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General Features
Website: awardspace.com
Alexa Rank 10198
Recent Rating (rating based on recent reviews) 5.8
Space: 250 MB
Monthly Bandwidth: 5,000 MB
File Size Limit: 500 KB
Forced Ads: No
Free Account Technologies:
FTP: Yes
SSI: Yes
CGI: Yes
PHP: Yes
MS Access: No
Free Account Email Features
POP3: Yes
Web Mail: Yes

Awardspace Rating

7.7/10 (175 reviews)

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Additional Features

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Not satisfied

Installed wordpress, chose a template, didn't even finish editing the homepage within 5 days and already reached max 5 gig of outbound local traffic. Scam site just wants you to upgrade to a paid plan.

By Tor Reviewer Country February 21 2023 Add Comment | Report Fake


awardspace black friday sale 2017 is live now and you can grab the maximum discounts on it only today. If you are planning to a strong server for your website irrespective of average cost, you can opt for this

By Jeffrey Reviewer Country November 21 2017 Jeffrey's website Jeffrey's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Good rating

I have no complaints. Process went smoothly.

By Rose Reviewer Country October 31 2016 Add Comment | Report Fake

Poor Service rating

I signed up and have done a great deal of work on the site. Then I hit the 5GB limit. I think they are counting more than reality. I know how much I have uploaded and downloaded and it looks to me the count is double the real amount. So my account was blocked. They offer a $2 per year plan for the first year. So I took it, paid, and waited, and waited. 48 hours later I wrote to their support. Then I got a message that they don't offer that plan to my geographic area, gave me a refund, and said I violated their TOS and deleted my account! I lost all the work I have done, well, if I have not done a download of all the data before. And that is exactly how I knew they overcount my traffic. My whole download was 200MB, and I saw the increase in counted traffic by more than 400MB.

By Victor Reviewer Country February 18 2016 Victor's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Award should not be apart of their name! rating

While building the website, it was shut down when I was almost completed because it had too much traffic! No Cpanel access and no access to my file manager unless I purchased more. Great concept! Kidnap my files and ask for more money! &*(*(^%$$###^^

By Leeann Reviewer Country September 24 2015 Leeann's website Leeann's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Andrew: Reviewer Country With the free plan we offer 5GB of monthly traffic and the account in question was suspended for exceeding this limit with 2GB (total of 7GB used). Access to the files also consumes traffic, so that is the reason access was suspended temporarily, until the beginning of the next month.

Very happy customer! rating

I am a website designer and I've been using Awardspace for since around 2006-07 or so. I have been more than happy with the services offered by Awardspace. Support questions were ALWAYS answered within minutes and I've not experienced any serious down-times. The hosting control panel is great (even on slow connections), and their online file manager is even better with many options. I have recommended many people to use Awardspace and will continue to do so.

By Nyana Reviewer Country July 15 2014 Nyana's website Nyana's email Add Comment | Report Fake

The best hosting service i've used rating

Award space is a great hosting service and i've used it for 2 years now, their support team is the best i have seen in my life, the uptime is very good, the server speed is awesome, the only downside is the limit of mysql even after i upgraded.

By Manson Reviewer Country June 22 2014 Manson's website Manson's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Best hosting rating

I live in Georgia and our hostings are expensive and with bad features. I was looking for a very long time good web hosting in web and found awardspace.com. I am pleased with support. It's very fast informative. Uptime and perfomance are excellent too.

By Temuri Reviewer Country June 17 2014 Temuri's website Temuri's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Faultless hosting rating

I have been with them for a couple of years and I have nothing but praise for awardspace. They are hosting my simple php site without me paying them and they require no ads, they seldom suffer downtime (checked with pingability)what else do I want? I am happy with them and would recommend them to anyone. Granted, I don't open tickets, I have never tried to contact them either, but here's no need for me to do so.

By marco Reviewer Country May 14 2014 marco's website marco's email Add Comment | Report Fake

GloriaPerezMolina: Reviewer Country Yo he usado awardspace por varios a?os y nunca he tenido problemas ni con ellos ni con el sistema. Lo recomiendo. En un comienzo lo us? gratis y luego les compre otro plan. Lo recomiendo

It's All Good rating

Overall: I've been using AwardSpace for 2 years now. The UI is very nice and intuitive and you can customize it by moving widgets around to your liking. The Zacky installer works perfectly and I've used it to install several WP sites without a glitch. Server Speed: Before I renewed my hosting I wanted to know if the loading time was good so I downloaded app.telemetry Page Speed Monitor (a Firefox extension). I've done many tests and I can say that my pages load very quickly. Although I'm on shared hosting I'm on par with one of my favourite websites. I did the tests on pages containing similar content i.e. videos, text etc Server Uptime: I can't recall that my site has been down. So no troubles here. Support Service: The staff on support have always been very quick to reply. They give friendly and concise answers and they write perfect english. When there's an issue they can usually fix it quickly. Very competent people.

By Alex Reviewer Country May 06 2014 Alex's website Alex's email Add Comment | Report Fake


This is an excellent service. For the hosting package i own and in comparison to most hosting companies with the seem average price, Awardspace defenitely win. Good continuation and which to offer better and better service.

By Abdellatif Reviewer Country May 06 2014 Abdellatif's website Abdellatif's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Satisfied rating

All of service we have satisfied. Uploading the sources is fast same as access to web site. There are many features for manage website which very friendly and easy.

By Thatree Reviewer Country April 24 2014 Thatree's website Thatree's email Add Comment | Report Fake

outrageous to call it a serious hosting rating

After 2 years, 27 domains registered or transferred more than 50 open tickets and uptime that is unacceptable .... finally we go! Two years were terrible, from the technical point of view, a lot of problems with e-mail, sites down one day, and another one as well ... But the best is the slogan "unlimited everything!" Good joke, for there is unlimited only 20% of the power of space. Nice space if you have 1 singular static html website; Do not buy here!!

By Fabio Reviewer Country April 02 2014 Fabio's website Fabio's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Andrew: Reviewer Country We indeed had some problems with the servers throughout the years, but we were always trying to notify you and give you on point explanations. There were 63 tickets opened by you, while just 6 are for downtime, sometimes on scheduled server maintenance, where we strictly informed all affected accounts 1 week earlier.

Andrew: Reviewer Country We also need to mention that you left our service, because you were banned due to almost 2 months of server abuse. This server abuse actually resulted in multiple server timeouts during this period.

Andrew: Reviewer Country We didn't disable your account, despite the fact you breached our service, because we believe bad things can happen to anyone. Unfortunately when the same problem rises constantly for 2 months, we cannot tolerate that.

Andrew: Reviewer Country We tried assisting you with your website issues as much as we could, but unfortunately the regular management of softwares and plug-ins of your websites is not part of the service included in the hosting package, at least for now.

Richie: Reviewer Country We wish you good luck with your next hosting provider and hopefully they will be able to meet your expectations

Good host:) rating

These guys are pretty good at everything! Enjoying so far:)

By nova Reviewer Country March 30 2014 nova's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Really Pleased rating

Have been using awardspace now since the start of my company and i'm really pleased with the service provided, the servers are 99.9% of the time and i cant complain. The servers can be a little slow sometimes but thats to be expected in a smaller company so It's something I can live with. All my clients are happy with the service and we will continue to use as we expand. Thanks 5*****

By OricleDesigns Reviewer Country March 27 2014 OricleDesigns's website OricleDesigns's email Add Comment | Report Fake

My name as a domain- free! rating

With a little searching I found an extension which has my name available, and free accounts! They have just updated the file manager and it's really great now! Only not so many hits per month are allowed, but that is fine for a small personal website. :-/

By Kentos Reviewer Country March 24 2014 Kentos's website Kentos's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Excellent service rating

I have used both free and paid. There service is topnotch, they do have ocasional downtime but they do get everything up and running pretty quick. I will definately recomend them for both free and paid, I converted over to paid service,. I do wish they would allow cache and other small details.

By Nelson Reviewer Country March 18 2014 Nelson's website Nelson's email Add Comment | Report Fake

one of the best Shared Hosting rating

I tried many Shared Host but awardspace is the best. Price good, support really amazing and response time is very good.

By Mahmoud Reviewer Country March 13 2014 Mahmoud's website Mahmoud's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Better the previous service rating

Amazing customer support.... I thought that I would wait a couple days to get a response but I was contacted almost immediately... Customer service reps were nice and not rude like most.

By KennethMendoza Reviewer Country March 01 2014 KennethMendoza's website KennethMendoza's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Supports like a friend rating

Have used Awardspace for a very short time now. Its been all good with them, From Server speed to uptime and their support is all wonderful. They support me just like my friend. I recommend Awardspace.

By Prajiro Reviewer Country February 21 2014 Prajiro's website Prajiro's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Recommended rating

I have a paid plan and I recommend it. Support service is excelent, all my questions were quickly solved. I have 2 domains there and I am building another 2 and one subdomain.

By RossanaFerreira Reviewer Country February 21 2014 RossanaFerreira's website RossanaFerreira's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Bad Host

The uptime is poor the support too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By John Reviewer Country December 11 2013 John's website John's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Vin: Reviewer Country We offer 1 h response time even on the free hosting. We do not have an account with email address [email protected]. Our support even persist 30 min and less on response time. This is the average resp. time for the last months. The review is fake.

Nelson: Reviewer Country I have to agree. They are very fast with email support and super friendly. The main reason i switched from free to pay infact

Free web hosting rating

Yes it is good free web hosting service provided by the awardspace company. As this company provides 24*7 hrs service. And it is a reliable & best company as compared to other Hosting company.

By Sanath Reviewer Country October 11 2013 Sanath's website Sanath's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Too much downtime rating

I don't know if they keep attention to their free hosting plans. I have a lot of downtime and sometimes cannot enter my account for days. This is very disturbing :(

By Tamiko Reviewer Country July 24 2013 Add Comment | Report Fake

Mahmoud: Reviewer Country the free hosting plan not good but the paid host is very good, just try it ;)

Always down

We have no complaints regarding the price of Awardspace. It's very affordable. However, the servers are frequently down. Once every 2-3 (sometimes daily) our site is down for an hour or two, which for a paid service provider, no matter how cheap, is very poor. Overall a 4 or 5 out of 10. Very affordable but the downtime really messes things up for us sometimes - theres only so many times we can apologize to the people that use our site

By Andrew Reviewer Country June 10 2013 Andrew's website Andrew's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Awardspace is great! rating

I am using the free edition for markasoftware.getenjoyment.net and it is great! I don't have much images or video, so the 250mb limit is fine. I have searched through several other free providers, but this one is the only one that met up to my needs. It is really great, and I am considering moving to the basic plan sooner or later.

By Mark Reviewer Country June 02 2012 Mark's website Add Comment | Report Fake

I really love awardspace rating

Awardspace is really a good hosting company. The best thing I like is their customer support. Read about why I enjoy their services here http://awardspacewebhosting.blogspot.com/

By Dennis Reviewer Country May 14 2012 Add Comment | Report Fake

100% Reliable Host rating

I am with AwardSpace for 3 years now. Great guys with great support. Started on a Free Plan then moved to basic paid plan. Last year I moved to a Web Pro plan due to the growth of my website and business. Thank you awardspace - you took part in our success.

By Richie Reviewer Country January 11 2012 Richie's website Richie's email Add Comment | Report Fake

sodikin: Reviewer Country like this

Must Use Registered Domain

From what I can see, this host looks like a very good one. It was easy to create an account, their automated signup/confirmation email came fast, and they seem to have all the basic tools anyone with moderate intelligence can learn to use to set up a free website. However, I must clarify that I closed the account before even using it. Why? Because I could not upload my website files without already having a registered domain set up. Ordinarily, this wouldn't be a problem, especially considering how inexpensive domains are. But, for reasons I won't get into, I don't want to have a registered domain for this particular site. I thought AwardSpace would, by default, have a domain for my site, such as http://mysite.awardspace.com or www.awardspace.com/mysite. But this isn't the case. In any event, if you want to set up a website, and you don't want to pay for an official domain, then look elsewhere. Otherwise, awardspace would probably be a good host.

By Tom Reviewer Country December 14 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

Richie: Reviewer Country AwardSpace offers Free Subdomains. Got to the Subdomain Section f your control panel. There you can register a free subdomain exactly like you mentioned it.

Lucien: Reviewer Country Subdomain option has been disable since like 2010 on Awardspace; in additions, they don't accept free domains like Tk, Cu.cc, Smartdots, etc., either.

Limit on outgoing Emails rating

I like AwardSpace.com generally, but there are a couple of things that bug me. 1) You are entitled only to 30 outgoing E-mails each month. I use them up in a few days and then I can't send any more E-mails till the first of the next month. 2) Loading of my site is very slow sometimes. And I have a very small site with small images. 3) Owners aren't flexible. They point out a lot that you have a free account and therefore are not eligible for other options. I felt like I am asking for a handout. Steven

By Steven Reviewer Country December 12 2011 Steven's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Alex: Reviewer Country Basically you are asking for a handout LOL

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