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Website: webhostforasp.net
Alexa Rank 294626
Recent Rating (rating based on recent reviews) 5.2
Space: 15 MB
Monthly Bandwidth: 2,000 MB
File Size Limit: 1 MB
Forced Ads: No
Free Account Technologies:
ASP: Yes
CGI: Yes
PHP: Yes
MS Access: No
Free Account Email Features
POP3: No
Web Mail: No

Webhostforasp Rating

5.2/10 (19 reviews)

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beware rating

We were looking for cheap hosting company, but at the end it cost us a lot of money after our site was down for few hours because they changed something in the server's route without notify us and after few days the site was down for another 3 days !!! even their site was down for few hours. We contact them numerous times but every time they wrote something else. In the beginning they wrote that they are fixing the problem by reset the server, than they wrote we need to change the ip address, after that they wrote the problem is with us than they wrote we need to wait for an update that will take place in few hours. Nothing happen and we lost thousands of dollars, so we left to another company. We are now paying 3 times more but it is worth it.

By Yossi Reviewer Country November 27 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

Please Don't Go Here rating

They never actually set up my website url correctly. If they don't understand your support question or complaint, they email you that everything works fine and put the request on hold and then close it a day later. They don't have any phone support. And you can't even email them back, its a noreply address. You have to log in and update the ticket with your response.... and get assigned yet another person. The applicationS they make you use a full of bugs and don't actually work, and their "knowledge base is useless. Please, please use another host than webhostforasp.net!

By Halimah Reviewer Country July 31 2010 Add Comment | Report Fake

Not reliable rating

Hi. I have paid for commercial webhosting with sharepoint... And... I am not satisfied. It is cheap, but it has a lot of outages. Their support is fast, but funny. I do not believe that there is any real tech support. They do not monitor services, they remove logs, ... Something, what is unacceptable in commercial webhosting. And I do not believe, that their free hosting is better.

By GdoAsi Reviewer Country May 02 2010 Add Comment | Report Fake

don't like the service rating

I just registered a domain and tried to host it. it's 3 days, I still waiting. I tried live chat. the guy sent "... what can i help you.." then dispear. just wasted time. I lauched second then waiting there. no body answer my question. there is no phone service. only fax number provided.

By jason Reviewer Country October 06 2009 Add Comment | Report Fake

services mood rating

easy installation, a lot of cms choices, good services, good support, smart, I use their services for almost 2 years, I see they are gradually improving.

By Yong Reviewer Country September 18 2009 Add Comment | Report Fake

President rating

I host about 31 websites with this company and find that I waste more time with support tickets for them about poor server speed... low uptime levels (around 80%) and contant DNS issues. They have no phone number for urgent issues. This company is definitely NOT worth it!

By Bill Reviewer Country April 08 2009 Add Comment | Report Fake

Billing scam rating

Beware of these guys - they are a bunch of thieving crooks. I set up hosting and DNS with them using payment by credit card. Three month into the yearly hosting contract they decided out of the blue to charge me for another year. I never authorized the transaction and never authorized for any sort of automatically renewal - they just helped themselves to my money. After complaining they shut down my account - with 9 months of service that I have already pre-paid for, plus the extra year they decided to add on. Don?t let yourself be at the mercy of these guys.

By MalcolmSwaine Reviewer Country February 28 2009 MalcolmSwaine's website MalcolmSwaine's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Good rating

I have no complaints. Process went smoothly.

By DarlaLaRose Reviewer Country January 10 2009 Add Comment | Report Fake

nothing special rating

I have used their services before and I could say that it is just an average host nothing special

By Randy Reviewer Country August 06 2008 Add Comment | Report Fake

absolutely the best. rating

great hosting service and their customer support is absolutely the best. They have the largest selection of components that I've seen at any hosting company. Their prices are reasonable and the uptime is excellent. I have been very satisifed with every aspect of dealing with webhostforasp

By JonathanKurt Reviewer Country July 15 2008 Add Comment | Report Fake

good tech support rating

have using thier service for the past 1 year. In my experience of their technical support, they are really good in to this, they can solve my issue within an hour. For their uptime guarantee and reliability was great, for the past year i have not..

By bobjohson Reviewer Country July 15 2008 Add Comment | Report Fake

reliable .net hosting

i host my DNN with them starting from version 3.2 they even help me upgrade to the latest version very good recommended hosting Thanks Andrew for helping me

By mannyThames Reviewer Country July 08 2008 mannyThames's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Not Free

This web-host is NOT free (Except for a 4 month free trial-period I saw....)

By Reelix Reviewer Country April 29 2008 Reelix's website Reelix's email Add Comment | Report Fake

not free rating

I checked their site, but didn't find a free hosting plan...

By me Reviewer Country January 25 2008 Add Comment | Report Fake

Good Sharepoint hosting rating

My company needs a sharepoint hosting for collaboration purposes. and I start looking for a host that suppor that 8 months ago Untill now i am still with webhostforasp.net they even upgrade my Sharepoint 2 to 3 Cheer Buddy

By Mourning Reviewer Country January 21 2008 Add Comment | Report Fake

Webhostforasp Best DNN hosting rating

I host my dNN site with them from DNN3 they help me upgrade untill DNN 4.8 flawless Thanks, Jones ==> my favourite support guy, hope you read this.

By JakeKyall Reviewer Country January 21 2008 JakeKyall's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Best Web Hosting rating

They have very fast servers, they support everything i need to host my site, i love this service!

By Kurt Reviewer Country August 01 2007 Kurt's email Add Comment | Report Fake

bad rating

Bad support, server is always down, rude admins, i hate this webhosting service!

By Curtis Reviewer Country February 13 2007 Add Comment | Report Fake

Excelent rating

I have been hosting my site there for almost 2 years now, no complains, great!

By andre Reviewer Country February 13 2007 Add Comment | Report Fake

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