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General Features
Website: x10hosting.com
Alexa Rank 7205
Recent Rating (rating based on recent reviews) 2.5
Space: 200,000 MB
Monthly Bandwidth: Unmetered
File Size Limit: No Limit
Forced Ads: No
Free Account Technologies:
FTP: Yes
SSI: Yes
CGI: Yes
PHP: Yes
MS Access: No
Free Account Email Features
POP3: Yes
Web Mail: Yes

X10hosting Rating

2.8/10 (114 reviews)

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Additional Features

  • Offers different plans
  • Ad-free plan possible

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Worst ever rating

Worst service ever.. today their server was down for more than 8 hours, no word, lazy response with no time frame, Im moving out soon !

By Chin Reviewer Country August 02 2012 Add Comment | Report Fake

Pass on this host... rating

If you need to host one website and do not expect much of any traffic, and will not be using any process-demanding web applications, and prefer support to do a disservice, these guys are perfect. I cannot speak for VPS hosting they provide, but an unmanage VPS would be a better deal than having thier "professional" support team bring your entire root offline.

By Aaron Reviewer Country July 25 2012 Add Comment | Report Fake

AngelaStuart: Reviewer Country I moved over my site from the crappy x10hosting because of their bs frequent downtime lasting over hours. Moved over to www.avonhost.com since then my site has been up all the time, didnt ever go down for a second all the month. Pretty relieved now.

Don't waste your time rating

I had a blog hosted at x10hosting. The first couple of weeks it was working perfectly, but after that it was downtime after downtime. When you open support tickets, most of them will just be ignored or closed without a response after a few days. Also, admins suspend for arbitrary reasons and when you try to dispute their claim, it will only get your account suspended for good.

By Ysa Reviewer Country June 30 2012 Add Comment | Report Fake

Avoid this host rating

I have a paid hosting account with them. This paid plan gives me more features than the free plan they have. It is terrible. My site always comes up super slow. It is completely down sometimes. My request for support goes unanswered for over 2 weeks. And this is a paid plan. I can only imagine what their free hosting plan is like.

By Rob Reviewer Country May 22 2012 Add Comment | Report Fake

Good and FREE! rating

I thought it was great. I didn't experience the downtime, so I'm not bothered. And it f****** FREE! My only grouch is that you have to visit the forums monthly and I don't have time for that, but hey ho, it's free. Why all the bad reviews? D

By Dom Reviewer Country May 13 2012 Add Comment | Report Fake

Down for 6 weeks rating

All of part of X10 has been down for much of the past 6 weeks. They've been doing some type of "upgrade", but no word on what is being upgraded, why, and what effect it will have on its users. I've already had to rewrite some of my PHP code because the new version they've been trying to upgrade to is incompatible with the old version. Even their "support system" is down right now.

By pandora996 Reviewer Country April 27 2012 Add Comment | Report Fake

You get what you paid for. rating

The servers are so slow, and always down. My website is down for 80% of the day, and when i send a support ticket, i dont get a reply for 6 hours. SIX! Very unhappy, now the file manager wont show any files, and of course there ticket service is down.

By Nick Reviewer Country April 27 2012 Add Comment | Report Fake

SIte down for 3 weeks! rating

X10 servers have been undergoing a "major upgrade" for the past 3 weeks. During this time FTP access and cPanel have been unavailable. The servers have been down for more than half this time, and when they are running they are incredibly slow. The upgrade to PHP 5.3.10 has caused problems with PHP code that used to work, but no longer works die to their server configuration. They have only posted infrequent status updates, with very little information about what is going on and what timeframe to expect the work to be completed in. Their latest "clarification" stated that the upgrades "will likely not be done in the immediate future". All support requests filed to date have been deleted.

By SLlewellyn Reviewer Country April 13 2012 Add Comment | Report Fake

X10 Bad Servers, Worse Service rating

In my month with X10, servers were mostly down. Communications limited to "We're working on the server," nothing else. No response to support tickets, no help on the forum, no word about any timeframe. Either they can't keep servers up, or they're selling upgrades by crashing. I wouldn't use this dodgy host! It's staffed by absent "volunteers" who ignore customers or snap at them to be more patient, with no explanations or help. A host is free to attract customers to paid upgrades. It's a business; even a free host has an obligation to provide an advertised service. X10 can't provide service or communicate problems, it's not really a host, and maybe a scam. Only sign up if you want your web page to say: "Database error." Don't go by what's on their forums - they delete real problem posts. There are plenty of hosts out there. Find another one or go sit in the sun for a better use of energy.

By ROI Reviewer Country April 11 2012 Add Comment | Report Fake

Very unstable rating

On the first few weeks I signed up, it was pretty good. There were some down times too but it will be fine some minutes later. But now, I'm experiencing database and cPanel errors MOST of the time! This day, I haven't been able to use my cPanel! I've decided to change hosts so I tried to backup my files using my ftp client. But they won't let me download my files due to server errors! >:( I've tried looking at their forums if this problem is known by the admins and lots of posts say 'yes, the admins know :)'. Everything is unstable! :(

By CM Reviewer Country March 31 2012 Add Comment | Report Fake


It's a scam, and a very successful one. They have very poor support service, the servers are almost always down, they make you wait and pay and nothing gets fixed or done for weeks (WEEKS!!!). I have no idea how they aren't already marked as a scam site by Google given that they cheat their customers' out of time and money, someone seriously has to do something about that. All the positive reviews are fakes, as is all the positive feedback on their forums. It's a shame that they exist.

By JamesDilahun Reviewer Country March 07 2012 Add Comment | Report Fake

Scam rating

Look for another host because this one will only screw you over. My account was closed for supposedly breaking the Terms of Service, which I didn't. What happened was that my account was generating more traffic then usual, and even though each account has it's own limits for bandwidth and space, and I had previously payed to have those limits increased. They decided to just suspended it with no warning. After filing a support ticket it ended with "Ryan Schmidt - Level 2 Support" claiming that they have no records of me paying, after proving with a copy of the receipt that I had payed the ticket was closed with no further reply. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

By UT3MODSPS3 Reviewer Country January 27 2012 UT3MODSPS3's email Add Comment | Report Fake

AD BANNER Put On Your Site! rating

Their website says "no gimmicks", well I beg to differ. I signed up for their free hosting and just found a freakin ad banner of theirs on my homepage!

By xanx Reviewer Country January 11 2012 Add Comment | Report Fake

restricted rating

Their plan looks good at first sight, but when you review the tos OMG, here come the limitations

By viyan Reviewer Country December 29 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

Nonsense rating

It seems they're permanently producing errors to keep the numbers of posts in their forums high... sometimes FTP servers are not accessible, sometimes the hosted site is down, sometimes there's no functioning smtp. Just look to their forums. Personally i wanted to host a community site where users could upload images and create galleries. This wasnt allowed because in their opinion it was a "file hosting site". So i guess in their opinion every site is a "file hosting" site because you host html sites and everybody can download them? This service is big nonsense

By BadPritt Reviewer Country December 23 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

Worst. Hosting. Ever rating

I'd advise you to not trust any of positive reviews of this host. Avoid x10. In my 3 years of having a website on them, I had nothing but horrible times. It would work well for about two months, but it seemed that after that period of time everything would stop. The website wouldn't load, the server timed out, and I know my stuff so I know it was not my fault. Also, their DNS is shady. Did some independent uptime testing with a site that checks the server every 3 minutes. My total uptime over a three month period? 60.32%. WTF. I've switched to an alternate host now.

By Derek Reviewer Country December 15 2011 Derek's website Derek's email Add Comment | Report Fake

FlashFusionWebDesign: Reviewer Country worst hosting in the wold

GuyWithAWebsite: Reviewer Country You should tell us what you switched to for our reference.

Cheap, reliable and feature packed rating

Can't comment on the free hosting as I only used it for about a week (no problems). However, I currently have a premium account (VPS) with them and an additional IP, all for under a fiver a month(!). Ridiculously cheap, but still a great service and with ALL the features with cpanel whcp. Had one or two minor issues at the begining (me doing something wrong usually) but the support is fantastic, almost instant help one-to-one using support tickets. Maybe not the fasted FTP up/download speeds, but http load times are fine, and not experienced any downtime other than when I've messed up with DNS settings. Can't see me changin host any time soon, although I might go for a more expensive service for any bigger commercial sites (e.g. with a large user base etc) in the future. I'm pretty confident I wouldn't need to though. Overall, fully recommended for a cheap but very good value host with great support and every feature enabled in cPanel (the best whcp IMO)

By JackLloyd Reviewer Country December 08 2011 JackLloyd's website JackLloyd's email Add Comment | Report Fake

too bad rating

Worst host I ever used a year ago. No support and bad servers.

By mauro Reviewer Country November 28 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

Almagest: Reviewer Country Worst ever from the free hosts. The servers are constantly down and when you ask for an estimate of when they will be available again they don't give you an answer.

Unacceptable rating

I can't understand whats going on here on this ****ing bullsh*t x10hosting. This is shi*, and most worse site i have even seen.

By webrider Reviewer Country November 25 2011 webrider's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Horrible Support rating

The support is just horrible..

By Joe Reviewer Country November 22 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

Riki: Reviewer Country Yup, I agree. There is absolutely no support. However, they did upgrade their servers a month back so it is very fast.

no rating

I say no to this server it has an Unacceptable services, i had an account and it was blocked

By Zaki Reviewer Country November 19 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

X10 Suck I switched

man I hate X10 its a load of bullshit I switched from X10 to budget-gecko-network.com wayyy so much better look yeah big whoop not ulimited diskspace but its alot better support servers are online ive never seen my site go offline not once and yeah.

By Jerry Reviewer Country October 29 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

Why x10hosting still

Too much bad comments everywhere against x10hosting. I'm just wondering why this webhosting still up on the net? this is should be already down.

By shogo Reviewer Country October 26 2011 shogo's email Add Comment | Report Fake

dream net one

website ini di buat untuk kpentingan peribadi dalam berbisnis....

By Dream Reviewer Country October 22 2011 Dream's website Dream's email Add Comment | Report Fake

worst hosting i ever tried rating

I registered, confirmed my email, activated the account, setup ftp account and i cannot login. server says there are 50 users already loged in. Hey, so the whole server used by hunderds or thousands of users has limit for only 50 ftp sessions? It this would have been mentioned during registration i would not bother... i simply cannot log in at all due to this error (50 users already in). so am going to try and buy ftp account somewhere else....

By Josef Reviewer Country October 12 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

Its the best rating

I read all the neg comments and heres what i say: x10hosting is the best those bunch of assholes dont know about ftp ftp is unlimitet not file mannager assholes

By Blaz Reviewer Country September 20 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

Terrible Host - Unstable rating

This host is the most unstable web host I have ever used. In theory it seems to offer a nice array of features. In practice the servers are always going down for days or weeks at a time as they move datacenters, install new disks, reconfigure their server model, "upgrade" the server or database software, etc. etc. etc. It seems to be run by a bunch a kids who can't stop tinkering. It's also an incredibly huge site and seems to have reached the limit of manageability. For example, they've had a lot of problems with cPanel not being able to support the number of users they have.

By Vanquish Reviewer Country September 15 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

Also: Reviewer Country Also their "forum activity" don't protects you from account suspension. Even if you visit forums 1 time per month the site can be suspended and kicked out from google index for downtime... Sh*T.

worst host x10.com rating

this is a very worst web host ... and if you really have a lot of time to waste you can try this service .. and they will just suspend you without any reason however loyal you might be .. and they just say that they give unlimited space ..bullshit all fake ..you will come to know that they only provide a good foe nothing space of 500mb web space ...so just dont go for this hosting .. there are a lot many around ...

By loverboyritesh Reviewer Country September 05 2011 loverboyritesh's email Add Comment | Report Fake

Bryanergy: Reviewer Country The softaculous installed MediaWiki in 2 minutes, much faster than dreamhost, xtreemhost. But then only 57 MB loaded, got "Disk Full" trying to FTP. Problem cleared by next day. Had internal server error, and Wiki failed wfGetIP, but support responded and resolved the issue within the day. So it's a bit flaky but I will give some more time.

Racial Profiling rating

Like so many other web service providers, X10hosting is now apparently only free if you are accessing from certain territories. I am an American living in Vietnam and got shut down apparently for no other reason than racial profiling. If I am wrong, face me in public. I bet if I paid, they would let me back in. Personally, I find it disgusting. X10Hosting is always saying that FREE is FREE so don't expect the world. I think it is very poor taste to show your bias colors in business. Yes, your service was FREE, but FREE or not you shouldn't be too proud of your bigotry and discriminatory practices against Asian in developing countries. You should be ashamed.

By Dave Reviewer Country July 22 2011 Add Comment | Report Fake

disappointing rating

i have read reviews here and really got disappointed. use ajax = ban. use open source google images = ban. host any script = ban. host proxy = ban. hast web based game = ban. host free music and video files = ban. host file sharing = ban. ask concerns in forum = ban. do not post in forum = ban. to get back files = pay. i say, could they just send warnings of violation? other than ban ban ban... so cruel. they talk about high ethics, is asking payment for getting back account. considered as blackmail = unethical. you can file case to them like stealing personal files and info. so what's free hosting without freedom? lol. in other terms, they put you in open wide space but ties up your body you can't do anything.

By alice Reviewer Country July 21 2011 alice's website alice's email Add Comment | Report Fake

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