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General Features
Website: tripod.lycos.com
Alexa Rank 2862
Recent Rating (rating based on recent reviews) 3.9
Space: 20 MB
Monthly Bandwidth: 1,000 MB
File Size Limit: No Limit
Forced Ads: Yes
Free Account Technologies:
FTP: Yes
SSI: Yes
CGI: Yes
MS Access: No
Free Account Email Features
POP3: No
Web Mail: No

Tripod Rating

3.9/10 (8 reviews)

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Additional Features

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0 service rating

Tripod sometimes has problems and when this happens, there is no way to find out whats going on because customer service is non-existant....very frustrating! At this time, my web pages are screwed up (many other sites also) and the problem is clearly on tripod's end. What are they doing to solve this problem? Well, when you file a ticket, they just loop you back to login all the time and if you do find a way to file it, they will mark solved on it when it is NOT TRUE! Extremely frustrating!!!!! I have been very patient with them but now, I am seriously thinking about taking my business elsewhere!

By larryboy Reviewer Country July 19 2017 larryboy's website larryboy's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Tripod-Lycos is a quality website rating

I've been hosting my cartoon character, Dee Zaster, on the Tripod website since 2000. During this period I've found the organization to be courteous, the Server is quite fast and very reliable. The amount of free space is small, but you can become a paid member for more space without banners. Just about all websites that are free have banner ads, but Tripod's doesn't really interfere with your website. I give the site a B+.

By StevenMcCormick Reviewer Country October 31 2014 StevenMcCormick's website StevenMcCormick's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Muthuswamy: Reviewer Country Recently (2019) the ads in free web sites of Tripod cover the whole page and sometimes flagged as containing virus by AVG anti virus program. For every link in the same site a new pop comes and some times it is difficult to close the pop up

Tripod sucks rating

I had tripod as my 2nd host back in the day before geocities closed. I hated those big banner adds across Tripod's pages. You cannot do a php code, and the ads cover up most of your banners, and site content. They can never be removed. If where you, go to 000webhost. Free hosting with NO ADS, I had them for years for my sites. I love 000webhost. They support php ^_^

By Jill Reviewer Country March 24 2014 Jill's website Jill's email Add Comment | Report Fake

20MB?!?! Can't have. wp site rating

90% of nowadays sites are managed with Wordpress, who weights more than 7MB on its basic installaton and comes to 10-15MB with plugins....no way a user who has some content and media can host a site on a server who only gives you 20MB. It'jus not realistic.

By Sasha Reviewer Country February 23 2013 Sasha's email Add Comment | Report Fake

DON'T DO IT! rating

this site builder is ok but if you want to make your own template out of the question. I you want to talk to a live person, out of the question! Have trouble accessing your account to edit? you are stuck! I built a website using tripod lycos a bout 18 months ago. Everytime I try to edit my user name and password aren't recognized! I am so sick of them taking the money every 3 months per the option plan picked and not being able to update the site! USE YAHOO SITE BUILDER! YOU HAVE TOTAL CONTROL OF WHEN AND WHERE YOU NEED TO EDIT.

By SUE Reviewer Country February 04 2010 SUE's email Add Comment | Report Fake

sucks rating


By gigibigi3 Reviewer Country September 26 2007 Add Comment | Report Fake

Excelent rating

I have been hosting my site there for almost 2 years now, no complains, great!

By andre Reviewer Country February 13 2007 Add Comment | Report Fake

Mediocre rating

This service has some great services but also some other disadvantages thats why i gave it 6 rating

By billy Reviewer Country February 13 2007 Add Comment | Report Fake

StevemMcCormick: Reviewer Country I've been hosting my cartoon character Dee Zaster on Tripod since 2000. The organization is very courteous, the website it well managed and the Server is quite fast. I'm quite pleased with them.

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