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General Features
Website: 1freehosting.com
Alexa Rank 154490
Recent Rating (rating based on recent reviews) 3.3
Space: 10,000 MB
Monthly Bandwidth: 100,000 MB
File Size Limit: 100 MB
Forced Ads: No
Free Account Technologies:
FTP: Yes
PHP: Yes
MS Access: Yes
Free Account Email Features
POP3: Yes
Web Mail: Yes

1freehosting Rating

4.0/10 (57 reviews)

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Additional Features

  • No Ads;
  • No contracts;
  • No forum posting;
  • With PHP
  • MySql
  • Free website builder and templates
  • FTP
  • CPanel
  • Nice subdomain names

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It feels like im being scammed. rating

My site has not been up since I created a week ago. There has been extremely poor service on the help desk. The help guy asks for my isp information, so I give it and hear nothing from them again. Its like they just wanted my information. Is this site just for phishing? Im starting to think so. SCAM senses tingling. Peace.

By Jeff Reviewer Country March 04 2013 Jeff's email Add Comment | Report Fake

anonymous rating

The site is shit...every two days my site is down...-10 out of 10

By anonymous Reviewer Country January 31 2013 Add Comment | Report Fake

jake: Reviewer Country i use it and its amazing, yea sure mine went down a day later but it went up and has never crashed since! its a great host, what planet are you from?

This site is a joke rating

Their own FTP access is terrible, so they close access to it. Using other FTP clients ruin your site. This site is a joke, don't use it. Support is terrible, and the only positive is the server speed. Support is unacceptable and they always want you to buy something.

By Ed Reviewer Country December 23 2012 Add Comment | Report Fake

good rating

It is really good, goooooooooooooooooood

By hl Reviewer Country November 16 2012 hl's email Add Comment | Report Fake

johnny: Reviewer Country nice post

Unacceptable rating

I chose this host after reading a lot of reviews only to find my site suspended. I would have to second the comment below. They definitely will hostage your account as soon as you get good traffic. Unacceptable and is certainly not a good host to choose.

By BigMike Reviewer Country September 18 2012 Add Comment | Report Fake

BigMike: Reviewer Country Please you have to 110% stay away from this hosting company. They suspended my account unreasonably and locked it. Damn if I had known. The only way for me to access it again is to pay for their support. Unbelievable!

John: Reviewer Country I find www.2freehosting.com better than these

A wolf in a sheep's skin rating

I understand why people comment good on this hosting, why? Bec, theyre just starters, I know how it feels when youre just starting to host ur site to a good free host. Yep! Your first impression to 1freehosting is good. No downtime. But then 1 day, they will suspend for a common users reason. The "6000 FTP logins". They will blocked you from your files. Or Hostage your file. The Ransom is $4.99. Pay or No gain. 1freehosting.com is good for few months. But 1 day, they will hostage your files. They will make people like hogs, after feeding you, they will eat you. Sorry for my english.

By Jack Reviewer Country July 28 2012 Add Comment | Report Fake

Rune: Reviewer Country mhm... When i startet a lot of things didn't work... Like the support. But: The webhosting is free, and works. If they're going to "hostage" ur files... So Back the files up cries... But still.. its not Okay and i'm living in Denmark. and if you're doing that in this country.. i'll think you're breaking alot of laws.

stupidboy: Reviewer Country 1freehosting is a trap! It suspended my account in only 1 minute ago! The reason it gave is "detected 6000 FTP logins...". I want to ask it! How can I make 6000 FTP???? There is no backup of my website!! What can I do? Just look the cruel words?

Awesome! rating

This webhost is awesome. Totally Free! Server has never been down and is super fast. All the great features of cpanel included. They never ask you to upgrade... There is a donate button inside the panel, which I did, and plan to do regularly. They offer subdomain names, and the ability to add your own domain name... all unlimited! I have nothing to complain about...

By chuck Reviewer Country July 24 2012 Add Comment | Report Fake

Suspended on 6000 ftp logins rating

They suspend me becoz of that. The support require payment. Emailing them wont help.

By Jah Reviewer Country July 10 2012 Add Comment | Report Fake

KONTOL: Reviewer Country i love 1freehosting.com

Good free hoster, though not the best rating

Their ad: "Free website and hosting features overview.We are the ONLY professional FREE hosting company that offers all these features without any costs Price or any hidden costs? Free! Help Center & Support Knowledge Base & FAQ" The KB doesn't exist and the FAQ only covers the most basic (=noobish) questions.Using the Help Desk costs $5 each time.Prepare to dish out $5 when requesting one of their advertised weekly backups or after having been hacked Been there a few days and already experienced a short down time (few mins, still ok) Update cycles are abysmal. Most autoinstaller packages saw new releases 3-4 months ago, leaving users for months with already fixed vulnerabilities OK hoster if you're knowledgeable enough to fix your own problems & willing to invest some time to even out the short comings. Cpanel-based freehosters are a dime a dozen nowadays,though. Newbies should choose a freehoster with a support forum

By Mexxi Reviewer Country June 13 2012 Add Comment | Report Fake

Pay $$ for ANY Support rating

Although their help desk page lists the price of submitting a support request as $4 you will see that you are actually being charged $4.99 when you get to PayPal. Also, the system does not forward a copy of your support request to your email account. In my case I was billed for the support request but it never showed up as an open (or closed) ticket. Sending emails to their contact address gets no response and I feel it would be stupid to drop another $4.99 to send another support request which may also not make it into the system. The help desk page also recommends checking out the Knowledge Base first. Good luck finding a Knowledge Base (there is a Faq page but it contains very little information).

By Ben Reviewer Country June 06 2012 Add Comment | Report Fake


They are very good, except for two things: first thing, you have to pay for support, which is unacceptable, and that is not advertized - which is even worse; second, they don't accept Uni.me, Cu.cc and other free domains....and all their nameservers are on Co.cc BlockList.

By Lucien Reviewer Country June 04 2012 Add Comment | Report Fake

It's good. rating

For the people who complain that the subdomain isn't even working, it takes a while, a good half hour does it most of the time. Before that you have to access it using "www." I like this service, 100Gib a month of bandwidth, 10gigs of hard disk space, server uptime is perfect. The speed is superb. I agree the support sucks. You have to pay $5 for a question though. :/ All in All it's a great hosting service, almost nothing like it(meaning getting as much as you do for free) I say 4/5.

By Forest Reviewer Country May 20 2012 Add Comment | Report Fake

complete garbage rating

I was asked to pay an invoice for a premium service. I paid the invoice as offered but the system didn?t acknowledge it. I tried to contact costumer services or to open a ticket an what i?ve got? another invoice to pay so i could open the ticket. Complete garbage... you pay, pay and pay again... the free subdomain on their free domains isn?t working. Garbage. A waste of my time.

By gilberto Reviewer Country April 03 2012 Add Comment | Report Fake

you have to pay for support rating

if you need help or if you have problem with your hosting account and you try to send a support ticket they will ask you to pay $1.99 per support ticket, this sucks.

By MAD Reviewer Country March 20 2012 Add Comment | Report Fake

POOR rating

poor support! paid for premium support ticket and still waiting for a reply?!

By aphrodite Reviewer Country March 17 2012 Add Comment | Report Fake

Excellent rating

I have a few website, with this hosting and they work perfectly! good one! recommended!

By camilo Reviewer Country January 10 2012 Add Comment | Report Fake

samm: Reviewer Country Have you ever had to use their support, as my site has got suspended due to mass email but I cant get hold of them to sort it out

Excellent free service! rating

I was paying GoDaddy for years of hosting on several sites I own. I changed my domain nameservers at GoDaddy to point to my new host,(1freehosting)and I am not disappointed at all! Easy interface to figure out. I use Wordpress, which I had all my old databases backed up via email. I was able to go into the cpanel and then myadmin and import my wordpress backup files. I have been using 1freehosting for 6 months now and I have NEVER seen down time! I am shocked some people on here are bitching about them....

By Amy Reviewer Country January 06 2012 Amy's website Amy's email Add Comment | Report Fake

not working rating

not allow me to create account it gives me error something like server problem and etc....

By Pritesh Reviewer Country November 16 2011 Pritesh's email Add Comment | Report Fake

ryan: Reviewer Country is there any way we can create an account on 1freehosting.com if we are from a blocked country??

Y2kX: Reviewer Country it works well for me. don't make bad reviews without doing it correctly. if you can't register that's because you are a noob.

admin: Reviewer Country Yes 1freehosting it works but you have to be patient it can take up 12,24 to 48 hr to the server can read everything

FROGWITT: Reviewer Country Tells me, can't find the server. I have to close my browser open up again and restore previous to get a page open. The site tells I am full...I only have 27mb out of the 1Gb I am supposed to have. It is bad.

They didn't tell this

It is really good, the only con is that if the file exceeds the 25MB, the download will cancel automatically. they should say it in the terms of service :)

By Emiliano Reviewer Country October 31 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

I don't know what is happening! rating

I installed phpbb on my website,but it kept telling me that the version is outdated.So I installed the newest version.Tomorrow morning,I tried to get on my site but I couldn't ,so I wantrd to see what is happening with their site but it told me that "This Account Has Been Suspended. Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible.".Now I can use ftp and my site,but still can't get into the website,and they suspended my acc for no reason!

By wtfzor Reviewer Country July 07 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

samm: Reviewer Country Did you ever get this unsuspended?

down rating

My site has been down there for a few days without any kind of notice. Unreliable!

By down Reviewer Country June 23 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

Great Free Hosting rating

This is the best freehosting site out there! All of the recent downtime experienced was because of them doing server upgrades. With 10 gigs of space, 100 gigs of bandwith, AND ftp access? You just can't beat it!

By James Reviewer Country June 23 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

FROGWITT: Reviewer Country Tells me, can't find the server. I have to close my browser open up again and restore previous to get a page open. The site tells I am full...I only have 27mb out of the 1Gb I am supposed to have. It is bad.

Nice rating

Ok, i'll share my opinion, i'm on 1Freehosting already for 4 months, everything is under BEST line! Free support, hosting and server are best i ever found around internet, i don't know maybe others post here fake bad comments, but this company is best of the best. They even correct my own CMS code for me that is not related to hosting problem, this is better than paid. Good luck.

By Tommito Reviewer Country May 17 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

I like it, excelent. rating

I like this free hosting provider, because of free hosting withou any costs, no ads and top features ever seen on free hosting. Free help included too. Try it, it's worth!

By Chin Reviewer Country May 11 2011 Chin's website Add Comment | Report Fake

Super! rating

This free hosting is my best choice! Do not lie, everything working amazingly, this is top free hosting with amazing variety subdomain choose i ever seen! I've just created 3 sudomais and enjoy cPanel without any costs.

By Arthur Reviewer Country May 10 2011 Arthur's website Add Comment | Report Fake

fu1fh: Reviewer Country BEWARE! Do not touch them! My oldie had a site there using one of there sub domain names so i decided to join using my own domain name. After changing the server names nothing happened so i politely sent a ticket asking how long it would take for my site to show up. The next day my account was deleted and even worse my old mans was gone too! WTF 1fh?

Urgent: Greatest free hosting!!! rating

Ok, this is most advanced and user friedly free host ever used. I think some paid hosting companies should learn from that free hosting services, because they offer free hosting better than other sell! Excelent service, fast free support, no ads and tons of great free features! Nothing more to say - leader!

By FreeHost Reviewer Country May 08 2011 FreeHost's website Add Comment | Report Fake

subdomain: Reviewer Country hi. first of all I want to say thank you for your free hosting and I am really grateful. however I have a problem about subdomains. It gives me ''Internal Server Error'' when I open it. Please tell me what to do. My domain is everything.ge thanks and thanks again!

Freehosting by 1FreeHosting.com rating

Great service with no ads and costs, just pure freehosting even support are free, this just great. Cpanel are amazing, all free hosting absolutely flexible as paid at other companies! Absolutely recommended!

By Freehosting Reviewer Country May 06 2011 Freehosting's website Freehosting's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Newbie: Reviewer Country I'm confusing how they can make free service without ads?

OIT: Reviewer Country This is very good hosting engnie and we host our FTP Server on this website.

Mark: Reviewer Country I had bad times with them, so I transferred to just4free.co and so far so good

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