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General Features
Website: freehostingnoads.net
Alexa Rank 114379
Recent Rating (rating based on recent reviews) 3.8
Space: 2,000 MB
Monthly Bandwidth: 10,000 MB
File Size Limit: 2,000 MB
Forced Ads: No
Free Account Technologies:
FTP: Yes
PHP: Yes
MS Access: No
Free Account Email Features
POP3: Yes
Web Mail: Yes

Freehostingnoads Rating

6.1/10 (133 reviews)

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Additional Features

  • Free Script Installer (10 scripts)
  • Free Site Builder
  • Custom Control Panel
  • File Manager
  • Free Domain Hosting
  • Unlimited Accounts
  • No Forced Ads
  • Free short sub-domain (YourSite.T15.org)

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It's Heaven rating

Good is an understatement. This provider is superb. I moved an entire Joomla CMS with contents from my paying host elsewhere, and i did it all in one day. And never had any need to contact support. The free service has everything i need, enough to get started. I will surely buy the premium service once the site is heavily utilised. My only issue was that i tried to move an 26MByte zip file and the file manager (net ftp) would not let unzip saying there is a bug in the file manager itself. I got around this by uploaing the raw files individually, all 5000+ of them. It took several hours, i went to sleep, but file zilla and the ftp server kept going, very smooth, and i wake up to ajob completed. Now, that is what i call service ! Great stuff ! me unzip it,

By Android Reviewer Country November 18 2011 Android's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Proffesional and efficient rating

Created my web page: domain for free, hosting for free, support for free. Everything is very professional and efficient. The support responds very fast and fix the problems.

By Beatriz Reviewer Country November 14 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

AWESOME! rating

AMAZING and can't find free hosting this good anywhere else on the web!!!!!

By Jonathan Reviewer Country October 22 2011 Jonathan's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Stupid Web Host rating

This service promises a lot but never delivers. Its PHP backbone is so outdated that a good number of CMS will not load into it. The customer service needs to be a little more helpful and knowledgeable. Anyone who uses this for anything other than simple pages should go to another web hosting service.

By SYARebellion Reviewer Country October 19 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

Never upgrade your account rating

Servers are finally up but since then, I have been having tons of problems. I can\\\'t upload a single file on the FTP anymore (disk quota exceeded whereas I am not using 25% of the space). The only thing the helpdesk could tell me is to reload my account and upload everything again. I tried and nothing happened. I must add that I have PAID to have more space. I feel like I have been robbed. I am trying to get refunded and change host. NEVER EVER pay for their service!

By Mina Reviewer Country October 07 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

Richard: Reviewer Country stop being a prick, its a free service. rather than complaining about specs you should be thanking them for their awesome hosting!

Tiddles: Reviewer Country Thats right! So there!

freehosting no ads rating

good service for the price, hell its free! ummm had a few issues with management, but usually cleared up, lost my whole database once due to host suspend acct, sucked lost 1 year of data. i would recomend them thou, and i see alot of bashing in comments about down time, ive had this problem too, but realized its not really down, its a dns error... still havent figured it out, and i try to help them with providing stats. Auto installer needs updating, cart didnt work for me... plus they are old versions, need the newer stuff cause possible security risk.

By myk3 Reviewer Country October 07 2011 myk3's website Add Comment | Report Fake

Sweet rating

Even though I haven't been with these guys for very long, I love their services and they are one of the best free hosts out there. I wouldn't upgrade to their premium service, but I would definitely recommend these guys as a great, reliable free host. Also, the domain is short and sweet. (yoursite.t15.org) The only thing that annoys me is the code they put on the bottom of all my files.

By Josh Reviewer Country September 25 2011 Josh's website Add Comment | Report Fake

It's a good hosting. rating

All I can say is, It's a great hosting with excellent support service. Server speed is good, and server uptime as well.

By Josh Reviewer Country September 25 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

Hit and a Miss

I have 3 sites hosted with this provider. The 1st one was a test before I moved my whole blog over to it. Had problems with it. The help desk suggested to delete account & remake it. Ticket was answered within 24 hours. Second website is when I moved my blog over, because of good service. 3rd website was up. Then the website went down. It's been 4 days sinceI last put a ticket in. 3rd website is on the same server as 1st website. Very irritated about it, but my other two websites are running strong...so it's a hit and miss. Can't really complain too much considering it is a FREE web hosting provider. It still is irritating to actually find a good hosting provider, thinking about going paid, and this stuff happens. T_T

By Mia Reviewer Country September 25 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

Mia: Reviewer Country My 3rd site is up now. Woot!

Mia: Reviewer Country I would also like to add that I put in a ticket 6 days ago regarding Subdomains. It says on their front page that you have unlimited subdomains. (files.go-farm-yourself.com ; "files" being a subdomain) Yet, I only have two subdomains and it says "You cannot create any more subdoamins".

Site down much rating

I was fine on my site until 2 weeks. Now many problems with no web access.

By Jiri Reviewer Country September 17 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

Terrible Host - Unstable rating

This host is the most unstable web host I have ever used. In theory it seems to offer a nice array of features. In practice the servers are always going down for days or weeks at a time as they move datacenters, install new disks, reconfigure their server model, "upgrade" the server or database software, etc. etc. etc. It seems to be run by a bunch a kids who can't stop tinkering. It's also an incredibly huge site and seems to have reached the limit of manageability. For example, they've had a lot of problems with cPanel not being able to support the number of users they have.

By Yobisites Reviewer Country September 15 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

Worse ever! rating

The servers have down for several days and nothing happens. No responses to tickets, no information about what's going on their "News" page. I first thought it was a good host and upgraded my account just to see my website not working anymore 1 week after I have launched it. Unacceptable.

By P Reviewer Country September 14 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

13sty: Reviewer Country Same here. For first few days everything was just cool, but recent failure last much too long. And no support, no official info about the failure!

gob33: Reviewer Country Agree totaly. Since 2011/09/01 their server is down (t15.org). No response to tickets, nobody can tell you what happens, no forum. My site is out. Before that it was a good host provider. Consider that provider is closed.

Absoutely Brill rating

Can't complain and I'm thinking of signing up for the paid version.

By Hussain Reviewer Country August 23 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

Robbieh: Reviewer Country T15.org server been down now for a few days and no response to the ticket? Otherwise has been a good free web server and was looking to upgrade when site grew. Http://royalcornwallhospital.t15.org Robbie

Robbieh: Reviewer Country T15.org server been down now for a few days and no response to the ticket? Otherwise has been a good free web server and was looking to upgrade when site grew. Http://royalcornwallhospital.t15.org Robbie

Fine free hosting rating

At the free hosting providers maybe on the best , news and update keep you informed about maintenance so you know about service uptime and working , recommended for sure

By polik Reviewer Country August 16 2011 polik's website polik's email Add Comment | Report Fake

LOVE IT rating

I'm saving up to get a hosting but, i really like this one! its really good.. i am, however, afraid to run out of space.. but hey its FREE and NO ads!! i highly recommend it!

By Lex Reviewer Country August 07 2011 Lex's website Lex's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Rate rating

max file size 2mb for the free account. It's annoying I can't upload nay of my server file.

By User Reviewer Country August 05 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

Really Great Hosting rating

This host is really great compared to anothers, i dont have ads there, uptime is really great, space is great and enought for most of sites, their systems for hostings are really great, only little problem you can have in some countries is the speed, the account is activated really fast.

By samt Reviewer Country July 28 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake



By Erblin Reviewer Country July 27 2011 Erblin's website Add Comment | Report Fake

Good rating

This is one of my favorite free-hosting no ads at all very fast. Keep it up. http://ebayron.t15.org

By ej Reviewer Country July 21 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

BEST and FREE ! rating

Probably the (Only) Best and Dependable FREE Hosting Provider, with no "Strings" attached. With Generous Space, Bandwidth, Email, PHP, MySQL and a choice of Content Management Systems (CMS), FreeHostingNoAds.Net stands out in the free hosting. If we need a improved Database support (space and other options), we always have an option to upgrade (for a discount) with iPage.Com. Ever since I have moved my site (ePandit.com) to FreeHostingNoAds.Net, I didn't notice any downtime and the site loads pretty quick. I am planning to add some PHP scripting and will come back to provide my feedback soon. Happy FREE Hosting folks !.

By RaviSubba Reviewer Country July 18 2011 RaviSubba's website RaviSubba's email Add Comment | Report Fake


I read all review and I was confused but when they (service support)helped me I decide to write a review they helped me even I am a free user. A lot of scripts and I am using wordpress theme on it with some great plugins. visit my site to see example http://mindatwork.t15.org/blog/ or just http://mindatwork.co.cc they are 100% ads free. Thank You !

By Himanshu Reviewer Country July 10 2011 Himanshu's website Himanshu's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Himanshu: Reviewer Country I hope they will remain free and will not try any tricky way to get paid or earn. I will appreciate this hosting ! Please keep it free for us, we will surely try to upgrade !

Great free hosting rating

I have moved my site to freehostingnoads.net few days ago, and I can tell you that this service is the best free hosting I have seen. My project is very 'database hungry' and by now everything runs extremely fast. Script proccessing and connection speed are good aswell. Web space and bandwidth are more than enough, but adding some more bandwidth wouldn't hurt. I haven't seen my site down since moving nor have I made a ticket yet, so I can't judge uptime and support, but I hope they won't ruin my overall good impression. I found a little problem, maximum file size for importing table should be 50 MB, but in reality, it is limited by the php file size limit 8 MB. So is limited database import. I would like to see more upgrade options than just free or supporter plan, I suggest adding unlimited plan.

By Karol Reviewer Country July 09 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

RaviSubba: Reviewer Country Hi, If you want "Unlimited" Hosting, there's a link that takes you to iPage.com, offering "Unlimited" Hosting for just $4.50 / MO.

bad uptime rating

Their uptime is really bad! I have a site uptime of 75% for june!

By Guido Reviewer Country July 02 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

RaviSubba: Reviewer Country Hi Guido, Let's not forget the FACT that we are using a "free" hosting service. Even on "paid" hosting somewhere else, I have experienced similar (or probably more) down time(s).

ADS rating

I do have ADS on my page, while they same there are no ads.

By customer Reviewer Country July 02 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

Best Hosting rating

By far this hosting site has overcome major competitors like http://www.webs.com and http://www.110mb.com and etc... with it's amazing storage and bandwidth no one offers. The control panel is quick access and secure. They provide me with webmail and no ads plus databases and etc... Give this one more try, since it's the only "FREE" hosting site that gives 2gb storage and 10gb bandwidtth.

By Jacky Reviewer Country June 29 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

awesome rating

simply it has awesome speed. support service, server speed is excellent

By sld Reviewer Country June 27 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

One of the best providers I have seen rating

This is one of the best providers I have seen. We have got a chance to try before we buy. Very nice... I will soon upgrade to next level when my site grows. Their support is really very fast and server speed is very good. Only thing I see is that their website builder needs up gradation so that many applications can be integrated with one click than writing codes...

By LingaReddy Reviewer Country June 17 2011 LingaReddy's website LingaReddy's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Great free host I ever get rating

Yes,Its true.When I searching free hosting service,I got many services and tried and tired,but I don't remember how i find this,but I found the thing that I search.. and try,,yes of course its good...

By Pradeep Reviewer Country June 11 2011 Pradeep's website Add Comment | Report Fake


Fast access from Hong Kong! But sometimes the projectpier reports that the database cannot be connected...

By Law Reviewer Country May 27 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

Pradeep: Reviewer Country Yes its true.. great service I ever got. but sometime.it stuck and say cant access to the database..

a lot of problems at first sight rating

It is very strange to me, that I can use PHP with MS SQL. I have to pay license to use MS Sql for my web site :( sooo, this is everything, but not free. I like the bandwidth so u have the stars for it, but please use php with mysql and .net with ms sql... Other problem is that this is just a reseller and the third problem is --- this website is full of adds... I'LL NEVER USE SERVICE THAT MAKES MONEY FROM ADDS. GOODBYE!

By MikeHosting Reviewer Country May 24 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

freehostingnoads: Reviewer Country We do not offer MSSQL, we offer PHP with MySQL on unix servers, if you spend a min to read our site you will what we offer and what not

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