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General Features
Website: freewebs.com
Alexa Rank 2627
Recent Rating (rating based on recent reviews) 5.9
Space: 40 MB
Monthly Bandwidth: 500 MB
File Size Limit: 1 MB
Forced Ads: No
Free Account Technologies:
SSI: Yes
MS Access: No
Free Account Email Features
POP3: No
Web Mail: No

Freewebs Rating

5.9/10 (13 reviews)

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Additional Features

  • Maximum 100 files

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To be honest I do not expect to much for free, but freewebs don't allocate quite enough resources for us to be happy. Now, if they upped it all a little bit...........

By Gray Reviewer Country September 30 2012 Add Comment | Report Fake

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Not too bad rating

I've been aware of these for years. They're a good host who want to help, but like everyone, they do have to try and cover costs. Overall, they are very good.

By Kim Reviewer Country September 30 2012 Add Comment | Report Fake

Unexistant space rating

Who on earth can work with 40MB space? Wordpress alone takes about 10MB. Not worthy by a long shot.

By Ana Reviewer Country September 14 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

like rating

I like that host very much!!!! A+++

By petrus Reviewer Country June 13 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

Free ok, dont pay rating

For free its okay, for a paid service not the best, far from it.

By Liz Reviewer Country December 30 2008 Add Comment | Report Fake

Bad customer services rating

I obtained a website from freewebs.com which I only wanted for one year. But they have been renewing it and taking money from my account without my permission. I keep writing to tell them to close the account but nobody replies. So becareful before you deal with them.

By nano Reviewer Country April 16 2008 Add Comment | Report Fake

very good and im very impress rating

i just signed up with freewebs and i have to pay the cheapest one available, because i hate ads and i really love it. It works well, it uploads photo fast. I do not see any problem with it.

By joy Reviewer Country February 13 2008 Add Comment | Report Fake

Bang for Your Buck rating

I started using FreeWebs about two years ago. I was a free user for about eight months. It's not the greatest service for a free website, but It's still in the top five. For free you get: 20 pages, 40MB storage, 500MB monthly bandwidth, blog, forum, small ads, banner ad at top, don't make a new one), 1.15MB file limit (or it loads INCREDIBLY SLOWLY). BUT let me tell you. For $20 per year, you get all that plus unlimited pages, unlimited files, no ads anywhere, a domain name for one year, and DNS hosting. They did recently raise their prices, but you can still buy just a domain name from then, and you get all that other stuff for free. It's cheaper than getting a domain from GoDaddy.com for $5, because to register it with freewebs costs another $15 plus tax. They have the easiest, best-looking builder than anything else I've ever seen. But you can still use them even if you do write your own HTML. They have a feature where you can insert HTML code into a paragraph.

By Adam Reviewer Country October 06 2007 Adam's website Adam's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Not good rating

Maybe easy for the beginner but for something more serious this host is severely limited.

By tom Reviewer Country September 08 2007 Add Comment | Report Fake

Very good! rating

I love freewebs! I have used it for a very long time now and it's absolutely brilliant for begginers. I started off with wanting to try anything so I chose the most stupid name I could think of (blablablablabl). After a while I realised how good freewebs was and actually regreted that name ;-)... Anyway, the point is: I recommend it to anyone at any age! It's easy and fast!

By Miriam Reviewer Country September 03 2007 Miriam's website Miriam's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Good rating

I began with this webhost few years ago. It doesnt offer much, but its at least good for the begginer.

By vass Reviewer Country April 13 2007 vass's website Add Comment | Report Fake

Mediocre rating

This service has some great services but also some other disadvantages thats why i gave it 6 rating

By tomma Reviewer Country February 13 2007 Add Comment | Report Fake

Very recommended! rating

Great site, i had no problems at all so far, all my sites work perfectly!!!!

By billy Reviewer Country February 13 2007 Add Comment | Report Fake

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