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General Features
Website: host-ed.net
Alexa Rank 117275
Recent Rating (rating based on recent reviews) 6.1
Space: 1,000 MB
Monthly Bandwidth: 10,000 MB
File Size Limit: 5 MB
Forced Ads: No
Free Account Technologies:
FTP: Yes
SSI: Yes
CGI: Yes
PHP: Yes
MS Access: No
Free Account Email Features
POP3: Yes
Web Mail: Yes

Host-ed Rating

6.1/10 (188 reviews)

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Additional Features

  • Statistics
  • One Click Scripts Installer
  • Cpanel 11

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A 5 star rated Web Host

Host-ed is simply the best free online solution for web hosting! It gives you a huge amount of space, 1 database slot, high speeds and high uptimes and everything is easy to configure and access with cPanel. The signup is simple, and the support team is 5* I'm very satisfied ^^

By Ngenhocas Reviewer Country July 26 2012 Ngenhocas's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Can't Find FTP Services

email me at [email protected] and tell me how to make an ftp account on their website because I can't find anywhere on this website (I have a free account) where I am able to make an ftp account.

By Christian Reviewer Country February 03 2012 Christian's email Add Comment | Report Fake

bayc: Reviewer Country open ftp on cp after click config and download filezilla configirasyon and open it with filezilla and connect. or if you use which ftp uploader download its configirasyon file.

My point of view rating

I always had problems with different hosting provider. Now when I am using host-ed I don?t have any problems because they provide good services and I don?t have any downtimes. It is great.

By jim Reviewer Country May 13 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

A new one ? a happy one rating

I have been using host-ed for maybe more than two months and the only thing I can say is that I really like this company. The time spent with them is going to show whether I am right or not but until now I am very satisfied with them.

By flo Reviewer Country May 03 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

Very good feedback rating

I never wait too long to receive an e-mail from them when I need some help. No matter what the problem is they always help me and then everything is alright.

By brolol Reviewer Country April 27 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

They won my trust rating

Host-ed has always been number one for me. The support team is very polite and well prepared; the packages they offer always provide me very good quality at best prices.

By Elio Reviewer Country April 19 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

A competitive hosting rating

The speed of the servers is very good; there are all necessary features for building a site and I the prices are competitive.

By don Reviewer Country April 09 2011 don's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Always give you a good advice rating

It is very impressive how the people from Host-ed do their job so great. They are always able to help you no matter what the problem is. At the beginning I was a little confused which plan to choose and when I called the center they helped me to choose the best for me.

By Tony Reviewer Country April 04 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

Down Over 50% Of The Time rating

Host-ed is a great host, they provide nice features, and have a great feedback system. My big complaint is that there hosting is VERY unreliable. About 50% of the time, my site is down, and that is just not expectable. I would stay clear of Host-ed until they can get there servers running smoothly

By Griffin Reviewer Country March 29 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

strange practices rating

i host there my wordpress but they stop all my plugins, the only way to run them is to upgradeall the time they push me to upgrade - is this free service or a way to squeeze me ... go find another free host

By bulen Reviewer Country March 25 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

I like Host-ed rating

I decided to host my site on Host-ed after reading all these reviews. And here I am now using their services more than 2 years. I cannot complain of almost anything ? the prices, the speed and the services at all.

By jolly Reviewer Country March 22 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

Great support center rating

I had some problems with the servers one week ago but after calling the support center they could cope with the problem very fast. I was really amazed with the well prepared staff.

By Rob Reviewer Country March 19 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

Good plans rating

I?m using Host-ed?s free hosting plan and I?m sooner or later I?m going to try their personal plan because I really like that company.

By ruddy Reviewer Country March 10 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

est-formation rating

est-formation espace scientifique et technique

By est Reviewer Country March 08 2011 est's email Add Comment | Report Fake



By Oscar Reviewer Country February 18 2011 Oscar's email Add Comment | Report Fake

At school rating

At our school we use host-ed free hosting plan for training purposes. There are no ads and students find it very easy to use. I'm thankful to companies like this which provide a functional service free of charge.

By alexMC Reviewer Country January 10 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

Three words rating

Three words ? speed, quality, price. Best offer on the market.

By gary Reviewer Country December 23 2010 gary's website Add Comment | Report Fake


I can't explain with words how grateful am I to host-ed for providing a no ads powerful free hosting plan. I can host whatever I want, it supports everything.

By hella Reviewer Country December 22 2010 Add Comment | Report Fake

Best Hosting. Best Prices. rating

This is totally the new hit in the web hosting industry. I have been using their free hosting plan for more than an year and know I bought a Virtual Private server and it's just so fast. On top of that it's the cheapest vps I know.

By Georgiou Reviewer Country December 18 2010 Add Comment | Report Fake

Good properties rating

Very good properties for hosting plan. Fast speed, reliable. I like very much. I am from Mexico and the speed is good. Prices good too.

By JaceK Reviewer Country December 14 2010 Add Comment | Report Fake

Average rating

not good not bad they removed my site bcause of high cpu usage...

By bomasi Reviewer Country December 07 2010 Add Comment | Report Fake

No scam fees and tricky terms

I get all the freedom I need with /host-ed.net. No scams and tricky terms that make you go crazy before you can cancel your hosting plan. Not that I need to. I get the best services with them.

By m Reviewer Country December 06 2010 Add Comment | Report Fake

Great for friends rating

We signed with some friends for a VPS and now we host a few websites there. Very small downtimes every now and then and in the end the overall quality is really good.

By sa6o Reviewer Country December 06 2010 Add Comment | Report Fake

Can't pick up a plan

I can't decide what is the best plan for myself. Truth is I like all the features and the prices are great. Maybe I should just buy 'em all.

By Jessie85 Reviewer Country December 03 2010 Add Comment | Report Fake

Cool guys

The guys from Host-ed.net are pretty cool. I asked them all these newbie questions because I am a newbie when it comes to hosting and I'm sure I was quite annoying but still they answered me in a timely fashion and very politely and professionally.

By newguy Reviewer Country December 01 2010 Add Comment | Report Fake

International speeds rating

I'm working in a Taiwanese company and my page loading is very fast. That means their data center is very fast and modern.

By thanaporn Reviewer Country December 01 2010 Add Comment | Report Fake

So far, so good... rating

I like Host-ed.net, I've tried over 10 hosting providers and they've been the best so far.

By auser Reviewer Country November 29 2010 Add Comment | Report Fake

Good support team rating

I can't help but notice how professional the sales team are. Unlike other companies' they helped me choose the best paid plan for me in less than 2 minutes.

By tishkata Reviewer Country November 29 2010 Add Comment | Report Fake

Good hosting, good prices rating

Host-ed's services are good enough for most of the sites that you might think of. The pricing is also good. I think I'll just stay with the company.

By virginia Reviewer Country November 26 2010 Add Comment | Report Fake

Free is good paid is great rating

The free hosting plan is very good and does not force annoying ads on your site. Now I am using a paid plan and I am even more satisfied.

By Lora Reviewer Country November 20 2010 Add Comment | Report Fake

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