
Alexa Rank 154490
Recent Rating (rating based on recent reviews) 3.3
Space: 10,000 MB
Monthly Bandwidth: 100,000 MB
File Size Limit: 100 MB
Forced Ads: No
Free Account Technologies:
FTP: Yes
PHP: Yes
MS Access: Yes
Free Account Email Features
POP3: Yes
Web Mail: Yes

1freehosting Rating

4.0/10 (57 reviews)

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Additional Features

  • No Ads;
  • No contracts;
  • No forum posting;
  • With PHP
  • MySql
  • Free website builder and templates
  • FTP
  • CPanel
  • Nice subdomain names

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No Activation Email rating

I had 1FH send several activation emails and never got any. I waited over 15 minutes and still never got any links.

By Charles Reviewer Country September 03 2017 Charles's website Charles's email Add Comment | Report Fake


Just registered 10 minutes ago to find out that no access to the space HA HA HAAAAAA. FTP is stopped. No web file manager. Just dummy account with useless icons aa hahaha Unbeliveable

By Martin Reviewer Country February 10 2017 Add Comment | Report Fake

HORRIBLE! rating


By Chris Reviewer Country February 01 2017 Chris's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Good rating

It?s a good hosting, but I can?t use FTP because it doesn?t work.

By Francisco Reviewer Country November 24 2016 Francisco's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Worst web host ever rating

1FH is a YouHosting reseller, actually owned by YouHosting admin. The servers are overloaded to death and do not work at all. FTP is disabled for over 160 days. Support is completely unresponsive, even when it was active, they refused to reply for more than a week. The only thing they do moderate is suspending your site for no reason, yet they have unresponsive support. Not cPanel as advertised. This is a joke web host, only use it for April Fools... Cammy.

By Cammy Reviewer Country April 01 2016 Cammy's website Cammy's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Sabuj: Reviewer Country How to long time 1freehosting? And if how to renew my website?

bill: Reviewer Country Cammy is right. 1fh is terrible. no responses to 3 e-mails. help desk can't be reached at all. ftp server reports problems and won't connect. Don't use them.

not recommend rating

Review Service Unstable I do not recommend, Revisao Nao recomendo servico instavel!

By Rguitarra Reviewer Country January 20 2016 Rguitarra's website Rguitarra's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Backup and Fast

I have a website hosted on 1freehosting yes it is fast but unstable recommend backing up that even one of the few free full backup that works after changing the root folder of tar and importing directly into PHP database! Portugues Brazil Tenho um site hospedado no 1freehosting sim ele ? r?pido mas inst?vel recomendo fazer backup que inclusive ? um dos poucos gratuitos com backup completo que funciona depois alterando a pasta raiz do tar e importando direto no bando de dados PHP!

By RGuitarra Reviewer Country September 18 2015 RGuitarra's website RGuitarra's email Add Comment | Report Fake



By joe Reviewer Country September 07 2015 joe's website joe's email Add Comment | Report Fake

The worst host ever rating

This takes free hosting down the pan even more, and no wonder, 1FH are responsible for ServersFree (part of Hostinger too). The servers are down constantly - I DOS'd server1 with only 656 requests, actually - and there is no support. Funny enough they can post in Facebook and suspend websites yet not offer support, because they are bigger idiots than StapleButter. Throw 1FH and SF under a bus and use a proper host instead mate ;)

By Termingamer Reviewer Country September 02 2015 Termingamer's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Termingamer: Reviewer Country Add the fact that they have a footer ad to 1PageRank, which I do find useful, but the host is terrible anyway. Use heliohost please and avoid this shite

Down Hill rating

I have had issues with 1freehosting.com for the last year now. They started off good and just went down hill from there. They have been unreliable, unreachable and service has been poor to say the least. The data does not seem to be properly captured. They change the web ip address for the webpage without warning. It always shows as site unavailable or moved. My site has not been working properly for months now. I submit tickets and have been told to be patient and wait (and i'm still waiting). I was also told to join thier affiliate site if i wasnt happy with thier service. Very disappointing.

By Nikki Reviewer Country August 14 2015 Nikki's website Nikki's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Poor Service From 1 Free Hosting rating

1 Free Hosting appear good for first time users. You perhaps get the 10GB disk space is there. I made a simple WordPress blog, used auto installer. It was heavily out of date, contains referencing link to Hostinger and also advertisement included in the site. My ticket system is not good. I had a question running since May and still no answer. But here is worse bit, they suspended my site. How they are unable to make support for clients, yet suspend for no reason. They 'staff' use an interface NOT cPanel, and have poor grammar everywhere in their own service. Server down for 503 every minute when possibly no one at the page, how does this work? No good. I quit 1FreeHosting and will recommend you have do the same as me. Move to such host more trusted, like 'ByetHost', not 1FreeHosting, is poor and uncared about.

By Vladimir Reviewer Country August 03 2015 Vladimir's website Vladimir's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Termingamer2JD: Reviewer Country I wish I could update my review here. Because your points are correct. All YouHosting Resellers, 000WebHost and Hostinger are crap.

Seems to work. rating

1FreeHosting are decent web hosting providers, and host my new free hosting forums. The CPanel is easy to use and works correctly. I hear they will make a big update to their servers soon so please wait!! They offer up to 15,000 inodes so if you can't upload any more that is probably why. Their file manager is buggy but works and they have some good features. :)

By Luigi442wii Reviewer Country May 20 2015 Luigi442wii's website Luigi442wii's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Mega, thank you for your best free servi rating

Thank you for your best free services!!! Please make your own donation PAGE !!! www.1freehosting.com ciao bp (Mac@UITSi-EU)

By boris Reviewer Country March 22 2015 boris's website boris's email Add Comment | Report Fake

F#@K rating

1Freehosting is reseller of Hostinger.their help. Ticket:[...]I installed only a wordpress[...] according to my wp stat's i had at least 10 vis/day and i have not sent any email[...]But your system inactivated my account[...]just give me alink to download my cms/files and database. - We have reactivated your account with hope that you will fix suspension issues[...] - thanks but It's not activate, it's suspended yet, Can you give me just my email box content[...] Or delete this account and make another one with same name[...] for me I should use [...] to save my domain - That is not possible anymore. - [...]my wrong turn is trusting to your service, I registered mydomains with email in your[.] you with reasons that I cant accept blocked my Account[...]Now if your help, means you will delete this account completely and I can make another one and take this subdomain 'blagger.allalla.com' again, it's very good news , please do it . Thanks.

By Mohsen Reviewer Country January 11 2015 Mohsen's website Mohsen's email Add Comment | Report Fake


I was trying to build my website that i spent HOURS doing, until one day i got the annoying "error 501". I sent a ticket to them and waited for about a week, BUT THEY WONT LISTEN! IM TIRED OF THIS CRAP, I AM GOING TO SWITCH TO ANOTHER HOSTING WEBSITE!

By Zach Reviewer Country December 21 2014 Add Comment | Report Fake

WORST HOST! rating

Worst hosting ever! I have been using this hosting from one year and then.. after one year they blocked my account with all files at it.. I had to send FIVE tickets to get their reply. 1freehosting unblocked my account for.. 3 hours and that's the all time i had to get a backup.. DONT USE IT! DONT USE IT!

By Tyktak Reviewer Country July 13 2014 Add Comment | Report Fake

Awful service rating

I had my domain suspended after that bogus site clean-mx reported a picture on my site as a phishing attempt. How this can even work is beyond me. 1freehosting didn't check the validity of this bullshit-abuse-report and instead of just blocking access to the file in question, they just suspended the whole domain which means I can't access the server and none of my content. This is unacceptable. Add the fact that they're quick to block, but slow as hell to process my help ticket and this tragedy turns into a travesty... Oh, and they don't send you an email about the suspended account either. My visitors told me that my site was suddenly offline. Worst of the worst...

By Steve Reviewer Country February 23 2014 Steve's email Add Comment | Report Fake

These guys are terrible rating

At first they seemed OK, but then my website went down for a mysterious "CPU Exceeded" error, which I was informed was only supposed to last 24 hours. That's been more than 4 days ago now. Despite opening a new ticket every single say requesting help resolving this error, and leaving multiple comments on their Facebook page, they haven't even bothered to contact me. Customer service is worse than poor, it's completely non-existent. Sure, the old adage "you get what you pay for" is true, but if I wanted my website hidden behind screaming red error pages, I wouldn't waste my time having it hosted at all!

By Amy Reviewer Country September 30 2013 Amy's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Mexxxi: Reviewer Country I share the same experience. I had several of domains become unreachable thanks to the "CPU Exceeded" error despite only installing vanilla content through their cPanel. Funny thing: I only had a handful of visitors. It looks like their servers can't handle the load any more.

Luigi442wii: Reviewer Country You do realise 1FreeHosting is abandoned now, don't you?

Still waiting for my webpage to show up rating

I'm in the interim of having my page upload on 1Freehosting. 1Freehosting says it can take up to 72 hours for the webpage(s) to "propagate." Meanwhile I've uploaded my webpage about six times two days ago. The instructions on which folder to place your files is very poor. I've had to upload about 6 times to six different folders to see if my site shows up. First time, all I got was the "Index of/ and the list of my files. So, up loading to the right folder is kinda like pin the tail on the donkey. I've uploaded ONLY one page and still nothing is showing up, except for the 1Freehosting welcoming page, with the congrats on it. Does anyone know of a really good free hosting service? I'm not picky at all and I don't mind if my site is part of a subdomain. Thank for reading this and for any feedback. -Kd

By Kd Reviewer Country September 13 2013 Kd's website Kd's email Add Comment | Report Fake

KDdid: Reviewer Country I had to come back here and post that I was able to figure out the error of my ways, in that by converting the homepage file on the 1Freehost ftp manager to an index.html file, the webpage will show up and that it shows up fine now. Sorry for being so hard on you 1Freehost! -Kd

Hostinghelper: Reviewer Country This hosting website provides Free 10 GB Disk space with Free website Builder, File Manager, Free subdomain, Free emails, 100 GB Bandwidth, 24/7 Help support and more.... You can signup at : www.hostwitch.com

Support? rating

I thought 1freehosting was awesome at the start, it was effective, easy and I could install my forum quite easily. I had a small concern that my forum was having downtime issues so I brought it up with 1freehosting. Their support ticket took 7 days to be answered, and they closed my account for "Abuse" because I was "hosting IRC". Firstly, our site never had IRC "hosted" on it, we posted a link to an off-site website because it was part of our community. Secondly, there is no mention of IRC being an abuse of their ToS. I have read there TOS thoroughly and found nothing mentioning IRC. (You can check the ToS here- http://www.1freehosting.com/tos). Now, my community wonders when our site will be freed, but it looks like 1freehosting will just decide to delete our account. Thus, I may have to take legal action.

By Auburn Reviewer Country August 27 2013 Add Comment | Report Fake

John: Reviewer Country Hate to break it to you, but the TOS explicitly forbid "chat scripts" which should apply to IRC webchat clients. Still, getting the account suspended for posting a link is over the top and a good way to lose users. Apparently the hoster doesn't care...

just point of view rating

speed reliability bandwidth space software's... 1freehosting if not the best, is one of the best hosts globally, i have been using for weeks, i see not 1 problem, people must be just, their free offer is much better than what the other hosts offers for premium users!! some people install viral scripts and cause servers to stuck then after they ban them they start crying!!

By rami Reviewer Country July 19 2013 rami's website rami's email Add Comment | Report Fake

mohsen: Reviewer Country Are you from 1 free hosting

This hosting is unacceptable rating

Don't waste your time. Server speed is great,but uptime not. Server is down every 30 min. Support is poor.

By mex Reviewer Country June 23 2013 mex's website mex's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Suitable only for experienced users

I have been using 1freehosting.com for a couple of years and recently started to expand my use: I created 4 website accounts all under one master account. Every site had a website on it, installed via autoinstaller. After only a week I suddenly had to realize that all my 4 sites had been blocked and the accounts suspended. The reason: "Automatically generated website or malicious script / software was uploaded". The account in question had only a vanilla Wordpress installed to it. The blog only had a single non-infringing article on it. What was even worse was the fact that the other three accounts had been suspended even though those sites had nothing to do with what I think was merely a false positive from a shoddily written script. I contacted the support through the help desk (free). I explained the situation and requested an explanation what exactly the problem was.

By Mexxxi Reviewer Country May 29 2013 Mexxxi's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Mexxxi: Reviewer Country My site was blocked on a Thursday which I realized on a Friday. I immediately wrote a complaint and asked why my other accounts were taken hostage for no good reason. A day later I received a reply telling me that my account was unsuspended.

Mexxxi: Reviewer Country The message also implied that I had violated the TOS, but it consisted of automatic text blocks mostly, so I wasn't sure whether this was really the problem. Also, they had only re-instated the problematic account, but left the other three innocent accounts suspended.

Mexxxi: Reviewer Country In another reply I asked for a third time what the problem was and requested the other accounts to be unsuspended. On Monday I received the final reply telling me that full access had been restored, yet no explanation for the suspension was given despite me having had asked about it three times.

Mexxxi: Reviewer Country I had also asked why they just suspended unrelated accounts and why they wouldn't contact me before doing something so radical for a harmless empty site, but I wasn't given an explanation.

Mexxxi: Reviewer Country In the end, this hoster is a double edged sword. It offers lots for free, but eventually the service seems to be unreliable, especially with the support just ignoring important questions and still ending every reply with "If You still have any questions, please contact us again".

Mexxxi: Reviewer Country I'll continue to use it for now, but I have automatic backups for all my accounts that are created twice a day and uploaded to a different hoster in case they suspend me again for no reason. Then that'll be it for my relationship with this hoster.

Mexxxi: Reviewer Country Also, read the TOS. They're everything but fair and are written in a way that will allow them to shut you down for basically no reason ("You agree to not use the Service to upload, post, email, transmit or otherwise make available any Content that is [...] otherwise objectionable" <<< are you kidding me??) Be careful. You have been warned.

1freehosting - fishy rating

Hi guys, After I've worked a lot to build a website, they've suspended my account about the same day as the previous post here, May06. I've opened a ticket with them, and no answer until today, May 15 - which is 9 days!!... My advice: NEVER use 1freehosting, or do a daily backup of your site, as you may find one day you're site is LOST forever!!

By lucandre Reviewer Country May 15 2013 lucandre's website lucandre's email Add Comment | Report Fake

fu1fh rating

BEWARE! Do not touch them! My oldie had a site there using one of there sub domain names so i decided to join using my own domain name. After changing the server names nothing happened so i politely sent a ticket asking how long it would take for my site to show up. The next day my account was deleted and even worse my old mans was gone too! WTF 1fh?

By fu1fh Reviewer Country May 08 2013 fu1fh's website fu1fh's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Server Down

I don't know about the hosting is scam or not but recently server is down what to do ? http://www.megademon.com

By demon Reviewer Country April 24 2013 demon's website demon's email Add Comment | Report Fake

File Size Limit & Full Features

After I used the 1Freehosting as the hosts of my website, I didn't know how much is the file size limit that I can upload here. Some website review was says that 1Freehosting have a 100MB file size limit but when I trying to upload my files less than 100MB, it will be failed. Is that true that 1Freehosting is 100MB file size limit?

By FileSizeLimit Reviewer Country April 21 2013 FileSizeLimit's website FileSizeLimit's email Add Comment | Report Fake

So Good Use For 3 Weeks rating

I Use This Host For 3 Weeks Now and Its So Great..! The Monthly Bandwidth is High.! So No Need To Worried About! And It is Always Up.! It Never Down.! No Ads And Very Easy To Upload File ! (Upload Zip File using File Manager and Extract.!) :)

By Hruaitluanga Reviewer Country April 21 2013 Hruaitluanga's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Vladimir: Reviewer Country Have you post on the wrong host? Or do you work at this site of no good host?

Best host rating

-Offers 100000 mb bandwidth per month that is unmetered, ie there is no max gigbits per second. -Offers 10000 mb storage which is plenty for my forum -Cpanel leaves something to be desired, and the ssh console is limited for free customer(ie, there is no way to generate a top report when inquiring about server load.) -FAQ page is limited -Getting to the Cpanel can be difficult -Server load on some servers can get over 4.85 at times i have noticed, but on other servers the load has never exceeded .02 -paid plans are reasonably priced and offer server loads less than .50. my referral code: http://api.1freehosting.com/redir/2618665

By POD Reviewer Country April 03 2013 POD's website POD's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Worst host rating

This host is a SCAM. dont ever use it. The support is zero. they will take down your website wintin a matter of months. they even, sometimess ask for your passwords ans etc.

By Lado Reviewer Country March 25 2013 Lado's website Lado's email Add Comment | Report Fake

POD: Reviewer Country they took your websites down for pornography and the amount of annoying ads you serve. I'm pretty sure you need to learn the terms of service better. my site doesn't serve pornography or ads and im just fine. liars like you are just mad that they won't let you get rich off of their backs. PEACE

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